Thursday, October 12, 2017

Forensic Proof of Second Las Vegas Shooter

The HealthRanger performs forensic acoustic  analysis on video from the Las Vegas shooting unmistakably demonstrating 2 shooters.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Origin of Fossil Fuel Myth

Petroleum is not a fossil fuel.  The Earth through natural abiotic geophysical processes produces hydrocarbons deep within the Earth's crust.  Petroleum is routinely pumped from 25,000-30,000 ft wells and no fossilized material has been found below 15,000 ft.  The deepest dinosaur bones have been found at only 7500 ft. beneath the North Sea. 

This video contains an account of the creation of the fossil fuel myth at a Geneva Convention in 1892 to create a false sense of scarcity to drive up world petroleum prices.  This propaganda myth is perpetuated in text books by a controlled media, publishing, and scientific community. 

Another proof of abiotic geophysical production of hydrocarbons is that Saturn's moon, Titan, is covered with hydrocarbon oceans.

An example of an abuotic process that produces hydrocarbons is Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis where carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases are converted into liquid hydrocarbons.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New York Times Editor Admits Bias

This is not a surprise but nice to get a confession.   The admission of James Comey assigning this guy to be in Antifa is another important admission  

Sunday, October 08, 2017 says Seth Rich was DNC Leaker

Seth Rich was the source of the DNC hack sent to WikiLeaks.  Julian Assange has hinted this several times and has evidence which he has given to Robert Meuller.  Seth Rich was likely assassinated and the murder was covered up. Dr. Jack Sava was Rich's surgeon (also Rep Steve Scalise) and has major comnections to the Podestas, Clinton, and Obamas. 

One America News presented a documentary outlining all these details and are of the same opinion that because of the obvious coverup following the Seth Rich murder, his death was more likely a political assassination than random botched robbery. The corner store where Seth Rich was murdered had 4 outside surveillance cameras yet investigators claim they have no body cam or surveillance footage. 

If Seth Rich was the DNC leaker, and not the Russians, this means the DNC not only murdered Seth Rich but also are guilty of falsely investigating President Trump on knowingly false charges. 

Friday, October 06, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting Co-conspirators

This witness of the Las Vegas shooting reports that a hispanic couple pushed their way to the front of the crowd yelling "everyone is going to die".  This hispanic couple caused such a disturbance that they had to be escorted out by security.  So, what I want to know is, how did these people have foreknowledge of the attack?  Who are they? Also, are there other  witnesses that can corroborate this story? 

The problem with the Las Vegas shooting is motive.  Forensic phycologists have said that young people who conduct unknown mass killings do it for fame.  Older perpetrators kill unknown people for political reasons.   We still don't have a clear motive yet. 

Stephen Paddock lived for gambling. Family says he liked the gambling perks (free rooms, drinks, etc.) Paddock wasn't just a habitual gambler. Paddock had a pilots license, owned 2 airplanes, and multiple properties. He was also a gun collector and very adept at shooting a 100+ extended magazine with a bump-stock without a hitch.  That takes some practice. 

Paddock was a rich man.  Did Paddock make his millions gambling, real estate, or by some other means?  Or, did Paddock earn his money illegally and used gambling only to launder it?