Friday, April 29, 2011

The Secret of the Moray Device

Before, I was relaying info on the "speed of quantum transition".
ct = c . (alpha) / 2 = 1.094 x 10 ^ 6 m/s or 1.094 Mhz . m

Well, while I was thinking on this, I started to think about famous LDS inventor Dr. T. Henry Moray's and how his radiant energy device might work in terms of this new understanding of quantum physics.

Dr. Moray always assumed that he was receiving and converting cosmic rays or neutrinos into electricity. However, I think Mr. Perreault in the patent application explains very well just how the Moray valve worked (except for one aspect).

First off, I think that the Moray device did work. The number of reliable witnesses is convincing. As best I can tell, the Moray device consisted of 1. 87ft wire antenna 2. tuned LC circuit 3. Moray Valve 4. capacitors 5. ground. The Moray Valve was the real secret to the device. As best I can tell, the Moray Valve was a cold cathode, containing germanium, a palladium electrode, and a radioactive alpha emitter.

Dr. Moray along with many others believed that the Moray Device was analogous to a crystal radio, and the Moray Valve was the first Germanium Diode. However, I see the crystal radio concept explaining only part of the functionality of the device.

After reading Mr. Perreault's patent application, I agree that the Moray Valve/cold cathode was very likely a thermionic/beta-voltaic device via alpha-fusion or capture reaction. According to the patent application Germanium could capture a high energy alpha particle and go through several transmutations eventually resulting in the production of a beta particle (high energy electron).

However, Mr. Perreault makes the assumption that the radio antenna and ground only serve the purpose of supplying a voltage difference to the moray valve. However, with this new understanding of the "speed of quantum transition" and analogous to the Superwave (Heavy Water-Palladium) Fusion; stimulating the palladium cathode with a high frequency electric current stimulates the fusion reaction. Likewise, in the Moray Device, I believe the tuned LC circuit electrically stimulates the Moray Valve with high frequency current that increased the efficiency of germanium alpha-particle capture, fusion, and beta emission.

32Ge72 + 2He4 --> 34Se75 + 0n1
34Se75 + e- --> 33As75
32Ge72 + 0n1 --> 32Ge77
32Ge77 --> 33As77 + e- (beta)
33As77 --> 34Se77 + e- (beta)

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Mitt Romney Bashing Strategy

You better believe that if there is one candidate that "Special Interests" absolutely do not want to see winning as President of the United States, it is Mitt Romney. Mitt hasn't sold out, he has not compromised himself, and doesn't owe anyone. He is not perfect, but I think he has got the best chance of anyone at saving this country. Last election, Mitt Romney allowed everyone to call him a Flip-flopper. This times it seems apparent that the propaganda machine to equate his Romney-Care with Obama-Care.

Romney-Care is nothing like Obama-Care, and Romney better get serious about getting this point across. Romney care assists residents in Mass to purchase private health care. Romney care supports private insurance. Obama care is set up to compete with and destroy private insurance by forcing citizens to buy a nationalized plan. I hope that continued talk about Romney-Care will give Gov. Romney the opportunity to show just how different Romney-care is to Obama-care with it's quality measures, and national ID, and nationalization of insurance.

I couldn't bare to watch Romney so easily get blasted last year. I couldn't bare the endless "flip-flopper" comments. I couldn't bare seeing the President of the Southern Baptist Convention all over the media talking about how Mike Huckabee wasn't a real contender but happy that he took votes away from Romney and that Republicans should be happy with McCain. I couldn't bare listening to Bill Bennett's (Reagan's Drug Czar) tell his audience that he "just wasn't sure about Romney." And I couldn't stand McCain passing by selecting Romney as VP and then listening to Sarah Palin endless references to "Joe-Six-Pack". And then there was the back room deals in West Virgina and then in Florida on Super Tuesday which killed Romney's presidential campaign dead.

The only thing that could make me more sick to my stomach this next election would be to see Donald Trump win the GOP nomination. And so far, I know a few people who say they are going to vote for him. I can't think of anything more emblematic of how sick America is, than seeing someone like Trump win the Presidential Election. If Trump were to win as President, I think Russia and China would attack us before his inauguration.

