Monday, December 15, 2014

American STEM Education Conspiracy

Americans are being dumb down.The American education system is teaching students what to think and not how to think.  The YouTube video above is exactly correct that if United States did not continue to import PhD students from foreign countries our economy would completely collapse.  The observation that freshman chemistry physics and engineering and mathematics classes are designed to fail a majority of students is also exactly correct. 

We say that we want to encourage more students to seek an education in the hard core math and sciences.  However our education system does exactly the opposite by discouraging most of the students. students who wanted to be engineers or scientists are going to the medical field have such a bad experience in their freshman courses today instead give up and go into the softer social sciences and then are discouraged when they have a hard time finding a job after they graduate. 

I was blessed to understand from a very early age that I would need to know chemistry very well to get into medical school.  I also knew I wasn't particularly good at it. So, while I was in high school I took all the chemistry that I could; even taking University chemistry courses in the summer so I could get as much background in chemistry as I could going into my poorly-taught college freshman chemistry classes. 

The investment paid off.  I not only graduated with a bachelors in biochemistry but I also have a masters in biochemistry and graduated from medical school and I am a board-certified  emergency medicine physician. But just like the US is outsourcing our technical and manufacturing jobs, we are also beinging to outsource our medical care.

Monday, December 01, 2014

2 Studies that Explain the World

A British study demonstrates that Elite families made their fortunes in the 1100s.  In other words, if you didn't make your fortune in the middle ages, you are "new money".

Zurich Institute of Technology study shows that 147 companies rule the world. Searching a database of 43,000 transnational companies, 147 controlling companies were themselves controlled by a relatively small group of mega-rich shareholders.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Water: Energy, Purity, Health

I have saveral posts on this blog that talk about the 10 great questions. Some of these questions have been answered but those answers have not yet been widely adopted. Others have yet to be answered. The questions are: Religion, Government, Economy, Energy, Health, Water, Food, Education, Housing, and Transportation.

I was watching a Ted Talk today on water and it was discussing a 4th phase of water called EZ water that forms on waterdroplets and hydrophilic surfaces that explains many of the unusual physical properties of water such as cohesion and capillary flow.  It turns out that at these boundaries, there is a significant separation of charge that is energized by infared light that could be harnessed in the development of free energy batteries.  This EZ water phenomenon could also be used to purify water and its interaction with NIR light could be a secret to improved health and healing.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Republicans Control Consequences

Many in America are hopeful that come January, the Republican-controlled Senate and House will get America back on track. However, there may also be consequences.

Over the past 6 years since the Housing crash in 2008 which was an engineered crash, we have seen the government signing up millions of Americans onto federal Welfare and Disability programs. The plan was to get as many unemployed onto the disability category and out of the unemployment category and even welfare category. 

In the last year or so, I have begun to see a shift in policy even before the Republicans have taken office.  The Obama administration is beginning to investigate and audit welfare and disability recipients and in many cases not only deny payment but assess penalties for claimed fraud violations without a court of law. 

In a most recent development a friend of mine on disability says the government is asking the insurance provider at his previous employment to assess whether or not the insurance provider is responsible for covering disability of my friend. So, what is happening is that the Federal government is requiring private insurance to investigate whether they think my friend really is disabled. 

The Federal government has already approved my friend's disability. But who knows but if my friend's past insurer investigates and judges that they don't think he is disabled and therefore not responsible to pay any disability, then the Federal government may also come back and deny disability as well.  They may even assess fines without a judge or jury.

Another development is in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Several states like South Carolina have ruled to refuse provide state exchanges.  Pres. Obama has in response decided to go outside the law and set up a federal exchange which the Surpreme Court may rule is unconstitutional.  

What I see here is several trends that may be converging to put the squeeze on the nation's poor.  If welfare is abruptly cut, like in Rome to the Foeterati, we may see civil unrest. In a gun-saturated state like South Carolina, it would be a shame to see riots leading to gun violence leading to casualties.  The consequence may be a push towards gun confiscation.

Russia and China are prepping to challenge and even destroy the West if they can.  One last hurddle to Western decapitation and conquest is gun-confication.  You might think it odd to suggest Republican's are going along with a Communist plan.  The Republicans and Democrats, Communist and Tea Parties are going along with a plan, but it is globalists.

Bank of International Settlement Basel 1 Accords crushed the Japanese economy.  Basel 2 caused the housing collapse.  Basel 3 implementation would crush the entire Western banking system which is way over-leveraged with trillions of derivatives. However, accirding to the BIS website, Basel 3 implementation has been posponed to 2019.  If Basel 3 ends the REPO market, everything falls apart.

