Sunday, May 28, 2017

Assange and Comey are Globalist Operatives


Seth Rich was a DNC staffer that was mysteriously killed after being shot twice in the back.  Claims have been made that Seth Rich may have bren the source of the DNC emails sent to WikiLeaks. If this were true,it would  be a bombshell revelation disproving claims of Russian hacking the DNC and proving the reach and extent of globalist corruption and control of media, politics, and law enforcement. 

Claims have been made that homicide detectives in DC were ordered to stand down and discontinue further investigation of the Seth Rich murder.  Additionally, reports are that Federal Authorities took over and locked down the ICU where Seth Rich died.  If authorities were present, this attention to a common murder case (failed robbery) proves this was no common murder.  

But the thing I don't get is, Julian Assange could easily rectify the situation immediately by simply confirming that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. Assange's refusal to confirm or deny proves he is a globalist opperative (controlled opposition), which also explains why WikiLeaks, with all the leaking, has failed to really reveal anything damaging to the globalists.  WikiLeaks being globalist controlled is genious move because whistleblowers leaking damaging information can then be edited before release. 

Ex-CIA Director, John Brennan, had an interesting explanation why the Russian hadn't released more damaging information on Hillary Clinton.  Brennen said the Russians were expecting Clinton to win the election and had likely "husband" the most damaging information on Clinton for later use during her tenure. 

Here, Comey (ex-HSBC exec), admits the FBI never had access to the DNC servers but took it on faith that DNC independent forensics was correct in blammimg a supposed leak/hack on Russia?  Unbelievable!

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