Friday, April 22, 2011

1340's Lombard Banking Failure

Deut 23:19-20 Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury: Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury:

The Bible forbids lending anything to a countryman or fellow citizen upon usury. The Catholic Church interpreted usury as referring to interest. Therefore, any Christian was forbidden from collecting any interest whatsoever on the loan of money, food or substance to another. I believe equating usury with simple interest is an unfortunate misinterpretation of scripture. The reality is that 1. money as a medium of exchange is required for city living. 2. business and agricultural development relies upon credit for liquidity. 3. businesses that specialize in extending credit must be allowed to cover their costs. 4. forbidding simple interest (loan origination fee or monthly service charges) would starve an economy of credit and liquidity.

The consequence of the Catholic Church forbidding the collection of simple interest together with usury meant that honest Christians could not afford to involve themselves in the business of banking and credit. On the other hand, Jews were not under the same constraints. Jews also observed Deut 23, but because most of their business was with Christians, they interpreted "brother" to mean a fellow Jew. Christians were "gentiles","heathen" and "strangers." Therefore, there was no prohibition in the Bible for collecting usury from them.

Accordingly, most early bankers were Jewish. The first midevil banks were called Lombards, which were simply pawn shops. People would take furniture, plow, land deeds, or whatever they had of value to the Lombard and sell it. If they later wanted to redeem the pawned item, then they had to repurchase the item from the Lombard at a higher price. In reality, the pawned item was used as collateral for a loan which was repaid with considerable interest attached.

Because of the need for credit, Lombards became an instant success, and the owners became instantly wealthy. Before long, Lombards began to engage in more traditional banking. Citizens would deposit gold, diamonds, and other precious things at their local Lombard. However, in France, about the time of the First Crusade in 1099, the Jewish Lombards were thrown out. In their place, the Catholic Church established a system of Templar Houses which were run by the Order of the Knights Templar.

Templars were a monastic order with a duty to redeem Jerusalem from Muslim occupation, as well as protect pilgrims who wished to visit the Holy Land. Because protecting the pilgrims valuables from robbers was very difficult, Pilgrims would deposit deeds, gold and valuables at their local Templar House, and receive in return a ciphered document recording the value of the deposited items. The pilgrim could then make withdrawals at any Templar House along the pilgrim routes in Europe and Palestine.

It was at this time that Fractional Reserve Lending begun. Templar Houses and Lombards began making loans by issuing gold certificates which could be redeemed for actual gold in deposit at the bank. Bankers learned quickly that they could issue many more gold certificates than the actual gold they had on hand, and collect much more in interest and usury that way.

Templar Houses in France and Lombards in Italy began making sizable loans to local and national governments and began to weld significant political influence and power. While the local bank operators were often Jewish, the mid-level bookkeepers needed to be literate. Therefore, in a time when literacy was uncommon, the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church controlled most of the Lombard and Templar bookkeeping. These midevil banks would broker deals with local and state governments to supply credit in exchange for control over local mining, mineral rights, agricultural and industrial production. Local banks slowly privatized most government, industry and agriculture in an area. Banks would often even privatize the collection of taxes as part of the "conditionalities" associated with the loan repayment instead of collecting usury.

Like the Teutonic Knights establishment of Prussia, the Knights Templar wanted to establish a similar Independent state in France or take over France entirely from King Phillip IV. To aid this, the Templars came up with the myth that they the order had excavated and discovered a repository of Jewish genealogy under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. According to geneological records, the Templars claimed that Jesus of Nazareth was married to Mary Magdalene and had born offspring. The Order had identified the descendance of this Royal Blood Line or "Sangre Real" and intermarried them into a rival French Dynastic Family, the Merovingians. The Templars hoped that King Phillip's Divine Rite, wouldn't stand up to the literal blood of Christ Christ.

King Phillip didn't take this threat to his power lying down. King Phillip initally requested that the Pope disband the order upon which the Pope responded, "I'm the Pope and you can't tell me what to do, and beside, those guys are making me a lot of money." In response to that, King Phillip kidnapped, imprisoned, murdered several Popes and then had his childhood friend Clement V installed as Pope. Then on Fri. Oct 13th, 1307, he arrested many Templars, tortured them, and used their confessions to convince Clement V to disband the Order in 1312. After the Order of Knights Templar was disbanded, King Phillip IV seized all Templar assets in France.

