Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Banking: Go Global or Go Local

With Ron Paul's call to "End the FED." There is heated debate about whether our banking system should go global in support of the Bank of International Settlement "Special Drawing Rights" or "Go Local" with "State Banking Initiatives." I am of the opinion that this "go global", "go local" scenario is a false dichotomy. There is another choice. Instead, I say let's follow the Constitution and let the national government do what the national government should do and the local government do what the local government should do. According to the Constitution, the US Treasury should create or "coin" all the money and local banks should be empowered to have direct access to US Treasury money to administer loans to credit-worthy individuals and groups in their community. In this way, it is not an "all global" or "all local" solution. Part of the economy needs to go national, and the other part needs to go local.

Let a portion of the money supply (m0, m1, m2) representing circulating money be backed by gold and silver. The US government may need to nationalize gold mines in some way because the global elites have a deBeer's-like monopoly on gold and have been withdrawing it from the market to keep prices artificially high, and to create artificial scarcity. In exchange the US could give back all federal lands and other mineral rights to the States.

The US TREASURY must create all the money in our economy. This means a conversion from Fractional Reserve Banking to Full Reserve Banking. We can't allow banks to create 90% of the money supply out of thin air.

Let m3 be money created by the US treasury that is used by local and state banks to issue no-interest, fee-based loans for non-depreciating assets like land, and real-estate. A person is able then to get a loan, pay a fee (loan origination, monthly service) which generates revenue for the bank and the federal government as a "voluntary tax" but the borrower builds equity from day 1. IF the borrower fails to make a payment, that payment is deducted from his equity in the asset. Thus the loan becomes a reverse mortgage at any time.

Banks would be FULL RESERVE as deposited money would not be used to make new loans. All new loan money would come from the US Treasury. This would control inflation. When new money needs to be created, new loans are made as needed to meet the demands of innovation. When the people have a lot of savings, they don't need loans, and money supply is stable. Amortized loans no longer drive inflation either. The new money created for m3 is not backed by gold but by the non-depreciating asset that this money is being used to purchase.

No m3 no-interest loans would ever be made to purchase stock, derivatives, or other speculative financial instruments. Money is never used (leveraged) to make more money. When new money is needed, the US Treasury creates the money 100%. This money being used to make money is what creates the inequality in our current system.

This system would protect these Safety Society Banks from the business cycle, inflation, and from runs on the bank. There may be other banking and financial institutions that due other risky things (venture capital), but our Safety Societies which form the foundation of national and local economies are shielded from the storms of financial risk as much as possible. So far, this nation has been plagued by one banking failure and panic over another and we all have been brought up to falsely believe that this is some-how normal. This doesn't have to be. WE CAN PROTECT OUR BANKS.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Year of Disclosure: Conspiracy and Corruption

Here are a few examples of corruption with detailed and documented proof. Please read about this article about the Afghan tradition of pedophilia called Bacha Bazi and the Kite Runner. This book and movie made the Taliban to be the poppy growers and the pedophiles when it is DynCorp all along buying drugs and boys for Afghan police and not the Taliban. The Afghan author had to be bought off to write such a piece of lying propaganda.


There is an article that kind of encapsulates much of what I was talking about. This article has it all (mafia, catholic church, money laundering, assassinations, international banking fraud, pedophilia, nazis ). John in Revelations told us that in the Last Days the BEAST (corrupt false world government) would become angry and turn against and begin devouring the flesh of the HARLOT riding on its back (corrupt false world religion).


