Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Banking: Go Global or Go Local

With Ron Paul's call to "End the FED." There is heated debate about whether our banking system should go global in support of the Bank of International Settlement "Special Drawing Rights" or "Go Local" with "State Banking Initiatives." I am of the opinion that this "go global", "go local" scenario is a false dichotomy. There is another choice. Instead, I say let's follow the Constitution and let the national government do what the national government should do and the local government do what the local government should do. According to the Constitution, the US Treasury should create or "coin" all the money and local banks should be empowered to have direct access to US Treasury money to administer loans to credit-worthy individuals and groups in their community. In this way, it is not an "all global" or "all local" solution. Part of the economy needs to go national, and the other part needs to go local.

Let a portion of the money supply (m0, m1, m2) representing circulating money be backed by gold and silver. The US government may need to nationalize gold mines in some way because the global elites have a deBeer's-like monopoly on gold and have been withdrawing it from the market to keep prices artificially high, and to create artificial scarcity. In exchange the US could give back all federal lands and other mineral rights to the States.

The US TREASURY must create all the money in our economy. This means a conversion from Fractional Reserve Banking to Full Reserve Banking. We can't allow banks to create 90% of the money supply out of thin air.

Let m3 be money created by the US treasury that is used by local and state banks to issue no-interest, fee-based loans for non-depreciating assets like land, and real-estate. A person is able then to get a loan, pay a fee (loan origination, monthly service) which generates revenue for the bank and the federal government as a "voluntary tax" but the borrower builds equity from day 1. IF the borrower fails to make a payment, that payment is deducted from his equity in the asset. Thus the loan becomes a reverse mortgage at any time.

Banks would be FULL RESERVE as deposited money would not be used to make new loans. All new loan money would come from the US Treasury. This would control inflation. When new money needs to be created, new loans are made as needed to meet the demands of innovation. When the people have a lot of savings, they don't need loans, and money supply is stable. Amortized loans no longer drive inflation either. The new money created for m3 is not backed by gold but by the non-depreciating asset that this money is being used to purchase.

No m3 no-interest loans would ever be made to purchase stock, derivatives, or other speculative financial instruments. Money is never used (leveraged) to make more money. When new money is needed, the US Treasury creates the money 100%. This money being used to make money is what creates the inequality in our current system.

This system would protect these Safety Society Banks from the business cycle, inflation, and from runs on the bank. There may be other banking and financial institutions that due other risky things (venture capital), but our Safety Societies which form the foundation of national and local economies are shielded from the storms of financial risk as much as possible. So far, this nation has been plagued by one banking failure and panic over another and we all have been brought up to falsely believe that this is some-how normal. This doesn't have to be. WE CAN PROTECT OUR BANKS.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Year of Disclosure: Conspiracy and Corruption

Here are a few examples of corruption with detailed and documented proof. Please read about this article about the Afghan tradition of pedophilia called Bacha Bazi and the Kite Runner. This book and movie made the Taliban to be the poppy growers and the pedophiles when it is DynCorp all along buying drugs and boys for Afghan police and not the Taliban. The Afghan author had to be bought off to write such a piece of lying propaganda.


There is an article that kind of encapsulates much of what I was talking about. This article has it all (mafia, catholic church, money laundering, assassinations, international banking fraud, pedophilia, nazis ). John in Revelations told us that in the Last Days the BEAST (corrupt false world government) would become angry and turn against and begin devouring the flesh of the HARLOT riding on its back (corrupt false world religion).


Here are some articles from my blog which proves the Ben Bernanke had full knowledge of how the fraudulent derivatives market (proven Goldman Sachs fraud) and the Basil 2 Accords would work together to bankrupt the world. In exchange for a bailout, countries are force to give up control over public utilities like water, electric, gas and transportation infrastructure. Greece was forced to give up 100's of Greek islands to the bankers. Now, there is something you can give to the person that has everything.Here is a simple post about the proof of conspiracy. There are documents like "Protocols of Zion" and "Report from Iron Mountain" which describe a plot to from a New World Order. While these were considered hoaxes at the time they appeared, they seem to describe everything that is going on in the world. Add to that secret meetings by global elite at places like Bildeberg, Bohemian Grove, Sun Valley, Davos, and Council on Foreign Relations, where global policy is developed and you realize these people are just following the play book.Here are some of my thoughts on the Patriots and Radical Right Extremist push for everyone to prepare for the destruction of society by building up their own 2012 shelter or compound.I don't trust this book, and others like it "One Second After." I think this book is sponsored by the Globalists. This is called Operation Trojan Horse. You start buying all this survival stuff in these books and your compound just might be the first thing that gets targeted.Adan Al Shukrijumah is a AlQaeda/CIA-da operative who is a nuclear engineering student at McMaster University in Canada. Al Shukrijumah who with several other al-Qaeda co-conspirators were trained in nuclear engineering at McMaster University in Canada who disappeared along with a large quantity of Cobalt-60. A Cobalt-60 dirty bomb anywhere in the Mississippi-Missouri watershed area could cause big problems for downstream water users.Cobalt-60 has been turning up missing. Al-Qaeda operatives at MacMaster include Adnan el-Shukrijumah, Jaber A. Elbaneh, Abderraouf Jdey, Amer el-Maati and Anas al-Liby (Nazih Abdul-Hamed Nabih al-Ruqai'i).


The Kite Runner Lie

I remember reading The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini published in 2003 and seeing the movie just recently which was a Dreamworks picture. The book is beautifully written about the Afghan culture and life in Kabul before the Russian invasion except for a disgusting episode of homosexual rape and pedophilia. The problem I had with the insertion of the rape and pedophilia is that this was a fictional account. I remember thinking at the time, "how could this writer think to put something like this into a story" I mean, if the book was a true story, that is one thing. But to subject the reader to it just in the name of fiction; I felt was going too far.

Not long after reading the Kite Runner, I learned that when the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 1999 from the Russians, they prohibited the cultivation and sales of poppies and heroin. In fact from 1999-2001, opium producion in Afghanistan dropped over 90%. Since, 9/11 and US invasion, opium production has increased to twice pre-9/11 levels. Pat Tillman, defensive back for the Cardinals was assassinated for sending letters expressing his desire to use his fame to protest the fact that US Troops were being used in Afghanistan to assist in poppy production and cultivation.

Now new WikiLeaks info reveals that Texas-based DynCorp was pimping out young boys and buying drugs for Afghan police. bacha bazi is a pre-Islamic Pashtun, Afghan tradition that was banned by the Taliban. Bacha boys are eight- to 15-years-old. They put on make-up, tie bells to their feet and slip into scanty women's clothing, and then, to the whine of a harmonium and wailing vocals, they dance seductively to smoky roomfuls of leering older men. These young boys are then sold as sex slaves to the highest bidder.

This bach bazi is a significant element of the plot of the Kite Runner. In the story, the main character must go back to Afghanistan to save his nephew from being a "bacha bazi" sex slave. However, according to the book, it was the Taliban who were the pedophiles. However, I knew this was lie when I read it, and the book was propaganda designed to shift public opinion against the Taliban. Now, don't get me wrong, I am no fan of the Taliban or Berkas. But, the sick thing is, is the real pedophiles and drug dealers in Afghanistan are the globalist companies like DynCorp who have been controlling poppy production in Myanmar and Afghanistan for millennia.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Equitable Banking, Economic and Monetary Reform

Dear Congressman Broun,

Most people would like to reform our economy, banking, and monetary system. Many people would like to "End The FED", but even fewer know what to replace the FED with. The following letter briefly details a plan for the implementation of equitable economic and monetary reforms in America. Let us save our country and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.

Recently, with the bankruptcies and bailouts of several European countries, we are seeing the fruits of abandonment of Sovereignty with regard to money creation and the issuance of credit. It is my hope that by principled action we can save the US from suffering the same fate as Europe.

According to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution the Congress of the US is charged with the duty, privilege, and responsibility to "coin" or create the money as well as borrow and lend based on the credit of the United States. So, knowing that "coining" money is part of the duty of Congress, I wonder just how much our Senators and Representatives know about how our economy works. With the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the Congress has abdicated this sacred responsibility to a privately owned central bank. Now, it's time for Congress to take this privilege back.

The money supply is broken up into constituent parts (m0-m3). Circulating money (m0-m2) must be backed by gold and other precious metals. Unfortunately, the same "special interests" that own the banks own the domestic gold production with a DeBeer's-like Monopoly. But, in addition to backing circulating money with gold, a large portion of the money supply (m3) could be backed with land and real-estate. Under the power to coin money, Congress may need to be regulate/nationalize domestic gold production in exchange for giving back to the states Federal Lands and other mineral rights.