Surviving Templars in France fled to Scotland, Germany, and Italy. The Pope then transferred Templar assets outside of France to a sister order, the Order of St. John Hospitaller or the Order of Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes, and Malta. Banks in Italy continued to flourish, being directed by what is called the Venetian Black Nobility or "Neri Guelphs". The Hospitallers controlled shipping in the Mediterranean from ports in Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes, and Malta and maintained a trade monopoly not unlike the Ancient Phoenicians, the East India Trade Company, or Walmart. In those days, trade monopolies were maintained and enforced by militarism and piracy.

Midevil banks traded many commodities, but the most important was wool, and woolen cloth. Fine and long woolen tunic, robes, and capes were a sign of status in medieval Europe. England served as a prime location for raising sheep which became increasing controlled by Italian banks. However, King Edward III (Misser Edward) revolted against the Bardi and Peruzzi banks, by defaulting on their loans in 1342, and boycotting wool in favor of cotton.

However, the real shock to the Florence Banks and the economy came as a result of the operations of the Venetian Banks. Venetian Banks in league with the Mongol Khans, looted China of all her gold and switched China from a gold to a silver standard. Venice shipped as much silver over to Europe as possible, while introducing gold into Europe and converting Europe's silver standard to gold. By shipping in gold from China, and exporting silver, gold value fell, the Florence banks went bust, and the European economy feel into a deep depression being starved of liquidity and credit and beginning the 100-years war between England and France.

The Mongol-Khans then swept through Eastern Europe spreading Bubonic and Pneumonic Plague beginning in 1347. War and disease reduced the population in Europe by half. During this time in Italy, the Renaissance was supported by the Guelphic deMedici banking family who were also of the Order of Malta. Finally, the 100-years war ended with the Fall of Constantinople 1453.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Politics Letter

Dear Bro. Skousen,

I was listening to your latest interview several weeks ago on the Alex Jones show. I had asked you in a previous email why a good LDS member you would go on shows like Alex Jones and CoasttoCoastAM. Probably a similar reason a good LDS like me keeps up with what these shows are discussing. I can understand that shows like these are likely the only ones that would help you reach your audience.

That said, a comment you made at the end of your interview with Alex Jones really got my attention. I believe the question was edited out of the YouTube version of the show. If I wasn't hallucinating at the time, you made the quick but strategic comment "That is our purpose to get people to rise up against their governments." and Alex Jones was like "Yeh, that's right." I am curious if you will ever get invited back after pulling that comment. My jaw literally dropped after hearing that bombshell of a comment.

There is some internet hearsay prophecy attributed to Joseph Smith via Milton Musser and Martin Harris about a second Civil War in America beginning in Chicago and linked to the devaluation of the US Currency. Reliable or not, Alex Jones was discussing specifically today how Chicago was being set up to stage huge demonstrations, which will lead to riots which will lead to martial law and gun confiscation. Military, local law enforcement, Home Land Security together with foreign troops have been testing and rehearsing different elements of a future response within the US.

Anyways, when I first started to listen to Alex Jones because of work acquaintance "James deMedici" (yes related to the popes) whose Father is a major local if not national Tea Party Organizer (goes by the name Tony Powers). Tee-Shirt designs James showed me mocking Obama ended up on CNN. Anyways, this got me interested in trying to figure out what the purpose of Alex Jones was. I was curious what his show was designed to get people to think and to do. I had come to the same conclusion that I think you have. With all the Dystopian movies out there (especially V for Vendetta), are sure to get many of my generation who are abusing marijuana with now record high THC levels are sure to play their anarchists role in the coming Chicago demonstrations. A few broken windows and torched cars will give HLS and SPP (sec and prosp partnership) the excuse they need to jump into action.

