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Terrorism Threat and Triple Conjunction: August 13, 2010

Red Alert. Terrorism treat level to critical. On August 13, 2010 this next month will be a rare astrological event. There will be a conjunction of Venus, Mars, Saturn, and a thin crescent moon just after sunset. This caught my attention after reading a history book on the Crusades and the author making a big deal about a sign in the heavens of a crescent moon and several planets aligning marking the date that the Turks/Vatican finally destroyed Constantinople.

Because our Illuminati enemies are into astrology, I have been looking for a date where there would be a similar conjunction of a crescent moon and several planets. It turns out that that this triple conjunction on August 13th is the last for several years according to the website I was looking at. Like Constantinople, could there be a similar heavenly/astrological sign to mark the downfall of America?

I have read before that the smiley face that Walmart uses and is associated with the "don't worry, be happy" slogan actually represents an astrological conjunction of a crescent moon and several planets. Since there is a lot of Illuminati "hidden in plain sight" and "predictive programming" in Hollywood movies, I have been watching intently for clues as to when the Illuminati will stage a nuclear false flag attack on America and blame Iran and domestic militias.

The movie "Watchman" uses a modified Walmart smiley-face button as a mysterious sign that is never really explained. The smiley face could refer to a triple conjunction of mars (red arrow) and venus together with Saturn and a cresent moon. This exact triple conjuction together with a crescent moon will occur on August 13th, 2010. In the movie, a plan to avoid nuclear war with Russia is devised by detonating nuclear bombs in US cities and blaming the destruction on the superhero Dr. Manhattan (false flag). This is the same kind of event foreshadowed in the TV Series Jericho and the Internet Hoax Operation Blackjack.

There is tons of Illuminati symbolism throughout the movie Watchmen especially regarding the villian character Ozymandias. Ozymandias is another name for the Pharaoh Ramses who is believed to have been the antagonist to Moses. This kind of character (Joker) is depicted in many movies and serves as a way to manipulate the actions of the hero (Batman). But always remember the Illuminati are playing good cop bad cop, so both the white and black pieces in this chess game belong to them.

The 5th Dimension sing the song "Age of Aquarias" which is also featured in the Broadway play "Hair" about the moon being in the 7th house and Jupiter aligning with Mars. So, there may be something coming up with this triple conjunction and the crescent moon. While the Department of Homeland Security has their own terrorist warning system, my personal Illuminati terrorist warning system goes to critical red alert on August 13, 2010.

Again, remember certain facts:
1. President Obama warned us this March that Iran, Al Qeada , and domestic terrorist groups detonating nuclear bombs in US cities is our number one security concern. If President Obama says we need to look out for this scenario, then I believe him.
2. The military and FEMA have been conducting numerous drills preparing for nuclear detonations in US cities such as NLE2o10, Operations Ardent Sentry, Golden Dawn, and Golden Phoenix.
3. Bildeburg conference on June 3rd 2010 gave the green light to attack Iran because they are selling oil to China in Yuan who is no longer buying US TBills and which will bankrupt the US and Europe together thanks to the petro-dollar system. However, the US people would never approve of a pre-emptive attack on Iran, which would trigger Albert Pike's WW3, unless we were made to believe that they attacked us first.
4. President Bush signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America years ago which set up the framework for a North American Union. The SPP has had annual summits where leaders receive instructions preparing for 2o1o which is supposed to be the great year of implementation.
5. On June 21, 2010 the American Al-Qaeda/CIA operative Adam Gadahn that Al-Qaeda was going to hit America hard and "even the score."
6. Alex Jon es (Order of Malta), psychics, psychic computers like Webbot, TimeWaveZero, and even Fidel Castro have been predicting nuclear doom for several months. These sources have already given several false prediction dates for this event like June 11, June 21, July 11. According to the movie "The Day After" I thought Saturday Oct 16 was the day. I don't know the numerological significance of the day (other than 13), but it is the day of the triple conjunction possibly depicted in the Walmart logo and in the movie "the Watchman" and possibly the Cheshire Cat smile in "Alice in Wonderland".

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David B said...

This is the link to a discussion on which addresses this date and the Astrological significance of a triple or quadruple conjunction of Mars, Venus, Saturn, and a Crescent Moon on Friday August 13, 2010.

Similar conjunctions are claimed to have been present to mark the Birth of Jesus Christ and the Fall of Constantinople. (moon and crescent symbol).

I do not believe in Astrology but many of our Globalist leaders do and there may be some associated significance to this upcoming event.

strange that Google has backdated the ATS abovetopsecret thread and posts saying that the most resent post was 6 days ago when myself and several authors have been posting daily. Maybe a sign of internet censorship. How un-American.

Because it may be difficult to get humans to violate rights like this, it is more possible that computers programs do it according to certain algorithms.