Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Artificial Intelligent


Artificial Intelligence (AI) like anything can be used for good or ill. Handwriting recognition can help to automate indexing and compiling of genealogical records similar to how Craig Venter used computing to sequence the human genome.

However, some are claiming that “general” AI could become sentient or self-aware.  I believe this is false but could easily be faked. You would never know if there was some random person somewhere voicing for an AI robot.  The point in time when the first General AI becomes self-aware is referred to as the “singularity”.

I believe that consciousness cannot exist without a spirit. I don’t believe that a robots or computer system can be possessed by evil spirits either.  Therefore, I don’t think that AI can achieve true consciousness, but this likely could be simulated or falsified. In the end a computer program, however realistic,is still just a program limited by the constraints of its programming even if is programmed to alter its own code in certain areas.

The NSA has been recording all forms of electronic communication, which they deny but whistleblowers confirm (google: William Binney and ThinThread).  The NSA does admit to collecting “meta-data”.  This meta-data could amount to or become a scoring system. That scoring system could identify, characterize, and label certain citizens or groups of citizens based on any arbitrary criteria (religion, nationalism). Those identified could then be rounded up and placed into re-education camps, or be targeted by automated and weaponized drones with GPS tracking and facial recognition capability. 

Influencers like Elon Musk (Tesla Motors and Space X) say they are afraid of AI and claim the only way to prevent some potential future AI holocost is to merge with computers by implating computer interfaces directly into our brains.  This movement that advocates becoming cyborgs is “transhumanism”. 

We may well see the day when those who have cybernetic implants will be allowed to use thier expanded capability on tests, out-competing non-enhanced humans.  Brain-stimulators for Parkinson’s, haptic feedback, augmented reality, cochlear and optic nerve implants are stepping stones down this road.

In addition to the risk of medical complications, infection, and hardware failure, all technology contains backdoors and can be hacked into. In addition to the negative passive influence that being “plugged into the Matrix” would have, whose to say certain subliminal signal couldn’t also be sent which could more directly control mood and behavior. 

Ruth was saying she wished there was a concerted effort like vaccines to have deaf babies screened, identified, and set up with needed services by 6 months of age. Even though babies are not yet talking, they are missing out on the critical learning process that occurs during this time. Just like computer learning using neural nets, the baby brain is being bombarded by sound and the brain neuron connections are reinforced or diminished enabling pattern recognition.  

However, I had to remind Ruth that the vaccines success was not a product of an organic grass-roots movement but was a more global initiative. 

In addition to vaccines, there seems to be a global initiative to connect everything to the internet.  This “Internet of things” which will include your toothbrush and fork will one day reward you credits for desired behavior and deduct points for undesirable behavior. We are already seeing steps towards this cashless point system with credit cards that reward “points” based on certain purchases. 

Already, our lives are increasingly controlled by complex and rigid systems that take away our ability to help people that fall outside the narrow parameters of these systems. We say and hear, “Sorry, I would love to help and make an exception, but there is nothing I can do”. 

Also, there are the dangers and drawbaxks of living in a “virtual world”.  This was dicussed by Elder Bednar in his talk, “Things As They Really Are”.  As we spend time and find identity and success in a false reality, we loose our ability to produce and survive in the real world. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Catholic Spring

Here is what I learned this week:

We have seen it revealed (Nunes Memo) in the mainstream media how biased FBI and Justice Department and Clinton Foundation colluded to pay for false/scandalous intel (dossier) on Trump, and used that false dossier to get a FISA warrant to “wiretap” Trump.  

James Comey can say “there was no wiretap”, because the NSA already has wiretapped eveyone and collects eveything on everyone.  They don’t have resources to look at it all but only will dig through your info if you become a “person of interest”.   The FISA warrant was not used to place wiretaps but instead allows FBI to specifically look at and listen in on what the NSA is already collecting on Trump and Trump’s people. Comey’s evasiveness on these questions demonstrates/suggests that he is complicit. 

The Clinton Foundation is not run by the Clintons but more of an entity/vestage run by and used by the globalist.

But then we have CNN in the face of proven collusion and corruption claiming that this Nunes is “wasting his time” and taking his committee in the wrong direction and Nunes should refocus on —- the fakeTrump investigation. 

Knowing this type of bias and collusion exists, it is not a stretch to think the following older story might also be true.



Podesta Emails leaked to Wikileaks suggest Obama-Clinton-Podesta-Soros may have pressured resignation of Pope Benedict. 

A letter to Trump asking for investigation states: “The leaked emails show that Soros, Obama and Clinton used the United States’ diplomatic machinery, political muscle, and financial power to coerce, bribe and blackmail “regime change” in the Roman Catholic Church in order to replace Benedict XVI with Pope Francis – who has since become an unlikely mouthpiece for the international left, stunning Catholics around the world.”

