Monday, March 28, 2011

Cool Science

My awakening to the suppression of science and technology by the Illuminati/dark brotherhood/world shadow government/special interests/latter-day gadiantons/synhedron started after reading the autobiography of Edwin Teller the father of the Hydrogen Bomb. In that book, Dr. Teller goes to great length to label Oppenheimer a Communist for discouraging further work into the H-Bomb. After learning about the Bohemian Grove as the place where Edward Teller planned the Manhattan Project which he purposefully left out of his autobiography, and realizing that Soviet Union was a creation of the Globalists to terrorize, control, and eventually destroy the United States (read Target Patton: a plot to assassinate General George S. Patton by Robert Wilcox); I realized that Oppenheimer likely had second thoughts after his success with the A-bomb ("I have become death, the destroyer of worlds"), but Teller was still a loyal operative.

The shadow government of this world has suppressed many technologies which they are now allowing to leak out. Some of these technologies include magnetoplasmadynamics, antigravity, the Lorenz O force, amorphous diamond, zero-point energy, Thermionics, Opto-electric effect, etc. I recently watched a lecture by Stan-Deyo who claims he was recruited by Edwin Teller in the 1970's to work on anti-gravity for an international shadow government body.

In this lecture, he reviews previous work in these exciting areas by Dr. T. Henry Moray (LDS), and Nicoli Tesla. Stan Deyo in addition to explaining the UFO phenomenon as advance human engineered, anti-gravity propulsion also talked about Free Energy by Henry Moray who used a heterodyne radio transmitter, an 80 meter antenna, and a telsa coil to create a plasma/electromagnetic field that would absorb the energy from high energy particles from the solar wind and cosmic background radiation. In a way, as I understand it, it would be like a huge Geiger counter. In addition there was some sort of thermionic, tribolescent semiconductor material used to make the harmonically tuned circuit or that converted the high-frequency voltage fluctuations into electricity.

Tribolescent semiconductors are another exciting technology. The principle of tribolescence or thermionics, has to do with substances that can convert heat directly into electricity and visa versa. The most exciting candidate tribolescent/thermionic/negative electron affinity material is amorphous diamond. Amorphous diamond is made by applying high frequency/high voltage to a graphite electrode creating a plasma in a vacuum which will deposit an amorphous diamond thin film on a surface. Amorphous diamond is a mixture of sp3 and sp2 hybridized carbons. Sp3 (diamond) is an insulator, while sp2 carbons (graphite) are a conductor. Therefore, a mix of sp3 and sp2 makes a semiconductor.

Scientists and engineers believe that thermionic/neg electron affinity materials like amorphous diamond would be the perfect material that could be used as a nearly perfect solar cell, computer screen, heater, and air conditioner. All these functions could be done with the same surface material in different application. The added benefit is that amorphous diamond would be very abundant, very easy to produce, and extremely damage resistant.

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