Here are some articles from my blog which proves the Ben Bernanke had full knowledge of how the fraudulent derivatives market (proven Goldman Sachs fraud) and the Basil 2 Accords would work together to bankrupt the world. In exchange for a bailout, countries are force to give up control over public utilities like water, electric, gas and transportation infrastructure. Greece was forced to give up 100's of Greek islands to the bankers. Now, there is something you can give to the person that has everything.Here is a simple post about the proof of conspiracy. There are documents like "Protocols of Zion" and "Report from Iron Mountain" which describe a plot to from a New World Order. While these were considered hoaxes at the time they appeared, they seem to describe everything that is going on in the world. Add to that secret meetings by global elite at places like Bildeberg, Bohemian Grove, Sun Valley, Davos, and Council on Foreign Relations, where global policy is developed and you realize these people are just following the play book.Here are some of my thoughts on the Patriots and Radical Right Extremist push for everyone to prepare for the destruction of society by building up their own 2012 shelter or compound.I don't trust this book, and others like it "One Second After." I think this book is sponsored by the Globalists. This is called Operation Trojan Horse. You start buying all this survival stuff in these books and your compound just might be the first thing that gets targeted.Adan Al Shukrijumah is a AlQaeda/CIA-da operative who is a nuclear engineering student at McMaster University in Canada. Al Shukrijumah who with several other al-Qaeda co-conspirators were trained in nuclear engineering at McMaster University in Canada who disappeared along with a large quantity of Cobalt-60. A Cobalt-60 dirty bomb anywhere in the Mississippi-Missouri watershed area could cause big problems for downstream water users.Cobalt-60 has been turning up missing. Al-Qaeda operatives at MacMaster include Adnan el-Shukrijumah, Jaber A. Elbaneh, Abderraouf Jdey, Amer el-Maati and Anas al-Liby (Nazih Abdul-Hamed Nabih al-Ruqai'i).


The Kite Runner Lie

I remember reading The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini published in 2003 and seeing the movie just recently which was a Dreamworks picture. The book is beautifully written about the Afghan culture and life in Kabul before the Russian invasion except for a disgusting episode of homosexual rape and pedophilia. The problem I had with the insertion of the rape and pedophilia is that this was a fictional account. I remember thinking at the time, "how could this writer think to put something like this into a story" I mean, if the book was a true story, that is one thing. But to subject the reader to it just in the name of fiction; I felt was going too far.

Not long after reading the Kite Runner, I learned that when the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 1999 from the Russians, they prohibited the cultivation and sales of poppies and heroin. In fact from 1999-2001, opium producion in Afghanistan dropped over 90%. Since, 9/11 and US invasion, opium production has increased to twice pre-9/11 levels. Pat Tillman, defensive back for the Cardinals was assassinated for sending letters expressing his desire to use his fame to protest the fact that US Troops were being used in Afghanistan to assist in poppy production and cultivation.

Now new WikiLeaks info reveals that Texas-based DynCorp was pimping out young boys and buying drugs for Afghan police. bacha bazi is a pre-Islamic Pashtun, Afghan tradition that was banned by the Taliban. Bacha boys are eight- to 15-years-old. They put on make-up, tie bells to their feet and slip into scanty women's clothing, and then, to the whine of a harmonium and wailing vocals, they dance seductively to smoky roomfuls of leering older men. These young boys are then sold as sex slaves to the highest bidder.

This bach bazi is a significant element of the plot of the Kite Runner. In the story, the main character must go back to Afghanistan to save his nephew from being a "bacha bazi" sex slave. However, according to the book, it was the Taliban who were the pedophiles. However, I knew this was lie when I read it, and the book was propaganda designed to shift public opinion against the Taliban. Now, don't get me wrong, I am no fan of the Taliban or Berkas. But, the sick thing is, is the real pedophiles and drug dealers in Afghanistan are the globalist companies like DynCorp who have been controlling poppy production in Myanmar and Afghanistan for millennia.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Equitable Banking, Economic and Monetary Reform

Dear Congressman Broun,

Most people would like to reform our economy, banking, and monetary system. Many people would like to "End The FED", but even fewer know what to replace the FED with. The following letter briefly details a plan for the implementation of equitable economic and monetary reforms in America. Let us save our country and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.

Recently, with the bankruptcies and bailouts of several European countries, we are seeing the fruits of abandonment of Sovereignty with regard to money creation and the issuance of credit. It is my hope that by principled action we can save the US from suffering the same fate as Europe.

According to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution the Congress of the US is charged with the duty, privilege, and responsibility to "coin" or create the money as well as borrow and lend based on the credit of the United States. So, knowing that "coining" money is part of the duty of Congress, I wonder just how much our Senators and Representatives know about how our economy works. With the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the Congress has abdicated this sacred responsibility to a privately owned central bank. Now, it's time for Congress to take this privilege back.

