Sunday, November 27, 2016

Clueless Romney Got Played Again by Global Elite

Our current conflict is between nationalism vs.  globalism (e.g. Brexit).  Brent Skowcroft recently confessed before the McCain-led senate subcommittee that the "Westphalian System" was a disaster and they were actively working to further liberalize it in favor of a global system.

The global elite scored another major victory against Mitt Romney making sure he has no part in the coming Trump administration. Trump was always going to win.  The first time Trump said something outrageous and the media expressed disdane but then made excuses, I was suspicious that the globists were going to pull a Schwarzenegger or Ventura-like campaign. 

However, the globalist would gave also known that it would make sense for Trump to invite Romney to be a part of his administration, to heal any divides in the Republical party.  However, by having Romney's handlers urge him to come out in such rude and hostile opposition to Trump assurred that Romney would have no place in the Trump administration.  I thought Romney calling Trump a "fraud" was ill-advised at the time, but now I see the likely intented results.  Well played!

If the elite want globalism, why was the Brexit succesfull? I think because they eventually want succession campaigns (Texit, Cascadia, etc.) in America to divide up the US.  The problem with the US is that it could be energy and natural resource self-reliant. Self-reliance doesn't work in a global system.

If Romney does get picked as Secretary of State, it is only in keeping with the globalist trend of having an LDS in a major government cabinet-level position when a major move is made against US constitutional principles.  I have made a list of this in other posts but examples are Reid Smoot, (federal lands, tariffs), J Ruben Clark (Monroe Doctrine), Ezra Benson (farm subsidies), David Kennedy (US dollar taken off gold standard), George Romney (HUD loans and low-income housing), Hatch and Reid (record deficits), Mike Leavitt (Obamacare). 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Clinton and Comey

FBI Chief Comey determined there was no basis to indict or prosecute Clinton because they could not prove criminal intent with regard to having classified (special program status) information on her private server.  This is creating new law because there is no requirement of intent with the handling of classified information.  Anyone else who handled classified information that ended up on Anthony Weiner's laptop and not just the Clinton server would face severe punishments regardless of intent. 

Trump is choosing his cabinet and advisors and they all pretty much look like globalist, goldman sachs and CFR members just like previous administrations. (Gulliani, Gingrich, Christie, Dimon) Consequently, I don't hold too much hope that much will chamge with a Trump presidency. If Trump were to go rogue, and make independent decisions, the system could hurt him by raising interest rates and crashing the economy like they did in 1929 with Calvin Coolidge. (last time we had Republican controlled government).

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is Greek American.  Dimon is being invited to be Secretary of Treasury. Could he run for President in 8 years?  Dimon donates to Democrats.  

Friday, November 11, 2016

War Window

Many people think that because Trump was elected, there is little chance now that Russia and China would attack the West because Putin indicated that he could possibly work with Trump. However, Trump already is surrounding himself with the same globalist advisors (Goldman Sachs, CFR) that have influenced every other president over the ladt 100 years. Why would Russia hope anything us going to change with regard to US policy?

Here is why this thinking may be mistaken. Trump and a Republican controlled Congress will likely ramp up US defense spending. US next gen technology such as railgun, hypersonic missiles, stealth destroyers, and the F-22, as well as any nuclear capibility modernization have all been sabotaged and delayed. 

With a weak Obama leaving office, with the US military at its weakest, there is a serious window of opportunity that Russia and China may not be able to pass up. 

If Russia and China strike the US and decapitate our military capibility, Russia and China are then free to take anything they want without any serious opposition.

Do not doubt Putin and China's ambitions. The bankers need WW3 so they can cancel all the debt, start over, and not get blammed for their economic failures. (100 Trillion in global debt). Globalist also are looking for the US to voluntarily abandon our soverignty to NATO/OTAN to prosecute WW3. 

But, certain events still havn't happened. Are we goong to see Damascus destroyed like Aleppo? Will we see further division and riots in the US? Will we see resultant gun violence in the US leading to gun confiscation by presidential order? Will we see Israel/West finally move against Iran?

Trump and a Republican Congress will likely drill more domestic oil. Trump will approve drilling in ANWR for sure which could drive gas prices below 1$/gal. Russia depends on oil being at least 50$/barrel. If the US starts priducing its own cheap oil and gas, Russia is economically crippled.

Remember, wars are are primarly battles of economy and the US has already been in an evonomic war with Russia and China for some time (sanctions, money printing, shipping diesel fuel to Europe).

Trump needs to fight the media racism narrative by selecting a diverse cabinet

The media are doubling down on the Trump is a racist, misogynist, bigot narrative.  I felt great sadness and loss when Romney lost 4 years ago, but I didn't hear the media giving me tips on how to cope. The media was jubilant about their person winning and could care less about how the other side was feeling. 

The media is writing reports on how to talk to children about the election and why parents and teachers are sad. They go to a "Spanish immersion Headstart" and talk to kids who they claim ask, "are all the latinos and muslims going to get deported now?"

Trump got in trouble for name calling people who he thought were being mean to him.  It's not a racist thing or bigoted thing.  Trump was an "equal opportunity name caller" which he needs to work on. 

One way Trump can fight the racist narrative is to elect a diverse cabinet.  Like Trump does in his business, he should select capable but diverse cabinet.  If Trump selects all white men in his cabinet, he's gonna make life difficult for himself and the nation.

Cabinet Suggestions:
Avoid white DC Insiders like Giuliani, Christi, and Gingrich.  

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Why US Elections Decided by Electorates

When the United States was founded, there was a great debate between the representatives of the small states and the big states concerning representation. The result was the "Great Consensus" and the bicameral Legislature with the House representation based on state population and the Senate which has equal representation. 

Part of the consensus between the states was to have our president elected by an electoral college and not purely by popular vote.  Each state is given delagates according to the total number of House and Senate members.  Accordingly, as happened with Trump and Clinton election, Hillary has narrowly won the popular vote but Trump has won the majority of state electoral votes.  

The purpose of having our elections based on electoral has an important effect on elections.  If elections were based purely on the popular vote, candidates would spend most of their time in the most populated cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston.  Small states would never see candidates.  However, because the the electoral college, we have the phenomenon of swing and battle-ground states, where even a medium or even smaller state like South Carolina can make all the difference in an election.