Saturday, April 05, 2014

Con-Con is a No-No

There is a movement in the US now to get a majority of states to call for a constitutional convention. The issue at hand is to pass an balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution which would prevent the federal governmwnt from deficit spending just like the states.

However, calling a con-con can be very dangerous. As many constitutional conservatives have said, there is nothing wrong with the constitution we have.  The only problem is politicians who refuse to follow it.  Also, you don't need to call a con-con to pass an amendment, and you shouldn't need an amendment to get the federal government to balance the budget.  The fear is the people pushing for a con-con may end up making many more changes to our precious constitution then just amending it. 

A local evangelical Christian minister called into a local radio talk show talking about his experience trying to attend several of the Constitutional Convention events. He said he recignized Tea Party leaders now behind the Convention Movement. He talked about offering to say a prayer and that being absolutely refused that he pray. He gave a warning that the people behind this are anti-Christ.

I worked with a national Tea Party organizer. Joker Obama Tee-shirt designs he made and showed me at work ended up on national news the very next week. This gentleman encouraged me to listen to Alex Jones. He worked as a nurse but was fired for displaying a complete lack of empathy for patients. This same nurse also reported me to management for discussing religion in the work place.

I agree with this local minister that the people behind the Constitutional Convention may want to destroy it not save it.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Geopolitical Questions

1.  I've heard you say, "talk of USD collapse is hype" and "when the globalists come out of their bunkers after a nuclear strike they will claim that Russia deceived them".  The bunker comment begs the question, If the globalists had no idea about Russia and China attacking the West then how did they know to build bunkers? (or move to Uruguay)  The answer may be that all the collapse hype we have been hearing since 2008 just might be a cover.  Globalist may claim that they built the bunkers for fear of societal/USD collapse.

2.  Why would Russia and China make any significant military moves now when after first-striking the West, they could take all the  territory they wanted unopposed. Any big moves of Russia against Ukraine or the Baltic's now would raise alarms in the US.  As you rightly have said, the US is going to bailout Ukraine and the Ukraine will turn the money over to Russia.  Russia benefits from a suppressed economy in Ukraine so they can buy food and machinery low and sell gas and oil high.  

3. I disagree the North Korea is the flash point for WW3. North Korea was already used to give an excuse to remove missiles defense from Europe.  Doesn't Daniel talk about the Medes (Syria) and Persia (Iran) as the spark like Alexander the Great?  Doesn't Isaiah 17:1-3 tell us the spark will be Damascus? " The fortress of Ephraim will fail".  Damascus (oldest city) may be a parallel to Methuselah whose death marked the flood.

3. What is your view of the Dodd-Frank Stress Test?  Isn't the stress test just the implementation of the BIS Basel 3 Accords?  Will the Basel 3 Accords end the REPO market?  Why are they picking on Zion's Bank?  Banks are getting free QE money to buy US bonds and Credit Default Swaps (Bond Insurance).  Neither pay great.  But the banks can trade these securities among themselves for cash via the REPO market and then turn around and use that REPO cash to buy stock with it.  Thus we see the inflated stock market with QE/REPO money.  While the stock market climbs, the Elite cash out via big dividends and stock (option) buy-backs. 

However, if the REPO market goes away because of Dodd-Frank/Basel 3, then that means a huge contraction of the money supply, and that will sharply contract/correct the Stock Market because banks are no longer inflating the market with REPO/QE money.  The stock correction may crash the bond market which triggers the Credit Default Swaps and a massive Cypress-style bail-in. Whatever banks are holding the Credit Default Swaps (Bond Insurance) will be on the hook like AIG was with Mortgage Insurance.  Except the banks may likely transfer the liability to the public and seize money out of segregated accounts (Bail-in) to pay the interest on the debt (bond holders).

4. The media has been hyping dollar collapse and buy gold since 2008.  Listen to any radio show or conservative/libertarian podcast and they all are selling gold.  However, The Bible says that we will be marrying and given in marriage up to the end.  So, I think their will be no catastrophic collapse before WW3. But we still need one more thing other than war with Medes and Persia.  We need gun confiscation.   Will brief, limited economic turmoil because of Dodd-Frank/Basel 3 cause enough chaos that we see gun confiscation in the US but not collapse? 