The money supply is broken up into constituent parts (m0-m3). Circulating money (m0-m2) must be backed by gold and other precious metals. Unfortunately, the same "special interests" that own the banks own the domestic gold production with a DeBeer's-like Monopoly. But, in addition to backing circulating money with gold, a large portion of the money supply (m3) could be backed with land and real-estate. Under the power to coin money, Congress may need to be regulate/nationalize domestic gold production in exchange for giving back to the states Federal Lands and other mineral rights.

Instead of allowing the mega-banks to create 90% of the money supply via Fractional Reserve Lending, why not allow the US Treasury create/coin all the money in the money supply? Why not cut out the super-mega banks and allow non-profit local and banks direct access to US Treasury capital for the purpose of issuing no-interest loans for credit-worthy borrowers, for non-depreciating assets like land and real-estate? Under such an equitable, risk-free system; capital is no longer an artificial scarcity and the unelected, ultra-elite, banking corporatocracy who control huge capital pools no longer wield Machiavellian power over the rest of society.

Therefore, I propose the creation of local non-profit "community safety society" banks. These locally controlled and administered institutions would have direct access to US Treasury capital for the purpose of issuing no-interest loans for non-depreciating assets such as land, and real-estate purchases. These "safety societies" would generate revenue for the Federal Government and to cover overhead costs by charging a loan origination fee, as well as modest monthly loan servicing fees.

Under the "Safety Society" System, any citizens who can demonstrate regular employment and income can qualify for a loan. Groups, co-ops, and corporations can qualify for business loans to purchase and develop land. Communities can pass referendums for a sales tax increase and qualify for larger loans based on the projected tax revenue.

The benefits of this system are that home and business owners will be able to build equity immediately unlike the FHA/HUD amortized loans we have now that collect interest up front. Amortized loans are a major driver of inflation because the only way to earn equity in the first 10 years is for the price of the home to go up. So, you have a 10-year-old home that is now $30,000 more expensive. Consequently, the amortized loan has been a major contributer to the devaluation of the dollar since 1934.

I claim that such an equitable lending system would protect our "safety society" bank from risk by only issuing no-interest loans for non-depreciating assets. In the event that a borrower (citizen, co-op, corporation, community) were unable to make a payment, that missed payment would be deducted from the equity in the property. In this way, the loan would operate as an instant reverse mortgage at any time. Therefore, missed payments actually become extra revenue for the Federal Government Foreclosure would not occur until the borrower had lost all equity in the asset unlike today when a bank has the right to foreclose after 1-2 missed payment resulting in the borrower forfeiting any and all equity in the property.

Currently, the Federal Government only collects revenue (prime interest) on a fraction of the money created because the Federal Government only creates a fraction of the money supply in the system. Under the "Safety Society" system, all new money created would generate revenue. Under our current system, the FED generated less than 50 Billion dollars a year. The "Safety Society" collecting 1% fee on all new money creation could generate trillions via an equitable and voluntary taxation of the people.

An important aspect of the "Safety Society" Banking System is its ability to control inflation but immediately respond for the need for liquidity in the economy. When capital is plentiful, and individuals can pay cash and not borrow, new money will not be needed and not created. On the other hand, when capital is in short supply, money can be created and loaned interest free as needed.

The non-profit "Safety Society" Banking System would be a type of full reserve banking. The Bank would borrow from the US Treasury 100% of what it would lend. Accordingly, customer deposits would not be used to make new loans, but could be kept at the bank in electronic form until withdrawn making "Safety Societies" immune to failure following a "run" on the bank. Full Reserve "Safety Societies" would also be immune to stock market crashes and economic downturns that cause banking assets to lose value, leading to the loss of fractional reserves, which then leads to the inability of banks to make new loans or reimburse depositors.

Under our system, our "Safety Societies" would reduce but not eliminate the need for businesses and communities to raise money via the sale of stocks and bonds. Stock and Bond sales would be unnecessary because no-interest loans could be easily obtained. However, despite the cheapness of capital, the "Safety Society" would never be used to loan money for the purchase of stock, bonds, or other speculative financial instruments. "Safety Society" monies cannot be used to generate other money, but only can be used in exchange for "real" assets with non-depreciating value for at least the life of the loan. Stock sales may be brokered by other institutions and private individuals to raise capital for more speculative endeavors such as for the purposes of research and development and business creation. Government programs will also continue to assist with these capital needs as they do currently.