Central Banks Print Money =>  Big Banks borrow free => Big Banks buy bonds => Big Banks swap bonds for cash on REPO market => Big Banks buy their own stock => Big Bank stock Holders cash out and move to Paraguay. => US creates record billionaires => QE money lines elites pockets. => sterilization limits inflation. (All Big Corps are also Banks after end of Glass-Steagall)

BIS BASEL 3 Accords call for banks to hold onto more cash reserves. This is an excuse for banks to not lend money to public (inflationary) but hold onto FED cash and prop up stock market (sterilization).

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mitt Romney in Augusta, GA Today

2012 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is on the campaign trail in 2014, but not for himself. I went to go see Mitt Romney stump for Republican candidates today at Edgar's Grill in Martinez, GA today. Romney is busy campaigning with Republican candidates challenging Democrat incumbents in key battleground districts. The Republican Party is looking at Georgia's 12th Congressional District race between Congressman Barrow and challenger Rick Allen as a potential race where they can pick up an additional seat in the House of Representatives. Mitt Romney, congressional challenger Rick Allen and Senatorial candidate David Purdue all showed up to talk about gaining seats in the US Senate and changing party leadership. According to them, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is sitting on a mountain of bipartisan legislation that, under orders from Pres. Obama, he is not bring up to the Senate for a vote. Then at the same time he is blocking legislation, Pres. Obama is labeling congress, "The Do-Nothing Congress".

As I listen to candidates speak, it is frustrating that you can't communicate back to them. You are lucky at a campaign rally to shake their hands. But unless you get to ask a question at a town hall meeting, all you can do is listen to their stump speeches. If I could talk to Mitt Romney, here is some of what I would wish to tell him.

The controlled media has outdone themselves attacking you again and again. The media continually came out with one stealth attack after another. They call you “flip-flopper”, “insider”, “off-shore-er”, “out-of-touch”. When you hear these attacks-- first, do not believe them. Second, address them publicly and directly. Being labeled an “insider” would give you a great opportunity to talk about how you are not a member of the CFR or how you do not attend globalist meetings or at least how you do not agree with their policy or their political influence. You are not a “flawed candidate” because you have the “spirit of prophecy” which is a true testimony of Jesus Christ. If someone calls you “flawed” tell them we are all flawed, but that you believe in Jesus and He makes up the difference.

LDS love the US Constitution. A lot of fear mongering was focused on people's mistrust of the LDS faith. I would have liked to have heard you remind us what a Constitution-loving people we are; even despite our early persecution. I think the LDS Church is unique in our belief that the US Constitution is inspired by God and is akin to scripture. The US Constitution and constitutional government is part of every LDS member's religion. If all political power were handed over to the LDS Church President, the first thing he would do is call for constitutional elections. Continually redirect all questions to this point. I am LDS because I appreciate it's emphasis on Christ's grace not only forgiving us but also how Christ's grace helps us improve and become better. I want a religion that gives me opportunities to help and serve others and that helps me be a better person. I want a religion that has high expectations, that builds strong families, and that loves Constitutional government.

The choice between Romney and Obama was a spiritual one. Romney represented real repentant-type change. Think about what he does for a living. When there is a failing company, he comes in and cuts away the bad and keeps the good to return the company to profitability. Romney did the same thing with the Olympics and Mass. Romney-style Restructuring and a return to profitability is exactly what America needed.

Instead of praise for Romney's success in saving many failing businesses, the media choose to only focus on the corrupt business these companies were engaged in. I am not surprised these failing businesses were engaged in sketchy stuff. That's why they were bankrupt. The media also just focused on the few jobs lost during restructuring instead on focusing on the jobs saved and the return of the company to healthy productivity.

Obama's presidency has been all about the welfare-style bailout: individual, corporate, and economic. Just think about what welfare does to a person. When you bail someone out, you enable the bad unprofitable behavior that got them into the situation in the first place. Look at GM. Instead of restructuring, they are continuing to build $90,000 Volts in China and selling them for $35,000. The same thing is going on in banking as well as the federal government. We are just bailing out these systems time and again without making any real fundamental changes that will lead to any type of return to profitability. Banks, GM, federal government, and individual citizens are continuing to do the same unprofitable things that got them into trouble in the first place.

Evil never voluntarily gives up power. When the Soviet Union faked it's demise in 1991, western investors entered Russia and built up its oil and gas infrastructure. Over the next 20+ years , Europe paid Russia double the US rate for gasoline and natural gas. Russia was supposed to use this money to disarm their Cold War nuclear arsenal. Instead of disarming, Russia has been admittedly stockpiling highly enriched uranium instead of converting the weapons-grade fissile material into reactor-grade material. While the US is unilaterally de-MIRV'ing our aging nuclear deterrent, Russia has modernized every missile and weapon's system in their arsenal. The counter to China's “carrier-killer” DF-21D medium range, anti-ship, ballistic missile is the Zumwalt Class Stealth Destroyer with its EM Railgun. Of the 32 Stealth Destroyers planned, we have only 1 completed and only 2 more are being built. This is only 1 of many similar examples. The military may be spending money but not where it is needed. Next-Gen Tech is being mismanaged by waste, overspending, and then cuts (MX, F-22, F-35, etc).