But, what Brietbart doesnt articulates is that Obama/Clinton are not the “head”.  Podesta is a top globalist handler and operative that helped engineer the coup, but works for the globalist and exerted considerable control over the Whitehouse as well. Podesta and Soros founded groups “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good” and “Catholics United” to push a progessive agenda in the Catholic Church.

Sandy Newman of “Voices for Progress” wrote Podesta on Feb 10, 2011.

“There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic church. Is contraceptive coverage an issue around which that could happen. The Bishops will undoubtedly continue the fight.”

We don’t have the proof of blackmail, but we see considerable preasure as a consequence on the abuse scandals and investigations, and we see the creation and funding of several lobby oganizations leading up to the resignation of the Pope. 

Monday, February 05, 2018

Focused Missionary Work

I don’t like being the only person in my circle who has a particular world-view. It is a bitter and unsettling paradigm, but I have a great optimism that God is “holding all the cards” and the future will glorious.

I great story I heard from Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Jerusalem Temple Institute. He tells of a 3 rabbi’s visiting the temple mount hundred of years ago and seeing a wild jackle jump out from under a thorny bush.  2 of the Rabbi’s started weeping over the temple’s destruction which now had become a “burnt ruin and refuge for wild beasts”. The 2 weeping rabbi’s cried, “Look, the scriptures are fulfilled which foretold of the temple becoming a ruin and a place for jackles”.

Then the 2 weeping rabbis turned to the 3rd and asked whe he wasn't crying for the temple. The 3rd said it was because the same God who prophesied the destruction of the temple which we have just now witness fulfilled in exact detail also prophesied the future rebuilding of the temple and restoration of Israel with even greater glory than ever before. And just as God has fulfilled His word with regard to the temple’s destruction in exacting detail, He will surely fulfill his word with respect to its restoration in the exact same manner. 

I feel bad for awake people who don’t have the benefit of a testimony of the restoration and seeing God’s hand working marvelous works.  It would be depressing to only see the dark side and not the light. 

You asked me what the Book of Mormon says we should do. First we need to “awake and arise”.  Being awake may help us see both the problems and solutions in the world and make sure we don’t blindly support evil out of good intentions (Eve).  We can also better defend our values and articulate our message and position.  We can also explain and demonstarate how the restored gospel is a benefit and blessing to our friends and neighbors. 

Next, the Book of Mormon says that the Lamanites “did hunt the band of robbers of Gadianton; and they did preach the word of God among the more wicked part of them, insomuch that this band of robbers was utterly destroyed from among the Lamanites.” (Hel 6:37). 

Now, how do you hunt wicked Gadiantons and what do you tell them, and what message to you tell them?  

1. First, you need to identify them.  Hel 6 says Gadiantons identify themselves by giving signs to each other. If you are awake you will more easily notice the tell-tail signs, symbols on jewery, handshakes and occult literary references they give to one another and publically.  I won’t speak of them but when you are awake, you will see them. 

2. I think a possible message is that whatever a Gadianton has done to be a Gadianton, they are not beyond the reach of Christ’s atonement. You cannot be a upper-level Gad without being required to do something terribly heinous and unholy.  This prevents infiltration in the exact opposite way the LDS temple prevents infiltration via virue and holiness. 

I believe there are Gads who wish they could get out, but feel stuck and just continue to go along holding on to the false hope/lie of immunity.   the Book of Mormon is suggesting there are Gadiantons who wish to repent but they believe they like Sharom that they have committed the “unpardonable sin” and are beyond hope. 

But the example of Sharom and the forgiven malefactor crucified next to Christ may give us the recipe for forgiveness of seemingly unpardonable sins. This also helps identify false defectors spreading misinformation. 

1. Sharom made a full public confession. 
2. Sharom accepted Christ.
3. Sharom voluntarily submitted to the full consequences of the law with no plea deal or appeal. 
4. The malefactor, confessed his sins, accepted and even defended Christ against the railing accusations of the other thief, and accepted his punishment as just.  

This, I believe, may be kinda what Brigham Young was trying to talk about and is not “blood atonement”.  Only Christ’s blood forgives sin. I believe Satan hates this doctrine and successfully defames it. 

What you get out of this focused missionary work is more honest and reliable confessions.  The repentant Gadiantons seal their testimony with their own blood, so-to-speak.  But, accepting punishment only seals their witness but doesn't forgive sin. Only Christ’s blood forgives sin.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Temples: Celestial Embassies

President Trump recently announced the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel. My hope is that the news does not lead to increased Middle East unrest and hostilities.  The conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis has raged for thousands of years.  Unfortnately, one side-effect of the longstanding conflict, is the defamation of the idea of the temple in the minds of the people.  The temple is supposed to be a symbol of peace, wisdom, equality, human restraint, charity, and holiness.  Instead, the seeming eternal conflict has made the idea of the temple into a symbol of intolerance, oppression, and war.