Do we think we may see a "mother-of-all" false flag operations blamed on Iran as an excuse to attack Iran?  Pres. Obama says he is concerned about Terrorists in NYC more than Russia.  Or will Israel preemptively strike causing retaliation on US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and draw the US into the war?

I don't know for sure but I bet the HMS Echo, HMS Tireless and The Austrailian Ocean Shield equipped with the TPL-25 underwater microphone sent to Malaysia are not just listening for flight 370. These assets are Chinease stealth sub hunting. So, either we will figure our with this operation how to track Chinese stealth subs or we will provide reassurance to China that we cannot track them.

Also, the Rolls-Royce engines that provide satellite telemetry data.  Even though the airline was not subscribed to receive the data service, that doesn't mean Rolls-Royce wasn't collecting the data on their own engines.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Russian-Chinese Nuclear Threat

"Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash," anchor Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weekly news show on state-controlled Rossiya 1 television.  Mr. Kiselyov is a provocative news anchor who made a veiled nuclear threat at the United States today just as Crimea has voted to succeed from Ukraine and rejoin Russia.   So what is the state of the US and Russian nuclear arsenals?

1. United States is unilaterally reducing our nuclear missile and warhead arsenals under the terms of the 2009 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty that entered into force in 2011.

2. US nuclear warheads stockpile has been reduced 85% from 31,255 warheads in 1967 to just over 4,000 today.[]

3. US nuclear missiles and bombs have been reduced to 1550 but only 700 are deployable.  In comparison, Israel may have about 2,800 warheads and up to 500 deployable nuclear weapons.

4. Since the Start II treaty, the US has De-MIRV'ed all Minutemen and Trident missiles.  That means 1 missile = 1 warhead. 

5. The US has taken our nuclear missiles off "launch on warning" meaning we will likely absorb a nuclear first-strike before a response meaning no deployable nuclear weapons will be left.  Any US retaliation now relies on the President activating the "nuclear football". After a decapitating first-strike, the POTUS will likely be forced to just "stand down".[]

Nuclear war is not a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.  Despite what the public thinks it may know about nuclear strategy, "launch on warning" means whomever fires first loses. If you take your missiles off "launch on warning" whomever fires first wins.

6. Russia withdrew from the START II treaty and has been not only stockpiling massive amounts of weapons-grade fissile material but reprocessing their old warheads into new warheads.

7.  Russia is rolling out upgraded weapons delivery systems.  New Russian ICBM's and submarine-based weapons have been MIRV'd with 10 maneuverable independent warheads each (Topol-M, Yars, Bulava, Sarmat)

8. The New START treaty has allowed Russia to deploy nuclear missiles on railway and cargo containers.  It is also likely that Russia has weaponized space and has a constillation of nuclear EMP-equipped satellites.

9. Russia maintains and deploys its nuclear stockpile at a secret underground complex at Yamantau Mountain and have never permitted UN inspectors or Western observers entrance.

10. Mr. Dmitry Kiselyov is mistaken that Russia is the only potential nuclear threat to the US. China also has a sizable nuclear arsenal that it keeps in a network of underground tunnels in Sichuan. These "nuclear tunnels" were spotted after several tunnels collapsed during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.  Chinese media has also made several veiled nuclear threats and boasts against the US.

11. After a theoretical nuclear first-strike on the West by Russia and China, These countries will be free to take whatever territory they wish without any opposition. 

12. President Obama recently moved the US anti-ballistic missile system out-of-position from Europe to sourround North Korea just as the President promised Medvedev he would do after he was re-elected.

13. President Obama has purged many high-ranking Navy and Airforce generals who oversee the US missile command on spurious charges. 

14. Globalist Elite are moving to South America or building nuclear fallout shelters under their mountain retreats in Aspen, CO, Ozarks, or North Georgia.  When they emerge from their bunkers after a first-strike, they will claim that they were decieved by Russia and that the US must now give up our national soverignty and join with a League of Democracies to fight the re-emerged Communist threat.  When asked how they knew to build bunkers, they will say they did it because of fear of economic collapse. 

15. Russia also maintains it's own "launch on warning" system called "Perimeter" or "Dead Hand". This Russian automated system would detect a US nuclear launch and ideally  automatically retaliate before the US missiles arrived and detonated in Russia.  "Dead Hand" is really designed to win nuclear war via "launch on warning" principles and not just break even via a MAD strategy.

