Monday, January 02, 2017

Epsom Salt Challenge

Sulfate is something we don't get enough of in our diets (even organic diet) and it is used everywhere in the body . The Federal Government does not even consider Sulfate an essential mineral. This is because the body can generate sulfate from cystein amino acid in protein. However, the conversion of cystein to sulfate is very expensive in terms of B12, folate, and B6 required. Sulfate is the 4th most abundant anion in the body yet it is not required to be a component in fertilizer and soy and corn protein fed to organic beef are very sulfer/cystein poor sources of protein. Sufate is used everywhere in the body.

1. heparin sulfate = natural blood thinner
2. cholesterol sulfate = major component of brain tissue and cell walls
3. glutathione = major antioxidant of the body (taking Epson Salt boosts glutathione = confers increased protection gainst Radiation exposure)
4. condroiton and glucosamine sulfate = major component of cartillage in joints
5. sulfur vs. nitrogen fixing bacteria in the gut = keeps bowel flora balanced and healthy
6. taurine = sulfonamine component of bile salts (popular additive in energy drinks)
7. sulfate conjugation = the liver uses sulfate to detoxify the body by conjugating drugs and toxic chemicals with sulfate to increase their solubility so they can be safely excreted by the kidney.

Many inflammatory diseases show elevated homocystein. The body can convert cystein amino acid into sulfate when it is deficient in sulfate. The conversion of cystein to sulfate requires multiple vitamins such as B12, folate, and B6. You can lower your homocystein levels with extra B12 and folate but this does not reverse the inflammatory process because elevated homocystein is only a symptom of the real problem of sulfate deficiency. If your body is deficient in sulfate it will cannibalize it from body tissue which results in inflammation and increased homocystein levels.

Take the Epsom Salt challenge by taking 1/4 tsp Epsom Salt dissolved daily. I see 80-year-old and 90-year-old African American's in the ED here in Augusta that are not here for themselves but here with their children who are sick. These healthy elderly African American's who generally are not on any medications or very few, do have some interesting home remedies (vinegar, castor oil, etc), but they all have one thing in common which is Epsom Salt.

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