Someone asked if I thought the LDS Church spends too much money on temple building.  “Are LDS temples too expensive?”  The short answer is— absolutely not. The long answers are:  

1. Like our courts of law and government buildings, Temples should be built as nicely as is reasonably possible. Beautiful and enduring construction shows the value we place in them.
2. Temples in 3rd-world countries should be just as nice as anywhere else in the world so that a family living in a hut with a dirt floor and have just the exact same wonderful experience in the temple as the wealthiest member in Salt Lake or anywhere else.  

3. Judas complained about the expense of the alabaster flask and ointment the women used to anoint Christ feet saying that the ointment could have been sold and money given to the poor. This was Judas' hypocritical attitude just before betraying Christ for 30 pieces of silver.

4. The temple is the answer/solution to global poverty by it enshrining the godly values of charity, integrety, covenant, unity, self restraint, selflessness, service, wisdom, and industry. The temple modo is “Holiness to the Lord, the House of the Lord”.

5. Temples are embassies of the Celestial Kingdom and are the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Endowed members are its ambassadors.
6. Christ’s Second Coming is accompanied by the restoration of temples.  The Lord’s temple will ultimately serve as the mechanism by which peace and unity spread across the world ushering in the promised Millennium. 

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Comings and Goings

“It only takes one thing in common to unify evil, while single differences divide the righteous”

The US Revolution was disasterous to the British Empire and the elite’s control over the peoples and resources of the Earth.  Now, any country believed they could stand up to the elites.  Its no wonder the media votes George Washington to be the #1 revolutionary of all time. Following the US Revolution, the elites were forced to manufacture many false revolutions (French) where controlled leaders were artificially placed into positions of power (some were legit like Afghanistan after WW1).  Elections are easily controlled through campaign finance and the media.  The people only needed to believe they were free. 

The USSR did this with Ukraine and other Eastern Block nations (“The Perestroika Deception”).  Hidden control is much cheaper to maintain than empire.  If these leaders became ideologically independent, then there enevitably would be a tragic plane crash carrying the presidency and executive staff (Poland) or leaders were poisoned (Yushchenko).  The same thing happens in the Middle East. Corrupt leaders like Qaddafi and Suddam Husain were placed into power by the globalist and were later forcefully removed.

The US Constitution is the model of constitutional government in the world.  If the US abandons our constitution, constitutional government will disappear from the Earth. The US would become just another chapter in the history book and considered another disastrous experiment in democracy next to Greece and Rome.  Future text books would likely blame democracy for the imperialism of Pax Romana, Pax Britanica, and Pax Americana.

Accordingly, the Fabian Globalists need to get Americans to lose faith in America and in our constitution.  That is why the conspiracy has sought through their “post-modern” movement to tear down all rules, all standards, and all morality to get us to lose faith in everything.  Eventually, the globslist would like the US divided and none of the pieces are self-reliant. Thus we see the fake cessation movements of  “Brexit”,  Scotland, Catalonia and Quebec.  These fake cessation movements popularize the cessation idea leading to reoccurring Texas (“Texit”) and Arcadia  cessation movements. 

These details are only important because the Nephites in the Book of Mormon lost faith in their government to the point where after the assassination of the Chief Judge, the government collapsed and society devolved into tribes.  We are taught that the Book of Mormon is a type of events to come.

In the Book of Daniel, The Greek Empire was divided into 4 after Alexander the Great (goat) attacked the Medes (Syria) and Persia (Iran)  (ram).  Prophecy may be re-fulfilled. 

Jewish leadership like the US had been infiltrated by evil. Those evil leaders did evil in the name of Judaism giving thr Jews a bad name as the US is being given a bad reputation in the eyes of the world (global bully).  A few elite Jews (synagogue of Satan) in Russia supported the Bolshevik Revolution against the Czar. This is why the Russians turned against the Jews and persecuted them (depicted in “Fiddler on the Roof”).  Elite German Jews during WW1 made the Balfour Agreement with Britian, that in exchange for disloyalty to Germany, they would be given Palestine.  The Balfour Aggreement was given as a justification for the holocaust in WW2. 

During the settlement if the Jews in Israel, Israeli terrorist paramilitary groups like the Lehi, Irgun, Palmach and Haganah massacred Palestians, conduced false-flag bombings against Christians churches in Egypt, and bimbed the King David Hotel.  The Israeli government and Prime minister has been a documented paramilitary member or paramilitary protege since Menachem Begin.  These group have engineered and maintain conflict and division; making the concept of the Lord’s temple a hated symbol of corruption, intolerance, war, conflict, and suffering.

