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Scientists Against Man-made Climate Change

Whatever you believe about man-made global warming or global climate change, you cannot believe its "settled science"and that  anyone who disagrees is a "climate denier".  This post contains a list of links to world-renowned climate scientists who are warning that the man-made climate change issue is not true or even if true would likely be beneficial. These scientists warn that this issue has been politicized and become a tool of a anti-human, globalist agenda.  

31,000 climate scientists reject global warming conclusion.

"The Great Global Warming Swindle" documentary feturing multiple climate scientist rejecting global warming conclusions and consensus.

Dr. Roy Spencer (97% consensus is bunk)

Dr. Ivar Giaevere (sea level = no global warming)

Dr. Richard Lindzen (satellite temperature data = no global warming)

Dr. John Coleman founder of The Weather Channel

Dr. Don Easterbrook 
Dr. Murry Salby 

Dr. John Christy 

Dr. Madhav Khander 

Dr. Freeman Dyson 

Dr. Tim Ball

Dr. Fred Goldberg

Dr. Matt Ridley says CO2 =  global greening

Dr. Patrick Moore co-founder of Green Peace rejects global warming and shows 1600 ppm CO2 is optimum for agricultural growth and would double agricultural food production.  Plants begin to die at 150 ppm CO2.  Current CO2 = 400 ppm.

Humans begin to be negatively affected by CO2 at 30,000 ppm or 3%. Submarine crews are routinely subjected to levels of 4000 - 10,000 ppm.

Climategate 2.0 emails showing politicized nature of climate science.

Key Points Against Man-made Global Climate Change:
1.  There is no scientific consensus and anyone who says that is misinformed, lying, or a paid political shill (media).  Multiple lecture against global warming prove there is no consensus.
2.  Earth climate is always changing. 
3. Water vapor accounts for 94% of greenhouse gas.  Methane = 5%, CO2 = 1% and made-made CO2 only a fraction of that.
4. Most measured global warming due to urban heat-island affects (weather stations in cities and airports)
5.  Increases CO2 is actually good for CO2-starved plants.  Higher CO2 means greener plants, better yields, and less water requirements.
6.  There have been many periods of time in Earth history with temps and CO2 level much higher than today.
7. No need for panic and fear-mongering and drastic economic and political action against energy production like clean coal or nuclear.
8. No need for a global economic tax and government (carbon credits).
9. Third-world needs stable energy to develop and end poverty.
10.  People with higher social-economic status self-limit their reproduction.
11. Being against global warming doesn't mean you are pro-pollution or anti-enviroment.
12.  CO2 levels correlate but lag 400-600 years behind global temperature demostrating that higher temps are causing higher CO2 as warmer oceans release dissolved CO2 like a warm soda. 
13. Climate change is not causing Middle East unrest,  terrorism and climate refugees.
14.  Bill Nye was a mechanical engineer for Boeing and a comedian (side-job) who became an actor and science communicator.
15. Earth's history is mostly ice ages. We are only living in a brief interglacial period.  We still have remnant glaciers on Greenland and Antartica that are remnants of the last very recent ice age.  At other periods of Earth's history, tropical tempuratures have briefly reached the poles.  Global warming may avert the next ice age.   

Canadian Senate Hearing
Dr. Ross McKitrick
Dr. Tomothy Patterson
Dr. Jan Veizer
Dr. Ian Clark

Dr. Richard Keen

Burt Rutan

Dr. Jay Lehr

Dr. Steve Milloy

Dr. Steven Hayward

Steve McIntyre explaining how Michael Mann falsified/manipulated data to create his "hockey stick" graph.  Mann had a hearing on the subject but none of his accusers were called to testify.

Dr. Nir Shaviv

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