Instead of allowing the mega-banks to create 90% of the money supply via Fractional Reserve Lending, why not allow the US Treasury create/coin all the money in the money supply? Why not cut out the super-mega banks and allow non-profit local and banks direct access to US Treasury capital for the purpose of issuing no-interest loans for credit-worthy borrowers, for non-depreciating assets like land and real-estate? Under such an equitable, risk-free system; capital is no longer an artificial scarcity and the unelected, ultra-elite, banking corporatocracy who control huge capital pools no longer wield Machiavellian power over the rest of society.

Therefore, I propose the creation of local non-profit "community safety society" banks. These locally controlled and administered institutions would have direct access to US Treasury capital for the purpose of issuing no-interest loans for non-depreciating assets such as land, and real-estate purchases. These "safety societies" would generate revenue for the Federal Government and to cover overhead costs by charging a loan origination fee, as well as modest monthly loan servicing fees.

Under the "Safety Society" System, any citizens who can demonstrate regular employment and income can qualify for a loan. Groups, co-ops, and corporations can qualify for business loans to purchase and develop land. Communities can pass referendums for a sales tax increase and qualify for larger loans based on the projected tax revenue.

The benefits of this system are that home and business owners will be able to build equity immediately unlike the FHA/HUD amortized loans we have now that collect interest up front. Amortized loans are a major driver of inflation because the only way to earn equity in the first 10 years is for the price of the home to go up. So, you have a 10-year-old home that is now $30,000 more expensive. Consequently, the amortized loan has been a major contributer to the devaluation of the dollar since 1934.

I claim that such an equitable lending system would protect our "safety society" bank from risk by only issuing no-interest loans for non-depreciating assets. In the event that a borrower (citizen, co-op, corporation, community) were unable to make a payment, that missed payment would be deducted from the equity in the property. In this way, the loan would operate as an instant reverse mortgage at any time. Therefore, missed payments actually become extra revenue for the Federal Government Foreclosure would not occur until the borrower had lost all equity in the asset unlike today when a bank has the right to foreclose after 1-2 missed payment resulting in the borrower forfeiting any and all equity in the property.

Currently, the Federal Government only collects revenue (prime interest) on a fraction of the money created because the Federal Government only creates a fraction of the money supply in the system. Under the "Safety Society" system, all new money created would generate revenue. Under our current system, the FED generated less than 50 Billion dollars a year. The "Safety Society" collecting 1% fee on all new money creation could generate trillions via an equitable and voluntary taxation of the people.

An important aspect of the "Safety Society" Banking System is its ability to control inflation but immediately respond for the need for liquidity in the economy. When capital is plentiful, and individuals can pay cash and not borrow, new money will not be needed and not created. On the other hand, when capital is in short supply, money can be created and loaned interest free as needed.

The non-profit "Safety Society" Banking System would be a type of full reserve banking. The Bank would borrow from the US Treasury 100% of what it would lend. Accordingly, customer deposits would not be used to make new loans, but could be kept at the bank in electronic form until withdrawn making "Safety Societies" immune to failure following a "run" on the bank. Full Reserve "Safety Societies" would also be immune to stock market crashes and economic downturns that cause banking assets to lose value, leading to the loss of fractional reserves, which then leads to the inability of banks to make new loans or reimburse depositors.

Under our system, our "Safety Societies" would reduce but not eliminate the need for businesses and communities to raise money via the sale of stocks and bonds. Stock and Bond sales would be unnecessary because no-interest loans could be easily obtained. However, despite the cheapness of capital, the "Safety Society" would never be used to loan money for the purchase of stock, bonds, or other speculative financial instruments. "Safety Society" monies cannot be used to generate other money, but only can be used in exchange for "real" assets with non-depreciating value for at least the life of the loan. Stock sales may be brokered by other institutions and private individuals to raise capital for more speculative endeavors such as for the purposes of research and development and business creation. Government programs will also continue to assist with these capital needs as they do currently.

The goal in our full reserve "Safety Society" banking system is not to use capital to create capital. In our system, the US Treasury under the direction of the Congress creates money, so there is no need for money to create money. The main goal in our system is to maintain the value of the money that has already been created and implement an equatable economic and monetary system where money is backed by real assets, where the money supply can be expanded as needed; eliminating artificial scarcity, and where economic power is returned to individuals and communities, and not consolidated into the hands of an unelected money masters. Under the "Safety Society" Banking System, the people will no longer be economic sharecroppers to a small minority of elite capital controllers and special interests.

David D. Brosnahan MD, MS

Friday, December 03, 2010

Vitamin D, Cholesterol, and Health

If a healthy person has a few minutes of sun exposure each day, we wouldn't need extra Vit D, that is correct. However, this does not take into account all those on Statin Drugs.

Statins block HMG-CoA Reductase which is a liver enzyme which is a key enzyme in the production of the Cholesterol molecule (NOT HDL or LDL). Cholesterol is a key molecule in all cell membranes, especially the brain which is incorporated in the lipid bilayer of cell membranes and the Endoplasmic Reticulum to maintain membrane fluidity. By the way, if you are Cholesterol deficient (egg yoke molecule not LDL or HDL), then your ER gets too stiff, and key enzymes that are incorporated in the ER that are continually inserted, cut out, and replaced, get cleaved in the wrong place and fail to get transported to the lysosome and then the peroxisome thus building up as plaque in the cell. Then you get nonspecific iron binding, then Fenton Chemistry/Haber-Weiss reaction, then free radical production, lipid peroxidation, and cell death.

Cholesterol is a key intermediate in the formation of sex hormones, cortisol which regulates the immune system and vitamin D. So, if you are blocking the synthesis of Cholesterol, it doesn't matter how much sun you get. You can be in the sun all day, and if you don't have the pro-vitamin, your body cannot use the sun to create the active Vit D molecule.

This doesn't take into effect all those who have received avian flu or anthrax vaccines which contained Squalene as a vaccine adjavant. Adjuvants are molecules added to vaccines to rev up the immune system, and illicit a stronger immune response against the weakened target virus or bacterial protein. Squalene is not a good adjuvant at all by itself. It is only active as an adjuvant after being covalently bonded to an immunogenic surfactant (detergent).


While adjuvants are a good idea, the important thing to remember is that in the process of revving up the immune system, antibodies are produced to the target viral protein as well as the adjuvant that is doing the immunogenic stimulation. The big problem with Squalene is that, it is found in the body. It just so happens that Squalene is a key intermediatary in the formation of . . . . . .. you guess it. . . . . Cholesterol. So, many people exposed to the avian flu vaccine and anthrax vaccine may have anti-Squalene antibodies, and consequently, may be deficient in not only Cholesterol, but also, Sex Hormones, Cortisol, and Vitamin D.

HMG-CoA Reductase ->->-> Squalene ->->-> Cholesterol ->->-> Sex Hormones, Cortisol, Vitamin D.


By the way, Vitamin D is not a vitamin it is a Hormone that does much more in the body than regulate bone synthesis. I used to ask myself why there was confusion between the good molecule Cholesterol, and HDL and LDL. Why do we use the word Cholesterol when talking about Lipoprotein. I could never figure this out. This confusion has led many to erroneously eat eggs without the yoke. Before you go crazy on egg yokes, the liver makes many times more cholesterol each night then you could get out of egg yoke. Well, after reading Protocol of Zion, Silent Weapons for a Quiet War, Report from Iron Mountain, I now suspect the confusion and vilification of Cholesterol was done on purpose. You attack Cholesterol, you make us sterile, sick, and mentally deficient.

I've enjoyed reading the blog http://blog.cholesterol-and-health.com which discussed the goodness of cholesterol, the badness of fructose and sucrose, and suggests interesting ideas like using allopurinol to increase NO and lower uric acid and blood pressure.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Money: Scarcity and Value

Capital is the oil of the economic engine. Yes, you don't want people to be able to pluck money off the nearest tree. Money must represent and reflect labor and value. But too much scarcity and the gears in the economic engine grind to a halt. So, after the US goes bankrupt like Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain; TPTB will bail us out in exchange for our water, gas utilities, mineral rights, transportation and highway infrastructure, and pension funds.

Even if Ron Paul and other patriots were successful in ending the FED and re-instituting a gold standard; our economic problems wouldn't likely change. For instance, since there is so little gold, our country will be starved of liquidity and growth. Returning to a gold standard may be how TPTB plan to equalize the US with the rest of the world by converting the whole world over from a fiat/debt-based system to a gold standard, while they have been working the last 99 years to monopolize the gold market. Today, TPTB own all gold production. They have admittedly been hording all the gold, they own all the gold mines, and copper mines which produce gold and silver as a byproduct.