The 9/11 false flag operation created the environment were the US is now fighting Israel’s enemies or middle-eastern countries not under the control of the NWO. Israel was given the responsibility to put down Iran.  But Isreal won’t attack Iran until the US handles Syria. The US conduced a false-flag chemical attack several years ago as justification for invasion and regime change. On the eve of invasion media asked Kerry if Assad could do anything to avert war.  Kerry suggested Assad give up all chemical weapons to an international body.  Putin and Assad accepted and the military intervention was canceled.  

ISIS was then created with knowing or unknowing participation of Utah presidential candidate Evan McMullin while he was in the CIA.  ISIS was to serve as a backdoor excuse for military intervention in Syria.  Weapons from Lybia after Qaddafi was killed were shipped to ISIS via Benghazi.  Other US-supplied Russian-style weapons came from Bulgaria and Serbia shipped on Azerbaijan airlines with diplomatic immunity. But Putin intervened in Syria defending fellow Orthodox Christians in a global PR win. So, war with Iran is currently postponed until thr US finds another excuse to take down Syria.  

Isaiah says in 18:2-3 that the destruction of Damacus would mark the end of America/West “Thd Fortress of Ephraim will fall”. 

Agenda: Grinding America Down

This documentary is a production by the globalists themselves to attribute the demoralization of America to be a communist conspiracy. This documentary even features Cleon Skousen's “The Naked Communist” where Cleon list’s the 45 declared aims and goals of the communist and says that every single goal has been achieved. 

The fascinating thing is that Curtis Bowers, as a college student, claims he attended a communist meeting in Berkley California on behalf of a older mentor and friend (eg college recruitment). At this meeting, the 45 communist goals were presented to a large auditorium filled with suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying  wealthy and powerful men in their 40’s and 50’s.  You don’t show up to these sort of meetings unless your a known insider. 

Cleon Skousen and President Benson, at one time, thought that the demoralizing conspiracy taking place in America was communist.  It wasn’t until Cleon Skousen read Carroll Quigley’s confessionals “Tragedy of Hope” and “Anglo-American Establishment” that Cleon realized that this is a globalist conspiracy not communist.  Skousen’s “the Naked Capitalist” demonstrates this paradigm shift.  

The message of John Birch for which the John Birch Society was named was that the Western elite were funding both Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai Chek and ultimatelty pulled support for the CNP.  Conspiracy funds both sides, assuring the pre-determined outcome.  John Birch was assassinated before he could reveal that globalism was behind Chinese communism. 

Bill Clinton thanks his mentor Carroll Quigley during 1st Inaugural Address. 

Joel Skousen on WW3: 

The US has been unilaterally disarming our nuclear capability (Start2, New Start), while Russia is expanding and modernizing funded by selling expensive oil and gas to Europe which western companies (Exxon) helped them develop after “The Perestroika Deception”.  Russia was supposed to be recycling cold war weapons-grade fissile material into fuel-grade.  Instead, Russia has recycled older warheads into new warheads aided by a plutonium recycling center built by the US, an Obama’s executive order, and Clinton’s Uranium One and Skolkovo deals (tech transfer). 

Some day, maybe after Damacus is destroyed,  the US will be hit by an EMP and combined nuclear first-strike by Russia and China.  Bill Clinton’s PDD 60 took the US nuclear missiles off “launch on warning” status.  This strategy of “launch on warning” is that whomever launches first loses.  Our current nuclear doctrine is to absorb a first-strike and then decide to retaliate later.  The POTUS carries the launch codes in a briefcase (nuclear football).   Unfortnately, after a first-strike “Burning of Babylon”, there won’t be anything left to retaliate with.  Russian and Chinese Nuclear missiles will target US silos with polluting ground strikes in Montana, Nebraska, Western Missouri.  The resultant fallout will decimate the breadbasket of the world creating a world-wide famine and huge death tolls from starvation. 

After the US military is destroyed, the elites will emerge from their underground bases and bunkers that they have already built for themselves and call on the world to unite together to eradicate this communist threat. The US will gladly abandon the US constitution and give ourselves over to global government to save us from catastrophe. Advanced weapons systems, which are already in place, will then be used to prosecute the war (space meteor weapons). 

Anyone who says that the US destruction was the fault of globalism and not communism will be considered a communist sympathizer, considered guilty of treason, rounded up and put into re-education camps or killed. 

The LDS program to store a year supply of food and gather after period of fallout with survivors at Stake Centers and pooling remaining resources is perfect defense for this scenario. Gathering keeps looters away and keeps goverment away from confiscating supplies.  Maintaining gospel standards keeps undesirables away (no smoking, drinking). 

One hope would be if God decides to “shake the Earth” while the elite are underground in their bunkers. The more wicked part of the people would be killed. 

Aaron Russo created a political party in Navada, ran for Govenor, and published several political documentaries.  He was recruited by the elite and describes the recruitment process by being given insider investment information.  He was told about 911 and the war in terror before it happened.   He died not long after this testimony of bladder cancer. 

David B