Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Creation Comparison: Genesis, Moses, Abraham and LDS Perspective

Here is a comparison chart of the Creation Periods as explained in Genesis, Moses, Abraham, and from the LDS Perspective.

The LDS Perspective makes a lot of sense to my mind in 3 areas:

1. Grass grows only after day and night divided and sun, moon, and stars appear.
2. Separation of Light and Darkness/Day and Night emphasized over the creation of light and dark.

Light and Dark, like the materials used to form the Earth ,are eternal and have always existed.

3. Creation of man different day than creation of animals.

It is also significant that the creation of man is the only part of creation in which the Father personally participates by saying "Let us make man in our image". Putting the creation of man on its own day separate from the animals serves to further emphasize the divine origin of man.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Inorganic Sulfate, Tylenol, and Asthma

Several recent studies have identified a strong correlation between tylenol exposure and asthma.  According to one study, just a single dose of tylenol before age 1 increased the odds ratio of developing asthma by 60%.  Children who reveived 1 dose of tylenol monthly had over a 500% increased odds of developing asthma.   

But correlation doesn't equal causation.  What could be the causal link between tylenol and asthma.  The Liver is tasked with detoxifying tylenol. Phase 1 metabolism produces the NAPQI free radical that depletes glutathione, a major antioxidant in the body.  NAPQI is what kills people who overdose on tylenol.  Phase 2 metabolism involves sulfate conjugation which makes tylenol more water soluble and better able to be excreted by the kidney. It may be that both mechanisms lead to asthma and other chronic inflammatory illnesses via glutathione and sulfate deficiency.

Some doctors and scientists are just now 
beginning to hypothesize that inorganic sulfate deficiency may be directly related to numerous chronic inflammatory illnesses like asthma. The interesting thing to consider is which medicines like Tylenol deplete sulfate via sulfate conjugation as well as the many sulfate-containing medicines used to treat these disorders.

Medicines that require phase 2 sulfate conjugation:

Vitamin D
Bile Acids

Food additives that deplete dietary inorganic sulfate:

Aluminum phosphate (baking powder)
Tricalcium phosphate (juice additive)

These react with soluble inorganic sulfate in the food producing insoluble aluminum sulfate (Alum) and calcium sulfate (Gypsum). 

Sulfated medicines used to treat chronic inflammatory disease:

Magnesium Sulfate- asthma
Albuterol Sulfate- asthma
Terbutaline Sulfate- asthma
Condroitin Sulfate- osteoarthritis
Glucosamine Sulfate- osteoarthritis
Plaquenil Sulfate- lupus, rheumatoid 
Codeine Sulfate- pain, cough
Morphine Sulfate- pain, cough
Heparin Sulfate- clotting disorders

Serum sulfate levels are tightly controlled in the body and do not necessarily reflect total body sulfate levels.  The body doesn't necessarily need dietary inorganic sulfate but can produce sulfate through a complex process by converting sulfur amonoacids cysteine and methionine into sulfate using folate and B12 and other B-vitamins.  Serum Homocysyeine is a great surragate marker for inorganic sulfate deficiency and indicates when the body is catabolically scavenging sulfate from the body tissues.  

Serum Homocystein levels are elevated in many chronic inflammatory conditions.  However, lowering these levels by supplementing with folate and B12 never reversed the disease process.  It may be that supplementing with Epsom salt (MgSO4) will.

I noticed that B-vitamins and Taurine are popular additives to many energy drinks. Interesting that all these additives are related to sulfate metabolism. 


Friday, August 01, 2014

Homocysteine, Sulfate Deficiency and Chronic Disease

I've been on the Sulfate bandwagon this past week. Studies and commentary by Dr. Seneff at MIT and others suggest that some chronic autoimmune disorders may also be related to Sulfate deficiency and are linked to elevated homocysteine in the blood. 

If the body doesn't get Sulfate in the diet then it will convert the amino-acid cysteine into Sulfate using a complex mechanism requiring many B-vitamins. 

If the body doesn't get enough cysteine amino-acid in the diet, it will steal sulfate and cysteine from the body (catabolic vs. anabolic). Elevated homocysteine is a manifestation of this catabolic Sulfate deficient state. B-vitamins lower the homocysteine but don't reverse the catabolic sulfate deficient state.

The experiment:
1/4 tsp epsom salt twice-a-day
avoid tylenol (causes sulfate deficiency)
20 minutes of unfiltered natural sunlight with UVB.

Most don't get enough sulfate in the diet because industrial farms aren't using ammonium sulfate fertilizer.  Instead "Big-Agra" is using ammonium nitrate and urea (double nitrate per pound). Even food from organic farms can be sulfate poor because they use manure from soy and corn-fed animals which are both sulfate poor feeds. There is not much sulfate in grass either. Sulfate is almost considered a pollutant but at the same time the government recommendatuons on Sulfate say if you add it to the soil, you get leafier plants.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Boy Scout Cheers and Yells

British Rank Yell: Be Prepared! Be Prepared! Shout! Shout! Shout! Tenderfoot! Second Class! First Class Scout!

Alka Seltzer Cheer: Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh what a relief it is.

America: A-M-E-R-I-C-A, Boy Scouts, Boy Scouts, U-S-A!

Pack/Troop Cheer: Razzle, dazzle, never frazzle, not a thread but wool. All together, all together, that's the way we pull.

Fire Engine: Divide the group into four sections: (1) Rings the bell fast, DING; (2) Honks the horn, HONK, HONK, HONK; (3) Sounds the siren, Rrrr, Rrrr, Rrrr; (4) Clangs the clangor, CLANG, CLANG, CLANG. Have all four groups do their parts together.