Yes, having gold-backed currency was the original intent of the Founding Fathers. But not when TPTB own all the gold. In this case, they will still have total control over money supply of the entire world. So, for now, I say we could back our currency with a basket of commodities including gold. This would provide enough liquidity to satisfy the capital demands of our cash-starved economy.

If we allow the US Treasury to create all the capital, and allow local banks to extend no-interest loans for non-depreciating land, buildings, factories, homes, farms, production machinery, commodities, mining, etc. Then that capital is backed by the assets that it is being used to purchase.

In this case no-one is picking up free money off the ground. The money lent by the bank from the US Treasury must be paid back with labor. If there is enough money in the market due to savings, then people wont need to borrow. New money won't need to be created. If there isn't enough money in the system, then people will borrow, and the US Treasury will create money necessary for the need at the time. This mechanism would prevent inflation or deflation.

I've been thinking more on this issue and realize that the money supply is broken up into parts. M0, M1, M2, M3 etc. Therefore, You can have a gold standard to cover a portion of the money supply M0-M1-M2 which includes cash on hand, checking accounts and savings. Just recognize that gold is in short supply and we may have to take back our gold and copper mines (break the monopoly). Natural resources of this country belong to the people of this country and principally the states. I would get rid of national forest service which only is used to control mineral rights. Gifford Pinchot (1889), First Chief of U.S. Forest Service was a skull and bones member at Yale in 1880. Let States control their own land and minerals.

The portion of the money supply that this no-interest loan/credit system covers does not need to be backed by gold (new M3). The money that is created to be lent to purchase real-estate, machinery, other non-depreciating commodities for the life of the loan, is backed by the asset that the money is purchasing. This money has its own backing. The money that is created by the US Treasury for this purpose is being paid right back.

Right now the media is really pushing people to buy gold. I have been thinking a lot about why the elite have been driving this. 1. A horde of gold will be discovered, gold will drop in price and buyers lose. 2. Society will fall apart and people in possession of gold and silver win. 3. The US will make owning gold illegal and order a nation-wide gold confiscation. 4. The elite will re-institute a gold-standard, gold goes to $10,000/oz, and gold owners are used by elite to support the new system. If I had to guess, I think #4 is the true purpose of the push for gold.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Engineered Economic Downturn

2002: Ben Bernanke speaks at Milton Friedman's 90th Birthday and jokes that Milt was correct all along that the FED caused the great depression by contracting the money supply in a fractional reserve system.

"Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again."


2005: Federal Reserve no longer publishing M3 datal an important measure of the Money Supply


2005-2008: M3 balloons to record levels which measured the money creation being done in the speculative and fraudulent derivatives market, driven by Goldman Sachs.


2008: FED institutes the Bank of International Settlement Basil 2 Accords which restricts/lightens fractional reserve requirements, contracts the money supply, and does to America exactly the same thing that Basil 1 did to Japan resulting in their "Lost Decade."


Economic crises have been produced by us for the GOYIM by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge capitals have stagnated, withdrawing money from States, which were constantly obliged to apply to those same stagnant capitals for loans. These loans burdened the finances of the State with the payment of interest and made them the bond slaves of these capitals .... The concentration of industry in the hands of capitalists out of the hands of small masters has drained away all the juices of the peoples and with them also the States .... (Protocols of Zion 20:20)

Conclusion: This Current Economic Downturn was engineered just like the Great Depression. Mr. Bernanke confessed to Milton Friedman that he is well aware of how a contraction of the money supply would affect our fractional reserve economy. Mr. Bernanke was well aware of the effects Basil 1 had on Japan, and therefore must have been fully aware of how Basil 2 would effect the American economy.

Monday, November 22, 2010


The consequence of this debt-based, fiat, usury-based, fractional reserve system is inflation, engineered stock market crashes, banking failures, and the enslavement of the people. Across the world we see wars waged; not to spread democracy, but to force more countries to submit to this corrupt and oppressive world-banking system. This year we are seeing countries like Iceland, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal on the verge of bankruptcy forced to give away control of their highways, rail lines, utilities, and government pensions to the international ultra-elite in exchange for a bailout.

However, all the corruption, and all the economic turbulence could disappear today, if WE THE PEOPLE would just become united behind our Constitution in taking back our right to "coin" our own money. To do that, we would need switch our banking, lending and economic system.

#1 allow US Treasury to create 100% of money

(Current money is based on bonds that the FED sells at interest to ultra-elite families. The FED never just prints money without selling a bond. Every dollar is tied to a bond and therefore is a certificate of indebtedness and bondage)

#2 back US Currency with gold, silver, commodities, land, manufacturing machinery, grain, real-estate, and other natural resources.
(Currently money is based on debt and held up by the Petro-Dollar system, but not for long as China is buying oil in Yuan from Russia and Iran)

#3 allow local and state banks to have liberal access to capital issued from the US Treasury directly. Cut out the money middle-men.
(Currently, only mega-FED-member banks can borrow from the FED. That is why smaller banks go bust and go bankrupt and don't get a bailout. The whole justification for the mega bank was because small banks would fail in the old system)

#4 allow local banks to verify credit-worthiness of local citizens and approve them for no-interest loans on non-depreciating assets.

(banks today issue amortized loans, which collect interest up front which is the major driver of inflation in our economy because the only way you make money on your home is if the price of the house goes up when you sell it. Banks charge interest today because of risk of not being paid back. However, if the asset being invested in has stable, intrinsic value, then the bank is not taking risk to invest in it. If the borrower goes bust, the bank takes possession of the valuable asset).

#5 The Federal Government and the "non-profit" local bank "Community Safety Society" would generate revenue by charging loan origination fees and modest monthly service fees as they do now.
(This is how local banks make their money anyways. Local banks never collected the interest but just service the loans. This system would benefit the Federal Government and increase revenue because, currently the Federal Government only collects "prime" on a fraction of the money that is created in the system. In this system, the Federal Government collects a "voluntary" tax on all the money that is created in the system.)

#6 When an individual, group, or community goes to the local or state bank desiring a no-interest loan, they must prove their credit-worthiness via proof of consistent wages, proof of sales, value of resources mined, value of resources produced, and/or amount of revenue generated via a 1% sales tax.
(This is how our the value of our currency could be gaged. When a person wants to purchase land or build a house, then money would be created that reflects the value of that land or that property. When a group wants to get a loan to mine a resource or grow a field of corn, the money given would reflect the value of that resource being mined, or the corn that would be produced)

#7 As the borrower repays monthly, they begin the build equity immediately as well as pay the nominal monthly fees. If the individual were to miss a payment, that months payment and fee would be deducted from the equity in the asset. Thus, the loan becomes an instant reverse mortgage if needed. Bankruptcy, forfeiture, default, repossession would only occur when the person lost all equity in the asset.
(Currently, our system repossesses after just one or two missed payments. When the banks evict you and repossess, the borrower loses any and all equity they may have had in the property.)

#8 Operate Local Community Safety Society Banks on the basis of Full Reserve Banking. Instead of lending 10X of the money they have in deposits and what they borrow from other banks, require that banks only lend 1:1 the capital that they have obtained from the US Treasury. All deposits are not used to make new loans but kept at the bank ready for withdrawal at any time.
(Currently, under a fractional-reserve system, banks only are required to keep 5% of the money they lend as cash reserves which they keep as stocks and bonds or toxic assets because of inflation and devaluation of cash. If those reserves lose their value due to a stock market crash, or bubble bursting, then the banks become insolvent and can't lend or pay depositors and go bust. Fractional Reserve Banking is exactly what has caused the economic volatility in the US since its beginning. In a Fractional Reserve Banking system, it is the mega-banks themselves which create 90-95% of the money in the money supply and not the Congress as the US Constitution requires.)

Monetary vs. Non-Monetary Debate

I have decided that it is of very little value to try to talk to people about the conspiracy. There is very little utility in trying to convince people about the various conspiracies and crimes that have been proven and even confessed to in many instances. People just don't want to believe that such evil is possible. And even if we were to convince people and hold War Trials, we could never get at the people at the top of the pyramid.

But instead of focusing on conspiracy, I think its much more valuable to talk about economics. I don't think there is anyone who would deny that this country and the world under the G20/G8 are facing serious economic troubles and require revolutionary economic and monetary reforms. Accordingly, I have been thinking over the last year of a plan to fix the economy and corruption in the United States and the World.