The Book of Mormon warns us against “secret combinations” that will seek to overthrow the freedom of all nations (Ether 8:25). These secret combinations are not just living in a cave in Syria or Afghanistan. Like the Nephites, they have infiltrated the highest echelons of our government and judicial system and are bent on bringing about our entire destruction.

I am concerned with the decisions that come out of regular meetings of the world elite. Several times a year, world elite, Past and future US Presidents, cabinet members, royalty, media moguls, Forbes 100 CEOs, Ivy League University Presidents, Defense Contractors, FED chairman, etc meet at places like Bohemian Grove, or the Davos Conference, the Bilderberg Conference, the G20 Economic conference, or the Council on Foreign Relations. While at these variously titled meeting, these same powerful and wealthy elite set a world agenda which greatly influences and affects US domestic and foreign policy and our laws. Many of these elite serve as advisers to the President of the US. Citizens are concerned that these meetings of the global elite constitute a subversive anti-American government of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite.

The US Revolution was not only fought over “taxation without representation.” The US Revolution was also fought over control over our own capital and credit. If you wanted to start a business, you had to go to England for money. If you threatened their market share or where not one of their good-ol-boys, you didn't get the money. When the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, we conceded what our forefathers shed blood to preserve for us.

In addition to states rights and slavery, the US Civil War was also fought over tariffs. The South didn't initially industrialize because they depended on slave labor. Eventually, the South realized that the machine beat the man. The South resented having to pay high prices to the North and they resented paying high tariffs for cheaper imported slave-produced goods.

Utah Senator and LDS Apostle Reed Smoot is blamed for worsening the Great Depression via the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act. However, not everyone agrees that tariffs caused the Great Depression. Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz have argued this point for decades. In addition, former FED Chair Ben Bernake also is a disciple of Friedman.

2002: Ben Bernanke speaks at Milton Friedman's 90th Birthday and jokes that Milt was correct all along that the FED caused the great depression by contracting the money supply in a fractional reserve system. Later Ben Bernake again supports Milton Friedman's position at a leture :

"Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again."

2004:  Ben Bernanke speaking at the Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia again expresses support for the monetarist theory of money, and the FED's role in exacerbating the Great Depression by increasing interest rates several times, and advocating several banking holidays which exacerbated cash and gold hording.

"Finally, perhaps the most important lesson of all is that price stability should be a key objective of monetary policy. By allowing persistent declines in the money supply and in the price level, the Federal Reserve of the late 1920s and 1930s greatly destabilized the U.S. economy and, through the workings of the gold standard, the economies of many other nations as well."

Ben Bernanke knew what he was doing when he decided to not release M3, then implemented the BASIL 2 Accords in 2007 doing to the US what BASIL 1 did to Japan in 1989. Bernanke has said that he has learned his lesson from the Great Depression and that is why he agrees with TARP and the continued Quantitative Easing. The truth is that the lesson from the Great Depression is that fractional-reserve banking is inherently unstable, regular banks should only lend for real assets (venture capital can invest in stock), and the US needs to be self-reliant, protectionist, and maintain strong tariffs. We have squandered away our childrens' inheritance through legislation like NAFTA and GAD. We can solve labor problems using technology and mechanization instead of exploiting 3rd-world labor.

The US is printing 1 Trillion dollars of bailout money a year. How is all this fiat money not resulting in greater inflation? Part of the answer is “sterilization”. The FED prints money and lends it to banks at zero % interest. Many businesses set themselves up to be banks to cash in on the free money. These FED-member banks borrow free money and then purchase US bonds and credit-default-swaps (bond insurance). This purchasing of US bonds floats US deficits and debt. But bond yields are terrible so then then the banks exchange bonds on the REPO market for cash and re-invest that REPO cash into the stock market. Banks and companies essentially buy their own stock and artificially inflate the price. At the same time the insiders cash out their stock options and move to South America.

This is sterilization. The REPO market assures that the trillions of dollars of bailout money line the pockets of a fortunate few. The low interest rates and bailout money never trickles down to the general public and the media reports that the US has generated a record number of billionaires in the last 10 years.  If low interest rates were passed on to the housing market, we would see much higher inflation then we have been seeing.  On the other hand, if BASIL 3 ends the REPO market we may see a collapse. The current system of insanity is completely unsustainable. But, I can only speculate that it will have the status quo until WW3 and then the globalist bankers can just walk away from all the debt. The FED can't get stuck with the blame for a collapse if they eventually want the US to give up our sovereignty to fight Russia and China in the coming war.

We are to choose our our leaders based on virtue and not merit. My apologies to Ayn Rand, but who decides what is of merit? God has decided what is virtuous. Our only hope to save our country, and preserve our rights, and freedom is a return to virtue.