The goal in our full reserve "Safety Society" banking system is not to use capital to create capital. In our system, the US Treasury under the direction of the Congress creates money, so there is no need for money to create money. The main goal in our system is to maintain the value of the money that has already been created and implement an equatable economic and monetary system where money is backed by real assets, where the money supply can be expanded as needed; eliminating artificial scarcity, and where economic power is returned to individuals and communities, and not consolidated into the hands of an unelected money masters. Under the "Safety Society" Banking System, the people will no longer be economic sharecroppers to a small minority of elite capital controllers and special interests.

David D. Brosnahan MD, MS

Friday, December 03, 2010

Vitamin D, Cholesterol, and Health

If a healthy person has a few minutes of sun exposure each day, we wouldn't need extra Vit D, that is correct. However, this does not take into account all those on Statin Drugs.

Statins block HMG-CoA Reductase which is a liver enzyme which is a key enzyme in the production of the Cholesterol molecule (NOT HDL or LDL). Cholesterol is a key molecule in all cell membranes, especially the brain which is incorporated in the lipid bilayer of cell membranes and the Endoplasmic Reticulum to maintain membrane fluidity. By the way, if you are Cholesterol deficient (egg yoke molecule not LDL or HDL), then your ER gets too stiff, and key enzymes that are incorporated in the ER that are continually inserted, cut out, and replaced, get cleaved in the wrong place and fail to get transported to the lysosome and then the peroxisome thus building up as plaque in the cell. Then you get nonspecific iron binding, then Fenton Chemistry/Haber-Weiss reaction, then free radical production, lipid peroxidation, and cell death.

Cholesterol is a key intermediate in the formation of sex hormones, cortisol which regulates the immune system and vitamin D. So, if you are blocking the synthesis of Cholesterol, it doesn't matter how much sun you get. You can be in the sun all day, and if you don't have the pro-vitamin, your body cannot use the sun to create the active Vit D molecule.

This doesn't take into effect all those who have received avian flu or anthrax vaccines which contained Squalene as a vaccine adjavant. Adjuvants are molecules added to vaccines to rev up the immune system, and illicit a stronger immune response against the weakened target virus or bacterial protein. Squalene is not a good adjuvant at all by itself. It is only active as an adjuvant after being covalently bonded to an immunogenic surfactant (detergent).


While adjuvants are a good idea, the important thing to remember is that in the process of revving up the immune system, antibodies are produced to the target viral protein as well as the adjuvant that is doing the immunogenic stimulation. The big problem with Squalene is that, it is found in the body. It just so happens that Squalene is a key intermediatary in the formation of . . . . . .. you guess it. . . . . Cholesterol. So, many people exposed to the avian flu vaccine and anthrax vaccine may have anti-Squalene antibodies, and consequently, may be deficient in not only Cholesterol, but also, Sex Hormones, Cortisol, and Vitamin D.

HMG-CoA Reductase ->->-> Squalene ->->-> Cholesterol ->->-> Sex Hormones, Cortisol, Vitamin D.


By the way, Vitamin D is not a vitamin it is a Hormone that does much more in the body than regulate bone synthesis. I used to ask myself why there was confusion between the good molecule Cholesterol, and HDL and LDL. Why do we use the word Cholesterol when talking about Lipoprotein. I could never figure this out. This confusion has led many to erroneously eat eggs without the yoke. Before you go crazy on egg yokes, the liver makes many times more cholesterol each night then you could get out of egg yoke. Well, after reading Protocol of Zion, Silent Weapons for a Quiet War, Report from Iron Mountain, I now suspect the confusion and vilification of Cholesterol was done on purpose. You attack Cholesterol, you make us sterile, sick, and mentally deficient.

I've enjoyed reading the blog http://blog.cholesterol-and-health.com which discussed the goodness of cholesterol, the badness of fructose and sucrose, and suggests interesting ideas like using allopurinol to increase NO and lower uric acid and blood pressure.