The Power of the ruling elite rests in their control of the world monetary system. And the value in understanding how the rulers of this world derive their power is that if we as a people take back that power, then it would deny the handful of wicked men the ability to bankroll the corruption.

Since the creation of the FED, money in the US and elsewhere was taken off the gold standard. Instead of gold, our dollar today is based on 110% debt. That is correct, the FED never just prints money. Every dollar that the US Treasury prints is tied to a bond that is sold at interest to some capital investment fund, hedge fund, LLC, or joint-stock trust of some ultra-elite, ultra-wealthy family. The FED then lends that money to FED-member banking cartel, who then lend 10-20x that amount of money due to fractional reserve banking to the people via a rip-off amortized loan that collects all interest up front.

The consequence of this debt-based, fiat, usury-based, fractional reserve system is inflation, engineered stock market crashes, banking failures, and the enslavement of the people. Across the world we see wars waged; not to spread democracy, but to force more countries to submit to this corrupt world banking system. This year we are seeing countries like Iceland, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal on the verge of bankruptcy forced to give away control of their highways, rail lines, utilities, and government pensions to the international ultra-elite in exchange for a bailout.

However, all the corruption, and all the economic turbulence could disappear today, if WE THE PEOPLE would just become united behind our Constitution in taking back our right to "coin" our own money. To do that, we would need switch our banking, lending and economic system.

What we would do first is back our currency with gold, silver, land, and a basket of commodities. Next, we would need to get rid of the big banks and allow local and state banks the power to borrow directly from the US Treasury. Local banks would verify the credit-worthiness of citizens in their communities, and then they would issue no-interest loans for non-depreciating assets like land, homes, buildings, mining and manufacturing equipment.

The Federal Government as well as the local banks would generate revenue through loan-origination fees and monthly payment loan servicing fees. These associated fees become a voluntary tax which is is keeping with the original intent of the Constitution. Today, the Federal Government only makes a very small amount of money on a small fraction of the money that is created. These local banks we would call "Safety Societies" would operate on Full Reserve Banking, and would therefore be immune from market fluctuations, stock market crashes. No-interest loans would also cure inflation as the amortized loan has been the major driver of inflation since it was instituted in 1913 along with the FED.

While I would hope the people of America could get behind, and become unified behind a fair and equitable, resource-based, full reserve, no-interest, locally administered banking system, there are some out there muddying the water by calling for a non-monetary system. Their basis for a glorified barter system is a reaction against the evils and abuses of our current system. However, while Paul warns Timothy that "the love of money is the root of all evil" we need to be careful to understand what Paul meant. Paul wasn't demonizing money, but the love of money. Money is just a tool, like fire, that can be used or abused for good or for ill.

But money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver."

"It's the person who would sell his soul for a nickel, who is loudest in proclaiming his hatred of money,"

"Let me give you a tip on a clue to men's characters: the man who damns money has obtained it dishonorably; the man who respects it has earned it."

"Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper's bell of an approaching looter. So long as men live together on earth and need means to deal with one another, their only substitute, if they abandon money, is the muzzle of a gun."

--Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Despite what Ayn Rand says about those that put demonize money, the fact is that you can't run our complex economy on a barter system regardless of how complex it is. But we could switch over to an equitable non-usury, full-reserve, locally administered monetary system tomorrow without skipping a beat. The choice is ours. We is the US are the ones who have built the Beast and have fed it with our 30-year home mortgages and consumer debt.

The problem with those who make the non-monetary argument is that it muddies the water, and prevents us from being united behind a new system that is constitutionally based, which would fix our country. But maybe that is why they do it-- muddy the water? We can't get anywhere with implementation of an equitable monetary system, if we have to endlessly debate non-monetary vs monetary.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Many people have been looking at our current monetary and financial woes, and wondering if money is necessary at all. While money may not be a part of a perfect Zion society. I think most of the current discussion concerning a "no-money" system is an example of the pendulum swinging way to far to the other side. Remember Aristotle's lesson of the "golden mean".

Interesting ideas about a resource-based economy. As far as money is concerned. The Constitution is Article 1 Section 8 says that Congress should coin the the money and regulate its value. Since we know the Constitution is inspired by God, then I conclude that at this time, God still intends that we uses money. Money was also used in the Book of Mormon. I don't think we should forget money just because there is potential for abuse. Money is not inherently evil. It is the "love of money" that is evil. Resources can be hidden and hoarded like anything else.

I do like some of your ideas of a commodities/resource-based system. I think that is the key to a proper monetary system. The problem with money is that is can become a limited resource (like during a depression and deflation). That I why money should be be backed by a basket of commodities and resources. In the Book of Mormon, it reads that a certain measure of gold equated to a certain measure of silver equated to a certain measure of grain.

The efficiency of money allows people to live in cities and specialize in specific areas of production and services. In a barter system, families had to produce almost everything themselves and barter for just the few things that they lacked. There really is no time to barter for everything that was possibly needed. Also, in a resource system, resources could be hoarded and cornered or hidden easier than money. Just look at what China is doing with Rare-Earth Metals.

Currently money creation is done by the sales of Bonds (bondage). It is a misconception that the FED or the US Treasury just prints money. Even with QE2, the US Treasury still doesn't just print money. What happens is the FED sells bonds to the ultra-elite FED members and then injects currency into the system based on those bonds. The FED/US Treasury never just prints money. Money is always backed by something. And in our current system, that backing is by debt/bonds. That is why economists name our monetary system the "debt-based monetary system."

The FED then lends this new debt-based money to banks which then due to fractional reserve rules, can make loans equaling 10X the amount they received from the FED. So, when the FED produces 600 billion in QE2 to give to the banks free of charge. The banks turn around and lend 6 trillion/ 10X the money back to the US Treasury at 2% interest by purchasing TBills. And so the Ponzi scheme goes on for a while longer.

So, instead of debt, we need to back our currency with real assets. Because there really isn't enough gold and silver available to create the kind of money we need, we apply the principles that you have been discussing and base money on a basket of commodities and resources.

Then, you allow local non-profit banks liberal access to this capital interest free. Local banks would have the task of verifying credit worthiness of the borrower. Then they would issue no-interest loans to local borrowers for non-depreciating assets such as land, homes, and buildings. Revenue to cover costs would come from a loan-origination fee, and monthly service fee/tax associate with the monthly repayment. In fact, I think at just a 1-2% flat fee, the Federal government could generate sufficient revenue that we could get rid of the income tax. Local banks always just made money on loan origination fees so they should be fine.

These local non-profit "safety society" banks would operate on full reserve banking and therefore be immune to contractions in the money supply, bank runs, and stock market crashes. In this system, people begin accruing equity immediately and that would prevent significant inflation. This is in contrast to our current amortized loans where you pay interest up front so making equity in the first 10 years depends on the price going up. (HOUSE FLIPPING DRIVER). If a person misses a monthly payment, that payment is deducted from the person's equity, thus becoming a reverse mortgage at any time. Foreclosure wouldn't occur until the person had lost all equity in the property.

Our current Capitalist system is based on the assumption that certain people should get very wealthy so that they have capital to invest in things. But that is the whole problem. A system that makes certain few people wealthy, consolidates power in those individuals to decide what they will or will not invest in. And that consolidation of power is where the corruption comes in.

In this system of community Safety Society, the community can come together and decide that they would like a public swimming center. They can be approved for a loan of X million dollars for that swimming center by proving they can repay the no-interest loan and fees based upon a 1% sales tax. The community can vote and approve the 1% sales tax, and the community can build and enjoy the new swimming center. In this system, there is no limit to what the community can have except what they are willing to pay for. Because the community can be approved for whatever they want, whenever they want or need it based on their ability to repay, this could eliminate Legislative Pork. In this system, a larger city would have more power, because it has more people, and more credit based on a greater ability to pay. But remember, that in Zion, cities were to be capped at 1000 families only and stop there.


Here is a suggestion for fixing the money and economic system in America. Milton Friedman knew what to do. But what is required is to replace the current system entirely with a locally managed and controlled system. And, as a side-effect, if you take away Satan's power to get our gold and silver, then many other problems vanish away along with it.

The power that the banks have to create money out of nothing based on the private equity of the super elite is called Fractional Reserve Lending/Banking. This allows banks to lend 20X the amount that they have in deposit (left hand side of ledger). This is assuming a 5% Fractional Reserve requirement. (If you don't know how private banks have the power to create money out of nothing, please read more about FRACTIONAL RESERVE LENDING and the MONEY MULTIPLIER.).