16. It is absolutely not true that the US has enough nuclear warheads to destroy the Earth surface even once over.  ICBM Nuclear warheads range from 100 kT - 1 MT (dial-a-yield-nuke) which would create an "area of effect" radius between 3-10 miles each. 

17. The media is just now reporting that China is fitting their stealth submarine fleet with JL-2 nuclear long range missiles.  According to naval intelligence, China now has five nuclear attack submarines, four nuclear ballistic missile submarines, and 53 diesel attack submarines. 

18. US Millitary and State department aknowledge that Russia has been building up and modernizing their nuclear capibility not just to draw even with the West but to dominate the West. US State Department cabels warn that Russia is not building up for nuclear parity with the West but "to achieve nuclear superiority."

19.  US to reduce minuteman 3 silo-based ICBM to 400.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

News: A User's Manual

Alain De Botton, author of the book "News: A User's Manual" was on NPR "On Point" talking about how consumers can get more out of the news.  

De Botton assure us that news isn't a conspiracy with a few white men in a room somewhere pulling all the levers.  However, he does confess the news system is much more "sinister" than that. De Botton says that if he were a monarch in control of information, he would not practice censorship but do as the system does now by hiding the truth under a mountain of other distracting information and differing opinions.

De Botton recommends that news consumers be educated and infomed about the news process that it is not organic but very much artificial and manufactured. And, he says, that an informed consumer in our current media environment will better be able to self-select, evaluate, and internalize that news that is most important and impactful.

De Botton recommends that news reporters be open about their bias and advocates hearing the news from more points of view. He says it is disingenuous for a reporter to claim their reporting is unbiased.  Also, that the news should report from more perspectives and points of view than just a far right and far left bias.  

Finally, he says news isn't just to "hold power to account" but also for the benefit and advancement of society.  De Botton also says that our news fascination with death, murder, and accidents is not a bad thing but reminds us of our mortality.

First, the media IS a conspiracy controlled by a few mega-corporations. The control of the media has been consolidated into the hands of just a few individuals.  These few use both censorship and distraction to hide the truth.  Also, the media uses software systems that allow editors to monitor, skew and censor information at the very moment the stories are being written.  

However,  it is not true that education alone will help.  In this age were we can now self-select our information, knowing is only half the battle.  It is NOT true that an informed public will necessarily care about the truth.  If the public has been demoralized, then the demoralized people will look for illusion and dillusion to explain the facts which reinforce and validate their immoral, self-serving behavior. The darkness does not comprehend the light. Americans must be a moral people and not just an educated people.

It is true that a free press is an important check and balance on the Government.  Democracy is not just about having a vote but also having accurate information and a vote.  It is NOT true that the purpose of news is for the betterment, advancement and improvement of society.  Who determines what is advanced, better, or improved?  A better focus of news is to create a moral society based on the Bible's "golden rule" to do unto others what you would have them do unto you.  Government leaders should also be chosen based on their morality and not merit.

Finally, De Bottom equated the media with religion.  However, media's purpose should not be to constantly remind man of his mortality. This fear-based programing can lead to a "You-only-live-once" and "eat drink and be merry" attitude.  Instead, religion's purpose is a faith-based message to get individuals to develop an eternal perspective.  The true perspective is that this life is a test to see if man can delay immediate gratification in return for a better, infinite and eternal reward in the next life.

We all know about the famous psychological test with kids and marshmallows where children are given amarshmallow  and told they can have 5 more if they just wait 5 minutes.  Some kids for whatever can't wait and immediately devour their marshmellow. Researchers have tracked these children and found those with impulse control generally do poorly in nearly every aspect of their lives. Religion simply explains life as a huge eternal and infinite marshmellow experiment. If we can just learn to delay immediate gratification, develop impulse control, self-restraint and self-mastery, we are promised infinite blessings in the next life.

It really is disturbing that there are many institutions and organizations out there set up to promote fear, a focus on death, and in a real way, encourage people to just eat their marshmallow.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No Economic Collapse

The Fear of Economic collapse is a cover for eventual nuclear war. The ultra-rich are building bunkers and moving out of the US. When the nuclear strike comes they will come out of their bunkers saying they had no idea Russia and China were prepping to strike the US.

They will say they built bunkers for fear of economic collapse and not nuclear war. T
here will be no economic collapse before war comes. The US can keep on printing money without significant inflation.  Remember that we will still be "marrying and giving in marriage" right up until the end.  Economic collapse is a cover.