Also, it looks like Saudi Arabia has turned. No more cheap oil I suppose after they took out loans when oil was 140$/barrel and wallstreet speculators dropped it to 40$/barrel when they needed at least 85$/barrel to repay loans for that new university over there. And after Wikileaks and then all this CIA/Massad/MI6 involvement in Middle Eastern civil unrest, we have just alienated our major supplier of oil. It looks like Saudi Arabia is fully intent on making up for lost profits over the past 2 years. Too bad Elder /Senator Reid Smoot's National Parks Act prevents us from drilling in ANWR and Bakken. Sounds like the plot to "Evan Almighty." Too bad all LDS in government couldn't be awake like Elder N. Eldon Tanner who secured mineral rights for Alberta. Interesting that it is said that Elder Tanner who was also a successful banker, oilman, and politician was the one who supposedly tempered Elder Benson.

What is the deal with all this UFO stuff? Is it just fear. Is this going to lead to some new new age religion? CosttoCoastAM has been pushing this forever. But it seems like AlexJones is on the other side talking about suppressed technology and Project Blue Beam. It seems there has been a flood of UFO sightings this year and some increasingly good video (Brazil, Japan, Jerusalem, and American Fork). Even Rev. Louis Farrakhan is commenting recently that a disclosure is eminent. I really enjoyed his radio speech on Libya but was surprised when he indirectly called Obama a "blackface" in the white house. Additionally, the UN has appointed some kind of ET ambassador M.Othman (=mothman?). Then there was some crazy UFO referendum in Denver last election. I can't figure out what this UFO business is all about unless certain people that TPTB really want to control believe it. I am of the opinion that its all suppressed human technology (magnetoplasmadynamics) and satan convincing people that he is an "ascended" inter-dimentional being and not a "fallen angel" who covets a body, marriage, and family.

Dr. Carol Rosin, Warner Von Braun's assistant, has been on a crusade telling us that of the many threats that the NWO have cooked up for us the last 2 after international terrorism, include ET's and Asteroids. Recently NASA has announced the presence of comet Elenin that is entering the solar system. This object should come between the Sun and Earth about Sept-Nov this year. However, it turns out that the Chile, Christchurch, and Japan EQ's have occurred when the Elenin object (Eleven-NIne? ELE?) was aligned with the sun and moon. The next alignment is supposed to occur Sept 27th, 2011. These EQ's have got conspiracy nuts concerned that this object may be some sort of massive Brown Dwarf that has a lot of debris with it and may cause severe earth changes. At the least, the Earth should pass through its tail producing a 1833-like Leonids event. The so-called discoverer of Elenin is some unknown Russian Astronomer "Leonid Elenin." Hopefully, TPTB do not decide to exterminate the Mormons again, like they did before in 1833 after seeing that sign (see Wiki-Leonids). I would ignore this Elenin object if Joseph Smith had not made the comment about the "Sign of the Son of Man." Since there has been a mega-EQ with each of the past 3 alignments, I am looking out for the next alignment on about Sept 27, 2011.

An acquaintance of mine completed a FEMA mass morgue and immunization center in downtown Salt Lake City at the old Union Pacific station. He was the interior designer for the job. This is the building next to Gateway Mall. So, together with the FEMA coffins, bodybags, residential centers, cemeteries, and MRE's we now have Mass Morgues and Immunization centers. It looks to me like the Wasatch Fault could be the next mega EQ. And with all the liquefaction (ie Mexico City), I expect significant devastation.

Brother Skousen, I have not read your "Strategic Relocation". In general I agree that living in the Rocky Mountains among the LDS has its advantages. However, I have also read James Wesley Rawles "Patiots" containing a random occult reference to ouroboros and William R. Forstchen's "One Second After" with as foreword by Bohemian Grove member Newt Gingrich. I have heard you praise Rawles several times. in my opinion these other books are pure predictive programming. They teach people to isolate themselves instead of band together.

I am of the opinion that the Book of Mormon teaches us to band together. While many people are not LDS. For the LDS people, one excellent response would be to gather to our church buildings, pool our food supplies, and resources, and gain a defensive advantage through our numbers. We already agree on leadership structure, so that is a big plus vs banding with neighbors. If you try and do as Rawles and Forstchen recommend, if the roaming bands of brigands don't get you, the local government will try and seize everything, or the invading Communist Armies will get you.