Fractional reserve banking in an inflationary system is very unstable because if a bank loses its small fractional reserve nest egg via a stock market crash, then it can't operate, can't lend, can't pay depositors. Inflation is why banks cannot hold fractional reserves as cash, and why they hold reserves as paper (AAA Corporate Bonds for example). Banks crashed in 2008 when fraudulent Toxic Assets became worthless because they lost their fractional reserves. Fractional Reserve Banking explains our long history of bank failures in the US.

So, what Milton Friedman suggested is that the US Government switch to FULL RESERVE BANKING. When you do that, it creates a huge requirement of liquidity because banks need to borrow 100% of what they lend. Then you give back the power to create money to the US Treasury. So, what FULL RESERVE LENDING allows the Federal Government to do is create 14 Trillion dollars and pay off all our debts without causing significant inflation. (this would be a 1-Time opportunity to get out of debt once and for all). The Chinese shouldn't get mad because they get their money which still has retained its value.

But that is not all:What you need to do next is get rid of the the FHA/HUD amortized loan. This is all our home mortgages that represents our greatest source of debt. This loan collects 95% interest up front for the first 20 years on a 30-year loan assuming minimum payments. This is the greatest driver of inflation in the system because for a family to gain equity in their home for the first 10 years, (assuming minimum payments), the price of the house needs to go up. And when that happens, you stick the next home owner with $20,000 more debt burden for a house that is 5 years older.

Instead what you do is allow local banks who now only service loans, to borrow directly from the US Treasury. And then you allow local banks to make no-interest loans to individuals and companies. Banks would then go in with the borrower, who brings the first month's payment, and the loan origination fee. No down payment is required to make an asset purchase. The Banks would supply the capital from the US Treasury to complete the purchase. The local bank and the borrower than purchase the property together. No interest is collected. How the bank covers its costs is by charging administrative fees to service the loan as they do now. The borrower than starts into repayment and begins building equity from day one becoming a bigger part-owner of the property until he has paid for the property and is 100% owner.

If the borrower fails to make a monthly payment on the property. Then that monthly payment is deducted from the equity that the borrower has in the property. The borrower divests himself of ownership of the property by the value of the missed payment. But foreclosure/bankruptcy would not occur until the borrower lost all equity in the property. So, the no-interest loan becomes an immediate reverse mortgage which at any time can become a source of emergency credit. Missed payments then become profit for the bank.

Full Reserve Banking could mean increased revenue for the federal government. Currently the federal government only collects prime interest on a small fraction of the money that is created. This amounts for about less that 50 billion/year. Imagine if the Federal government could collect a fee based on all the (no-interest) money that was created and injected into our economy? And now that we have paid off our debts, that would mean we could balance our national budgets and have plenty of cash to cover our expenses.

One main problem that stands in our way of doing this today is the fact that our country has out-sourced so much of our manufacturing base to multi-national companies. This dependence on foreign corporations could be used as leverage to prevent the US from taking back the power to create and regulate our own money.

2 Ne. 9: 51 Wherefore, do not spend money for that which is of no worth

I am thinking about it stocks have any place in a no-usury/full reserve system. And I think they do have some part. I would like a system that shields banks from as much risk as possible. Therefore, they would only extend these no-interest loans for assets that have permenant value like land, buildings, houses that dont depreciate necessarily. But for R&D, and business loans for capital investment I think businesses could get credit based on prior and current sales. But for new ideas, private venture capital could be used and stocks for this kind of thing due to the inherent risk yet importance of research and new business creation.

If you wanted to purchase a $200,000 home, and pay $1000/month as a monthly payment. At no interest, it would take 200 months to pay back the money. That would be less than 17 years. Borrowing $200,000 would be "no interest", but it wouldn't be free. To cover the administrative costs of our "Community Safety Society Anti-Bank" you would bring your first month's payment and a a "loan origination fee" of say 1-2% or $2-4,000. I'd have to think how much it would cost and how many home loans would need to be processed to cover the bank overhead. There would also be an administrative fee associated with the monthly payment of 1-2% of the payment which would be about $1-200. Fees would be just enough to cover the cost of business. No down payment is required.

The Bank would operate as a non-profit. So, the purpose of the bank is not to amass capital as it would have access to all the capital it needed from the US Treasury. Its role would be to assure the credit-worthiness of the the borrower.

Inflation wouldn't be such a big deal for the bank. The bank gets the money no-interest from the US Treasury. It passes the borrowing fee on to the borrower and adds on some extra to cover administrative costs. If there is inflation, housing prices go up, salaries go up, which only benefits the borrower. But in this system, inflation doesn't hurt the US Government or the Bank. But my hunch is without the amortized loan, the US wouldn't experience the kind of inflation that it does now.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prophecy of Future American Civil War

"The next great (U.S. civil) war after the war of the rebellion (the Civil War of the 1860's between the North and the South) will commence in a little town now called Chicago but at that time it would have grown to be a very large city and the cause of the next great trouble will be the depreciation of the currency of the United States". - A. Milton Musser papers, LDS Church Archives, letter from Nephi Packard to A. Milton Musser, July 24, 1896.)

On October 19. 2010 US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said yesterday that the United States would not devalue its dollar to boost export growth. "It is not going to happen in this country," Geithner told Silicon Valley business leaders at a meeting in Palo Alto. The country needs to work hard to preserve confidence in the strong dollar, according to the Treasury Secretary. "It is very important for people to understand that the United States of America and no country around the world can devalue its way to prosperity, to be competitive," he added. "It is not a viable, feasible strategy and we will not engage in it."

Ben Bernake of the FED announced QE2 or Quantitative Easing which is a devaluation of the dollar by printing money (buying bonds) instead of borrowing (selling bonds). China has downgraded US credit and is no longer purchasing US T-Bills. TARP stimulus that the banks used to buy up T-Bill up to this point has run out. President Obama is visiting India and Indonesia looking for countries that will buy our T-Bills in exchange for military protection.

In response to the devaluation of US Currency, China may have fired a ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine just 35-miles off the coast of LA to discredit US military supremacy. What kind of protection can the US military provide if Chinese nuclear subs can sit just 35 miles off one of our major cities and fire off ICBM's?

Rome was destroyed by the insurrection of Foederati led by Odoacer. The Foederati were alien German Barbarians that were non-Roman citizens permitted to settle within the Roman Empire if they served in the military. I wonder if illegal immigrants would be used as the Foederati were in Rome. Recently we have been seeing the Congress attempting to pass the "Dream Act" which would grant amnesty to illegals who serve in the military. If the US goes to war with Iran and WW3 results involving Russia and China, I cannot imagine things going well for us. Therefore, I imagine the military will likely take anyone they can get. The question remains, what is it that will cause the "remnants" to "become exceedingly angry?" In light of this, I am in favor of doing whatever doesn't anger the "remnant of the seed of Jacob" who live among us.

D&C 87:5 And it shall come to pass also that the remnants who are left of the land will marshal themselves, and shall become exceedingly angry, and shall vex the Gentiles with a sore vexation.

3Ne20:15-16 And I say unto you, that if the Gentiles do not repent after the blessing which they shall receive, after they have scattered my people—Then shall ye, who are a remnant of the house of Jacob, go forth among them; and ye shall be in the midst of them who shall be many; and ye shall be among them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, and as a young blion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he goeth through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.

3Ne21:12 And my people who are a remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles, yea, in the midst of them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he go through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Jeckyll Island and Magna Carta

1. The International Banksters are meeting this week at Jekyll Island in Georgia to commemorate 100 years since the first meetings there in 1910 where the plans for the Federal Reserve were drawn up. Despite all the 2012 Mayan Calendar hype, the only other thing that is rumored to end on Dec 21, 2012 is the Federal Reserve Act or New York FED Bank Charter. (This may be false as I cannot verify). Knowing the unpopularity of the FED, I wonder just what the global elite are scheming to replace it with. So far it seems this group has done a fine job bankrupting the world and trashing the dollar. With China making deals with Iran, Iraq, and Russia to buy oil in Yuan and not sticking with the British-Saudi Petro-Dollar System, the dollar as the world reserve currency is swirling the drain.

2. I have been thinking some about Prince John. You know, evil Prince John, the cowardly brother of the Great Richard the Lionhearted, who is depicted by Hollywood and Disney as the bad guy. LDS Scripture tells us that when Christ returns to the Earth, Jesus Christ will reveal to us the history of the Earth from start to finish. Thinking on this, I came to realize that the only reason that this would be necessary is because everything we think we know must be false. And that is where Prince John comes in.

Could it be that King John was a good guy. I mean, despite what we are brainwashed to believe via the Robin Hood myth, King John did sign the Magna Carta. What was the Magna Carta? The Magna Carta was just about one of the most important documents ever to come out of the middle ages which recognized and protected the rights of the common man against the power of the crown.