Apollo: Shout: Countdown, 10 - 1 !! BLASTOFF! then with your hand gain orbit and even out. Then say, "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP."

Archery: Mimic shooting an arrow, then call out, "Bull's Eye!"

Big Hand: Leader says, "let's give them a big hand" everybody in the audience holds up one of their hands with the palm up.

Black Powder Cheer: Pretend to have black powder in your hand. Pour powder down the barrel. Stamp it down, raise the gun and fire saying, "Click, BANG!"

Blast-off: Start counting backwards from 6 to 1. Bend the knees a little more on each count until you are in a squatting position. Then, while saying, "BLAST OFF!", just straight up in the air.

Dip Stick: Pretend to get under the hood of your car, find the dip stick, pull it out, and say, "OH, NO, YOU'RE A QUART LOW!!!" Variation: Add to the above: You could sure use an oil change and pretend to put it back, close the hood with a SLAM!!!

Golf: Shout "FORE" and pretend to hit the ball, place hand over above eyes to follow where the ball went. Variation: Add: Duck and cover your eyes saying: "OH NO! I HIT SOMEONE!!"

Gondolier: Make a motion as if polling a boat, singing out: "O, SOLE MIO"

Good Turn: Stand up and turn around.

Hay DD Straw: Divide the group into two sections, tell one group that when you point to them they are to yell, "HAY". Tell the other section they are to yell, "STRAW" !!! Vary the speed in which you point to the different groups. Variation: When the leader yells hay or straw, the group responds with the opposite word.


Paper Bag: Make motions to simulate opening a paper bag., forming neck, blowing it up and pop it, saying "POP" loudly.

Six Shooter: Point finger in the air and say "BANG" six times, then blow smoke from the end of the gun.

Three Strikes: Turn head to the side sharply while saying, "Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3!" Do these three times and end with, "You're out!"

Trumpet: da-da-da-da-dada-da-da-CHARGE!

Two-Handed Saw: Everyone pairs off into two's. Each pair sticks their hands out with their thumbs up. Alternately grab each other's thumbs until all four hands are each holding a thumb. Move arms and hands back and forth as if sawing.

Snowball Applause: Pretend like you are picking up some snow and forming it into a snowball. Then “throw” your pretend snowball and say “Splat!”

Group 1: When you hear the word “cold” say “BRRRRRRRR!” and shake like you are shivering

Group 2: When you hear the name “Paul Bunyan” say “Mighty!” and make strong man arms

Group 3: When you hear the name”Babe the Blue Ox” say “Swish swish” and move your arm like it is a swishing tail

Group 4: When you hear the word “ton” say “Heavy!” and pretend you are lifting something heavy

Now read the following story. When you get to a _____, pause so the group can do their sound and action.

One winter it was so cold _____ that the snow was blue. It was so cold _____ that if you talked, the words came out of your mouth frozen. To hear what somebody else said, you had to pick up the words and take them over to the fire so they would thaw.

During that cold _____ winter Paul Bunyan _____ went out walking. He heard a sound coming from the blue snow. He dug around a little and found a tiny ox. It was completely blue. So Paul Bunyan _____ took the little ox home with him and he named it Babe the Blue Ox _____ .

Just like everything else that Paul Bunyan _____ was with, the creature grew and grew and grew. If you watched him you could see him growing. Babe the Blue Ox _____ ate a ton _____ of hay for breakfast. He ate another ton _____ for lunch. And then he ate another ton _____ for dinner.

Paul Bunyan _____ used Babe the Blue Ox _____ to haul a load of logs. Babe the Blue Ox _____ loved the cold _____ winter because logs would slide easier on the icy road. The giant beast did not like summer as much. So Paul Bunyan _____ took a ton _____ of butter and smeared it all over the road. So then Babe the Blue Ox _____ like the summer as much as the cold _____ winter.

Monday, July 28, 2014

9 Great Problems

1. True Religion
No Blood Atonement
Agency vs Animal 
Repentance and Covenants
Welfare and Virtue
Temperance, Family
No priestcraft, lay ministry, prevents conflict of interest. Church must call to repentance.

2. Constitutional Government
Monarchy vs Republic
Rights and Privilege
Separation of Power
Real Rule of Law
Religion: Welfare and Virtue
Enumerated rights
Due Process
No Socialism
State Jurisdiction = harm to others
Church Jurisdiction = harm to self

3. Economic System
Safety Society System: Full reserve, non-profit, fee-based loans, treasury creates all money, local banks administer loans, currency backed by real estate, no inflation, no speculation. On-demand money creation. immediate equity, Reverse mortgage. "All things common" and cost not based on quantity and quality of labor and not scarcity.  Not a fear-based economy.

4. Independent Power
Renewable, Local, Safe, Clean
Scandium-Zirconium SOFC: Bloom box 
T. Henry Moray- Direct Betavoltaics/Alphavoltaics
 Farnsworth fusor/polywell

5. Health
Nutrition- vitD, sulfate, sunlight, niacinamide, no nitrites, no calcium, no fluoride
Life Extension- Telemorase
Cancer- BCL2 inhibition = Vermox, Vit D, sulfate, antioxidants, Metabolic manipulation = metformin/DCA, iron chelation = desferoxamine
Resurrection- Priesthood
Sepsis - Antibiotic + iron chelation

6. Food production- don't waste land growing drugs: tea, coffee, opium, etc. Local production. Coop farms. Sulfate fertillizer and increased atmospheric carbon dioxide.

7. Water purification and desalinization. Vacuum Vapor Compression 
Biolet: don't poop in the water

8. Housing Construction- build on as you grown construction. 

9. Transportation- antigravity, magneto-plasma dynamics