If instead, you turn to the Stakes of Zion and the Priesthood for protection, the church buildings are already RED CROSS shelters, you would already be sharing, so that decision doesn't have to be made every day as people come knocking on your door, and the government will likely not confiscate the resources of a large and orderly group. And when it comes to invading Communists, we will hope that they like the LDS and will leave us alone. The LDS church has been disseminating information on how to convert LDS buildings into shelters.

I know you said that you don't have time to respond to every email. But any thoughts would be appreciated.

David D. Brosnahan MD MS.

You are correct that I don't have time for such extensive questions about subjects that are very subjective. But I'll try to give a short reaction
I certainly did not say what you claim to remember---at least in those words about rising up against governemnt. I did talk about building a resistance movment, but not those words---that would have been very uncareful of me.
I don't think you understand the grip the globalists have on Saudi Arabia. They are no more able to turn on the West than any of the other petty oil tyrants of the Middle East.
The Musser Harris prophecy is bogus
N. Elden Tanner was a socialist like Hugh b. Brown and did not temper Benson. Tanner was a good man and great administrator but clueless on conspiracy. Benson liked him because of his goodness but they steered clear of talking politics.
UFOs are "real" except in the sense that they violate the natural laws of gravity and inertia, which means they operate in a spiritual dimension, and that can't happen unless they get limited permission from God's forces. I think there is a Satanic dimension there.
The only alignment that influences earthquakes is the Moon, as per Bergland's work. I'm not buying the comet story.
FEMA mass morque. There are Dozens of these stories floating around, and very few true. When ever I send someone to go inside the facility, with few exception, it turns out to be false. Evidence please.
Isolation vs. Gathering. You have not heard me "praise Rawles several times", except to say that he has the largest survival blog in the world and has a lot of influence. I've never liked his militaristic redoubt ideas, though I try not to attack others who are doing some good in getting people prepared.

Energy Letter

Dear Dr. Jones,

Yes, I agree that there is not enough disclosure and peer review. Sadly, the desire for wealth and profit is preventing the technology from getting out. An energy revolution could save us from the our Malthusian adversaries just as the Industrial Revolution did centuries ago. I would hate to learn that a scientist or inventor went to their grave protecting their invention or discovery. If Zion is to be independent, we are going to have to figure this energy problem out. When I was at BYU working on a masters I was playing around in the lab and put together a dextrose-weedkiller (methylviologen, paraquat) fuel cell. My PI later patented it, but my name is not on the patent.

I can only suspect that what Rossi and Focardi have discovered (if anything) is very easy to replicate and why they are being vague about it. From the bits and pieces I have heard about it, they have talked about "molten nickel" and "nano-structure" and "catalyst". They use a water bath, stainless steel reaction vessel, hydrogen gas at 2 atm, and a 300-700watt heater. They also have some sort of electrical detection equipment which may be detecting something but could also be driving something.

Claimed outsiders from the Swedish Skeptic Society have claimed to have measured nickel going in, and 11% iron, nickel, and 10% copper after 2 months of operation (Cu63 and Cu65 are both stable). This may mean that only Ni-62 and Ni-64 are undergoing proton capture while Ni-58 and Ni-60 are not involved. Unless, Ni-58 is undergoing double beta decay to Fe-58 (also stable). There is no mention of the source of the 11% Iron. They do claim that there is gamma radiation that is given off which causes the heating of water. There is no mention of beta-radiation being detected. Maybe the iron is from the reaction vessel? However, 11% is considerable and seems more likely a product of a reaction.

Nickel metal has a very high melting temperature, so I was curious how they were able to talk about 50 grams molten nickel using just a 300-700 watt heater. But then I read about Raney Nickel. This is an activated pyrophoric that is made by making a 1:1 nickel:aluminum alloy, grinding it into a powder, then selectively dissolving the aluminum with concentrated sodium hydroxide (5 Molar). Raney Nickel absorbs large amounts of hydrogen (useful, I wonder how much?), and is used in hydrogenation reactions in Organic Chemistry. However, if you expose activated Raney Nickel to oxygen it will spontaneously burst into flames and turn molten.