Monarchy is based on the idea that all rights are given by God to the King and that the subjects of the King are given only those privileges that the King determines to give them. The King as the ultimate authority has the absolute power to grant life, liberty, and property and take it away for any reason or no reason.

Constitutional government is based on the total opposite basis. According to the Constitution, all rights are unalienable and given by God to man. Government instead is granted privileges expressly enumerated by law in the Constitution. And those privileges can be taken back by the people at any time.

The Magna Carta signed by King John was one of the earliest documents since Christ to recognize and protect the independence of the church, the rights of the common man and common law. Passed in 1215, the most important part of the Magna Carta states that "no "freeman"could be punished except through the law of the land."

Clause 1 (Religious Freedom): FIRST, We have granted to God, and by this our present Charter have confirmed, for Us and our Heirs for ever, that the Church of England shall be free, and shall have all her whole Rights and Liberties inviolable. We have granted also, and given to all the Freemen of our Realm, for Us and our Heirs for ever, these Liberties under-written, to have and to hold to them and their Heirs, of Us and our Heirs for ever.

Clauses 12 and 14 (Taxation with Representation) state that taxes can only be levied and assessed by the common counsel of the realm

Clause 29 (Due Process). NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.

The history books tell us that the Barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carta. But after seeing the latest Hollywood Robin Hood movie, and several not-so-subtle references to the masons/illuminati, I wonder who forced who to do the signing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Was WW1 All About?

Everyone generally agrees that WW1 was one of the stupidest and pointless wars of all time. If you are like me, all you know about it is that some German or Austrian prince got assassinated and all of Europe went berserk over it. But I am not sure many people know much more than that. I honestly feel sorry for Woodrow Wilson. He has to go down in history as one of the worst US presidents ever. Not only did he sign the Federal Reserve Act, he also got us into WW1.

Back in the early 1900's, much of Europe was controlled by several monarchy's. The French Monarchy was overthrown by the French Revolution and the "Reign of Terror." This revolution is well known to be sponsored by the illuminati. But following the French Revolution, many other monarchy's remained. The Hapsburg Empire (Austian-Hugarian), German, Russian, and Ottoman Empires still remained. But in 1914, a group a young anarchist Slavs, called "The Black Hand" with the motto "Unity or Death", assassinated Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria in Sarajevo, Serbia. This assassination is credited as sparking WW1 after Austria invaded Serbia a month later.

What followed was a battle of Great Britain, France, and Russia against Turkey, Germany, and Austria. After years of trench warfare in France, the Allies were on the ropes After a few attacks by German U-boats on American civilian ships the Allies were finally successful in duping the US into getting involved in the war. When the US begun, they had no war infrastructure. The US had no military industrial complex. After declaring war, it took the US an entire year to train troops, and build tanks, planes and battleships.

Finally after the treaty of Versailles, the Russian Empire had fallen by the Russian Revolution and dropped out of WW1. The German, Austrian, and Ottoman Monarchy's ended in defeat and the European leaders divided up the Middle East and Eastern Europe and the mineral rights among themselves. In the end only the British Monarchy remained.

And that right there should tell you what WW1 was all about. 1. Destroy rival European monarchy's 2. Build up US Military Industrial Complex. 3. Divide up mineral rights in Middle East and Eastern Europe. 4. Communist Revolution in Russia. WW2 was just a continuation of what WW1 started.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Banking and Monetary Reforms

In 1913, the US Government gave up its enumerated power granted in the Constitution "To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof" (article 1 sec 8). 1913 was the year that the Federal Reserve Act was passed the day before Christmas Eve. Since that time, money policy has been controlled by a small group of private individuals. These private individuals who control monetary policy in the US and other G20-member states are who Washington Bureaucrats refer to as the "Special Interests". Historians refer to the FED as the "Monster from Jekyll Island" which refers to the Ultra-Elitist Club where the plans for the FED were drawn up.

The US Congress was promised that by giving up their Constitutionally enumerated privilege, to create money and regulate monetary policy that the FED would prevent inflation. However, since the creation of the FED, the US dollar has lost over 95% of its purchasing power. The FED also promised to create more stability in the markets as opposed to the intrinsically unstable business cycle to that point in time. In reality, since the creation of the FED, the markets have experienced the highest bull markets (roaring 20's, dot.com 90's) followed by the deepest depressions (great depression 30's, S&L busting 80's, bubble bursting 00's).

In fact, Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate Economist, always insisted that the FED caused the Great Depression by contracting the money supply. FDR had always blamed Herbert Hoover for causing the Depression thanks to the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act of 1930. Ben Bernake, who was working for the FED at the time, was speaking at Milton Friedman's 90th birthday and confessed that Milt had been correct all along and the FED caused the Great Depression by contracting the money supply. "We did it," Bernake said, "and we're sorry, but thanks you we will never do it again".

Friedman would just live long enough to witness Bernanke and the FED break their promise as the FED stopped releasing M3 data in 2006 (a very important measure of the money supply), and then turned a blind eye to Goldman Sachs who was fraudulently selling banks worthless mortgage-backed securities, and then in 2007, instituted the Basil 2 Accords which tightened fractional reserve requirements for banks. The Basil 2 Accords, issued from the Bank of International Settlement in Basil Switzerland, had the same effect on the US that the Basil 1 Accords had on Japan resulting in Japan's "Lost Decade."

The tightening of fractional reserve requirements resulted in a contraction of the money supply, which resulted in reduced lending, which resulted in the bursting of the housing bubble, which caused the Collateralized Debt Obligation/Mortgage-Backed Securities/Toxic Assets to become worthless, which caused the banks to lose all their fractional reserves and no longer be able to lend money, which resulted in banks to fail, which led to the trillion dollar bailout of only the big banks who were "too big to fail."

A few patriots out there are calling to "End The FED." However, you could get rid of the FED today, and nothing would change. Nothing would change in our economy because it's not really the FED that is so damaging by itself. What is damaging are the financial and monetary systems and instruments that the FED has instituted over the last decade. Those instruments such as Fractional Reserve Lending, Fiat Currency, the HUD/FHA Amortized Mortgage, and Derivative Markets, will remain in place and still control our economy.

So, now the issue remains, what have the Ultra-Elites planned to replace the FED with? Many people have forgotten that the Ultra-Elites where playing the same games in the 1930's as today. Today the media warns us about the Mayan Calendar ending winter solstice Dec 21st 2012 and great calamities that may occur. In the 1930's the media was claiming that the Egyptian Pyramids were warning of a Great Financial Depression. The Great Depression did happen, but as Bernake confessed to Milton Friedman, it wasn't because the Ancient Egyptians said so. The entire thing was engineered. My wife's Uncle is one of the top authorities on Mayan Art History and is the author of the most highly regarded translation of the "Popol Vuh". He says all this 2012/Mayan Calendar talk is nonsense. Just like 1930, something may happen in the next 2 years, but I assure you its not because the Maya knew anything about it, it is because whatever happens was designed and engineered to happen.

So far, the Ultra-Elites have been trying to pass the Carbon Credit Tax. This Robin Hood taxn would be world tax that would go to the UN. The next attempt to get into our wallet was the Financial Reform Act which included at VAT or Ad Valorum Tax which again is a world tax, that would impose a tax on every transaction that occurs supposedly for the purposes of putting trillions of dollars aside for the next bank failure that these people who are proposing have admitted to causing and will cause in the future.

This is the MO or modus operandi of the Global Elite. In their attempt to create a "One World Government", "New World Order", and rebuild the Tower of Babel, they employ agent provocateurs to come in and create disorder, discord, and chaos so that they can come in and act like the saviors in instituting the solution and solving the problem. It just so happens that the Elite are so smart that they knew someone was going to try to sneak onto an airplane with explosive underwear, that is why they had already purchased thousands of naked body scanners to be placed in airports across the US.

When the Police want to break up a peaceful demonstration, a few of them dress up as anarchists, break a few windows and torch a few cars, giving the rest of the police an excuse to forcibly break up the demonstration, fire tear gas, try out their new sound and microwave cannons, and other cool riot control gear. The LDS Church experienced this sort of thing in Missouri. Agent Provocateurs joined the LDS Church, formed a secret inner circle called the "Danites" and went out provoking the Missouri neighborhood to anger against the Mormons until Governor Lilburn Boggs signed an Extermination Order making it legal to kill any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints within the State of Missouri.

And I won't be surprised if more mayhem is coming up. If the Globalists want to replace the FED with something else, and so far we have rejected their Carbon Tax and VAT, I am sure they are going to "up the anti." It is the Globalist MO to cause or at least take advantage of situations that cause fear and chaos. They then come in like a false Savior or the Antichrist promising safety in exchange for our liberty. Benjamin Franklin warned "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety". This was how George W Bush got the Congress to pass the Patriot Act which allows the Federal Government to spy on the American People without a warrant.

To understand the following you need to understand how Fractional-Reserve Banking works. When the US Government want money created they issue US Bonds to the FED. Lets start with say $10,000 When the FED receives a fancy signed piece of paper from the US Treasury, then it turns that $10,000 bond into $10,000 in Federal Reserve Currency. The FED then lends that $10,000 to a FED-member bank at Prime Interest (currently 0%). That Mega-Bank can then lend $200,000 based on that $10,000. That means that the bank created the majority of the money in the money supply and not the US Treasury nor the FED. The mega-bank created 95% of the money out of thin air. You also must know that the money for your house mortgage did not come from your local bank, but came from one of the FED-member, mega-banks like Wells Fargo, Countrywide, FannieMae, and Bank of America. Your local bank just services the loan.

The expiration of the Federal Reserve Act provides a wonderful opportunity. In addition to getting rid of the FED, we must also get rid of the many financial and monetary systems and instruments the FED has instituted.
1. Fractional-Reserve Banking: Full-Reserve Banking would remove the inherent instability and volatility in banking system that drives the business cycle. Banks would borrow 100% of the money they lent and would not risk failure when they lose their small fractional reserves as they have done throughout US history.
2. US Treasury Reform: Allow the US Treasury to create all the money in the money supply and not just a fraction of it as it does now. This would allow the US government to collect fees on all of the money created an not just a small fraction of it. Currently the FED makes the US Government about 50 Bil/year. If that amount represents only 5% of the money supply, then 100% money creation could bring in close to 1 Trillion/year. That kind of money would replace the need for federal income tax.
3. Banking Reform: allow local and state banks to borrow directly from the US Treasury cutting out the Mega-Bank middle men who add not value to the system but soak up all the profits.
4. Lending Reform: institute no-interest loans where home buyers to go to their local bank with 1o% down and a fee to cover administration costs. If approved, the bank and borrower would become joint owners of a property. The borrower would begin repaying the bank in monthly installments including an administration fee. However, unlike the FHA/HUD loan, the borrower would immediately begin to build equity until the loan was paid in full. If the borrower experienced an emergency and missed a payment, that payment would be deducted from his equity and turn into profit for the bank. In this way, the loan turn into a reverse mortgage at any time. Getting rid of the Amortized loan would get rid of a major diver of inflation in our economy as most people don't build equity on their home unless the price of their home increases and they can turn around and sell their home for more then they paid for it.
5. Monetary Reform: replace US Currency on the gold and silver standard. To cover the needs of the US money supply, a basket of commodities could be used. Or on the other hand, coining money could just mean that the Federal government would assure the purity of gold and silver and stamp that gold and silver as "legal tender" which has been certified.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Patriots, Militia and Radical Right Extremism

Recent reports by Homeland Security, US Attorney General Janet Napolitano and a Missouri MIAC Report consider Christian White Militia groups and veterans to the be the number 1 domestic security threat. On that note, I just finished reading the book "Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse" by James Wesley Rawles. I think it was a very interesting book that details the philosophy of the Militant Survivalist/Constitutionalist.

If you are like me, and awake to how this world really works, then you may understand where this book is coming from. For the rest, the survivalist world view can seem way over the top. I think this book is very important in the way it defines the right-wing survivalist extreme. I am all about balance, and Aristotle's "Golden Mean". Therefore, the value of this book lies in its extremism. Therefore, while some of the issues of this book are important to consider, I think searching for a more moderate worldview is best.

While this book is very extreme. I must confess, if I was not raised LDS, I am not sure I could see another alternative worldview than the false dichotomy that this book presents. In fact, the book does briefly mention a more moderate LDS response to economic and social collapse. But the author discounts it.

1. "Patriots" begins with a very correct assumption that the instability of our "just-in-time", over-leveraged, outsourced, hopelessly indebted, fractional reserve economy is enough all by itself to come crashing down resulting in a complete "mad max" collapse. The US could not withstand a Great Depression today like it did in the 1930's. While the media spooks us with threats of nuclear war, terrorism, pandemics, etc, etc, etc. Our economic condition alone is enough of a threat all by itself.

2. The author's answer to economic collapse, is to buy land somewhere rural, stockpile ammo and food, and build yourself your own compound/bunker/shelter. However, the problem with this "the Colony" or "Jericho" approach is that these compounds become immediate targets for roving bands of escaped convict "brigands" who form "wolf packs" and go from town to town burring and pillaging as they go. Only the most hardcore militia compounds survived these threats.

3. Lastly, these militia groups oppose an UN, international, globalist government that is imposed on The Divided States of America. The Constitution is tossed aside and martial law is imposed on the American people. While Martial Law is a favorite conspiracy subject, I don't think the book is at all realistic about the chances of success a never-ending gorilla war would be. The assumption made in the book is that such a war would be successful because: because God is on the side of the militia, and it worked for Afghanistan. I am not sure how conspiracy theorists could forget that the Russia-Afganastan thing was all WWE stage play.

4. Surprisingly, "Patriots" taks a lot about the people of the LDS faith. The author comments that the collapse did not affect LDS communities as severely as non-LDS communities. This was because LDS have a culture of keeping a year supply of food, are pro-guns, plant gardens, bottle fruit, and sew clothing. That said, the author criticizes the LDS in the book for making a deal with the interim government in exchange for local jurisdiction. The author whose theoretical compound was in Idaho, wished all those Mormons would pick up weapons and join the militia group instead of following their church leadership.

What the author doesn't know, is that the LDS have an alternate way to deal with this scenario. The answer to such a doomsday scenario is found in ancient scripture called The Book of Mormon. The prophet Mormon who lived close to 1500 years ago says he saw our day and knows our doing. Accordingly, Mormon made it very clear in the Book of Mormon just how to deal with roving bands of robbers. The answer according to Mormon was put into play in the Book of Mormon on several occasions. The strategy involves gathering together in the center of the land. King Lachoneus did it, and so did Mormon himself in an attempt to make a last stand against his enemies.

Because robbers must plunder to subsist. If the righteous gather together in the center of the land and take their food with them, the robbers starve. This strategy is known as the Zion strategy. In such a scenario, people will have a choice to choose to be at constant war or find safety in Zion. According to the LDS faith, Zion in North America is known as the New Jerusalem and will be established in Jackson County, Independence, MO. This is the "Center Place". Accordingly, LDS leadership have instructed LDS membership that stockpiling weapons and ammo is not necessary.

In the end you have to always ask yourself who the author is? Rawles was in Army Intelligence and runs a popular survivalist/extremist website. So, the question is: 1. Does he know something from his days in Army Intelligence, or 2. Is he still working for Army Intelligence and this book is a PsyOp. For me, I think the answer to the question rests with three facts 1. The Golbalist are playing Chess and they control both sides fighting to create chaos. 2. The author is putting out an extremist/radical worldview and discounts a more moderate view without exploring it. 3. The author signs his work by including a very random and occult reference to the "Ouroboros".

Dream Act or Nightmare?

As part of the upcoming military appropriations act, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack H Obama will attatch a piece of legislation they refer to the Dream Act. This bill would grant high school age illegal aliens residency if they go to college or enter the military for 2 years. Knowing that most young illegals lack the money to pay for college, most illegals will likely join the military. After a 6-year commitment, these illegals will be eligable for US citizenship, as well as the benefit of the GI Bill which would pay for college.

According to the 2009 version of the senate bill, DREAM Act beneficiaries must:

* Have proof of having arrived in the United States before age 16.
* Have proof of residence in the United States for a least five consecutive years since their date of arrival, compliance with Selective Service.
* Be between the ages of 12 and 35 at the time of bill enactment.
* Have graduated from an American high school or obtained a GED.
* Be of "good moral character"

According to the 2009 version of the bill, if the immigrant met all of the conditions at the end of the 6-year conditional period, they would be granted permanent residency, which would eventually allow them to become U.S. citizens. An estimated 65,000 illegal immigrant students graduate each year from High School.

Look, I speak Spanish, and I love Hispanic culture, and food. However, there is a real problem with this bill. For those of us who don't know history, the Dream Act is the exact kind of thing that the Roman Empire did before its fall. Rome needed massive hordes of manpower to run its military machine. Rome had an extensive wellfare program and was bankrupt because of a huge trade deficit with China (sound familiar?). Rome was forced to continue it's conquest, because conquest meant more tribute and more slaves.

However, to supply their military with men, Rome what is know as the Marian Reforms. The Marian Reforms instituted by Gaius Marius were laws that waived the property requirement for men wishing to serve in the legions. Those recruited under these laws would receive their equipment from the State, and serve a sixteen-year term of service (which was later raised to twenty). After that, they would be granted land upon which to settle. In addition, allies (foederati) who volunteered were granted Roman citizenship after the end of their service.

The German Barbarian Foederati Hordes were then lead by conspirator Odoacer in a major insurection to overthrow Romulus Augustus and fracture and finally destroy the Roman Empire. The Foederati Insurrection was the final death nail to the Roman Empire.

The problem with the Dream Act is not granting amneisty or edecational opportunites and benifits to illegal aliens. The problem with the bill is allowing non-US-American's to serve in the US Armed Forces. This kind of thing is extraordinarily bad, because those "Federal" troops are more likely to be loyal to the government and not to the US people themselves.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Protectionism vs. Free Trade

Dear Wayne,

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate anyone willing to talk about these issues or anyone who has the ability to have an educated, well reasoned opinion on the subject? That said, I will try to overlook the indirect "Marxist drone" reference. I don't think that I would equate protectionism with Marxism. Also, I know economics is your turf but I am willing to accept that I am likely as equally brainwashed with regard to medicine (mercury and squalene in vaccines for instance).

You seem to be a rather big Mark Levin fan/disciple. Levin seems to be playing the Reagan conservative, constitutionalist, Neocon "free market" tune. Again, I confess that I consider myself a tradition Lincoln and McKinley Republican. And I have been strongly influenced by Berry C Lynn and Milton Friedman. I don't think their economic philosophies can be fairly described as Marxist.

#1. I think there is good evidence that Reagan was not such a Saint or at least a puppet. He was an avid member of Bohemian Grove. And anyone who was a part of his administration or holds him up as the ideal is very suspect or misled.
#2. Constitutionalism, I think we both agree on this. It's easy to throw this term around to attract supporters. This point by itself isn't enough to be trusted or right.
#3. Free Trade, this is a very interesting term. Despite what Rush and Hannity may want us believe, Free Trade is not a traditional Republican or Conservative value. Lincoln and McKinley were avid protectionist against the East India Trading Company (Walmart) and their cheaper slave produced goods from India. In fact this was one of the major issues for which the Civil War was fought. The South eventually was forced to industrialize when they realized the machine beat the man and they resented paying a higher price for for goods produced in the North. Buying cheaper goods shipped from British Colonies in their minds would serve to preserve their wealth, lifestyle, and power.

I find it interesting how the current free trade mantra became a Conservative value. FDR and many economist blamed the Great Depression on Woodrow Wilson and the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act of 1930. Elder Reed Smoot was an LDS Apostle and great Utah Senator that represented and defended the LDS Church in Congress.

The truth is that Milton Friedman always disagreed that Tariffs caused the Depression. Friedman always reasoned that the FED caused the Depression by contracting the money supply.

In fact Ben Bernanke spoke at Milton Friedmans 90th Birthday and said about the FED causing the Depression (read it on Wiki for Ben Bernanke) "Milt Anna, you were right, we did it, and we are sorry. But thanks to you we won't do it again".

However, Frieman would just live long enough to see Bernanke break his promise. In 2006, the FED stopped releasing M3 data on the money supply which immediately ballooned to enormous levels as banks over-leveraged themselves in the fraudulent Goldman Sachs derivatives/CDO/MBS market.

Then in 2007, the FED instituted the Bank of International Settlement/ Basil 2 accords which had the exact same effect on the American economy that the Basil 1 Accords had on Japan causing the "Lost Decade". Basil 2 like Basil 1 tightened the fractional reserve requirements of Banks, and this was exactly enough to sharply contract M3, burst the housing balloon, make all the mortgage derivatives worthless, and bankrupting a heck of a lot of banks. And that let the Federal Government pick winners and losers, bailing out the big boys who were "too big to fail."

And i believe most at the top knew perfectly well what would happen for several reasons. #1 "The Protocols" describe how contraction of the money supply can create a depression in a fractional reserve system. It also says that this system makes "wealth slippery." Interesting that the Book of Mormon also talks about wealth becoming slippery. #2. Ben Bernanke's confession #3. The Goldman Sach's emails revealing the CDO fraud #4. Experience with Basil 1 and Japan and the effect of Basil 2 and the US #4 the FED deciding to not report m3 data just prior to everything. #5 the inherent instability of Fractional Reserve Banking.

According to Barry Lynn, a true Free Market allows the producer and the consumer to get together and negotiate a price without external or intermediary manipulation. The Law must protect a producers equal access to the consumer as well as equal access to raw materials (equal opportunity not equal results). Both of these are ways big companies manipulate to squash their competition.

Free Trade today or "just let the markets work" seems more about letting Big Business operate unregulated. The truth is we need smaller business and smaller government. And we can use the existing bankruptcy and anti-trust laws to do it. If we just let corrupt companies fail and restructure without bailouts, companies would fix themselves. I am not talking about more restrictions or more government or Marxism.

David B

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Livable Communities Act = Mill Housing

I thought Senator Joseph Lieberman's Expatriation Bill was was about as bad of a bill as any legislator could think to propose. This bill allowed the government to arbitrarily label anyone a terrorist, strip them of their citizenship, imprison them indefinitely, and then deny them of due process and habeas corpus. Well, Senator Christopher Dodd is pushing a bill that comes a close second to the Expatriation Bill.

The Livable Communities Act, sponsored by Senator Christopher Dodd, has been approved by the Senate Banking Committee and now is heading to the Senate floor. This bill which forces the connection of housing to jobs is like bringing back the idea of mill housing. We still have the ruins of many textile mills here in Augusta GA. The old Augusta area textile mills wouldnt even pay you in money but in mill credits. Back in the day, people worked in the mills, lived in mill housing, went to the mill school, and shopped at the mill store. You never quite made enough to pay for everything so you were eternally indebted and enslaved to the company.

According to several reports on this legislation, the mission of the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities is to create strong, sustainable communities by connecting housing to jobs, fostering local innovation, and helping to build a clean energy economy. In order to better connect housing to jobs, the office will work to coordinate federal housing and transportation investments with local land use decisions in order to reduce transportation costs for families, improve housing affordability, save energy, and increase access to housing and employment opportunities. By ensuring that housing is located near job centers and affordable, accessible transportation, we will nurture healthier, more inclusive communities – which provide opportunities for people of all ages, incomes, races, and ethnicities to live, work, and learn together.

"The Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities would end up overseeing development in every community," he said. "They say it's voluntary, but it really isn't. The $4 billion in grants will be used by radical green groups, who helped write it, to force your city council to comply. If your city says no to the pressure to take the grant money, the radical greens will tell your citizens that their city officials are losing them millions of dollars that is owed to the community. Then, when the council caves into the pressure and takes the money, it will force compliance. That is not voluntary, it is blackmail."

Homeowners would end up paying exorbitant costs and losing control over their own homes, according to DeWeese. " To get the money, a community must meet environmental standards," he said. "That requires houses to be equipped with new roofs, new windows, and efficient appliances. They did this last year in Oakland. It costs an estimated $35,000 to make a house comply with the environmental regulations. They say homeowners cant sell their houses if they dont meet these standards."

Other bad ideas:
Value Added (Ad Valorum) Tax = tax on all purchases and transactions = total control
Cap and Trade Bill = tax all industry based on CO2 production and level of "greeness." Greeness is totally arbitrary = total control
Health Care Bill = base doctor reimbursement on "quality measures." If you refuse to give this vaccine or abortion pill, we will reduce you quality factor. = total control
Expatriation Bill = if we label you a terrorist, we can strip your citizenship, detain you indefinately, and deny you habeas corpus, and due process. = total control
Livable Communities = your company owns your house, no property rights, you get paid in mill credit, shop at the mill store, your kids go to the mill school, and you never quite get paid enough to cover expenses. = total control.
Mandatory Military Service = Switzerland and Great Britain require several years of military service. This is a form of slavery. = total control. ( I do like the Swiss attitude about arming and training their population. I think state national guards could do this on a local level to organize standing local militias).
City Police over County Sheriff = County Sheriff is elected while city police chief is appointed. Therefore, the Sheriffs have always maintained a loyalty to the people while city police train with national police such as US Marshals, ATF, FBI and even US Military and can be influenced to put protection of state over protection of the people.