If I was back at BYU, I'd be interested in making myself some Activated Raney Nickel and pumping in some hydrogen and seeing what happened.

David D. Brosnahan MD MS.

Bro Jones,

One more thing. You noticed you commented on your interest in HHO technology as an alternate energy source. Again, it seems that with all these suppressed technologies like HHO, superwave palladium-lithium electrode cold fusion, magnetoplasmadynamics, antigravity, etc etc, they all involve high-frequency electricity and the possible stimulation of a material at iits phononic resonance (speed of quantum transition?).

Reading about the guy who died in Simi Valley who was working on HHO, he was using high frequency electricity to, according to him, store energy in the bonds of water molecule and not necessarily split water. Skeptics say his device was simply efficiently splitting water by electrolysis. Regardless, his tragic death is suspicious and unfortunate. It makes me almost want to stick the output of my ham radio in a water.

Frank Znidarsic is claiming to have derived Plank's constant from Newtonian First Principles by assuming that light is a capacitor and the atom is like a spring. They come up with a more fundamental constant which is they call the "Speed of Quantum Transition." This value supposedly is the speed of light as it travels through an atom. It is the transitional relationship between phonons and photons, and is assocated with the the concept of imedance matching between nuclear energy transfers. He says the the Vt constant of 1.094 Mhz-m or m/s comes from several antigravity, coldfusion, and BEC experiments where high freqency DC electricity was used to stimulate an energy transfer. He likens this "Speed of Quantum Transition" to a tsunami wave that slows as it approaches the show and increases in amplitude.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wasatch Fault/Salt Lake City Earthquake

There has been continual earthquake swarms in Nevada and Yellowstone over the past couple years. While many are concerned that these may be signs of increasing pressure along these fault zones, I am concerned that pressure may in fact be building along the Wasatch Fault in-between. The Wasatch Fault in the Salt Lake City valley in Utah, is long overdo for a major 8-9+ magnitude earthquake. Additionally, because Salt Lake, Provo, and Ogden reside on a dry lake bed, liquefaction during a major earthquake would produce widespread devastation (ie Mexico City).

Over the past year, many on the internet have noticed a correlation between major Earthquakes and alignments between the Earth, Sun, and Comet Elenin. If you haven't heard about this new comet, named by unknown Russian Astronomer Leonid Elenin (made up person and name?), it will be passing between the Earth and the Sun this coming fall and likely could produce a spectacular light show/meteor shower like the famous 1833 Leonids with up to 10,000 falling stars per hour. Since Comet Elenin has entered the solar system, several major earthquakes have occurred when this comet, the sun and the earth have fallen into alignment. This correlation has led many to speculate that Comet Ele-nine could be something more than just a comet such as a brown dwarf star/hot jupiter/planet X that would bring considerable debris and earthchanges along with it. I am hoping for just a cool lightshow and no earthchanges.

Alignment Date Location
Feb 27, 2010 Chile
Sept 4, 2010 Christchurch
March 11, 2011 Japan
Sept 27, 2011 (Salt Lake?)

Another reason why I suspect Salt Lake to be the target of an upcoming supermegaquake if not the next one, is that FEMA has completed a mass morgue and vaccination center in Downtown Salt Lake. The reason I know this is a friend of mine was the interior designer of the facility. So, together with FEMA coffins, bodybags, residential centers, MRE purchases, and newly constructed national cemeteries, it looks like FEMA is all ready for something big.

Let, me be clear. I do not necessarily believe that the alignment of this Comet/Brown Dwarf Elenin object is causing Earthquakes. The key to the tribulation is most of what is happening is human-caused as opposed to the wrath period. I think that if HAARP technology can trigger EQ's, TPTB could be choosing to trigger EQ's during Elenin alignments to draw attention away from HAARP.

Saudi Arabia Double Cross

The British Empire's "Lawrence of Arabia" made a deal with the family of Saud after WW1. While Europe carved up the Middle East, Great Britain made a deal with a ruthless warlord family that the British Empire would recognize the House of Saud as the supreme rulers of Saudi Arabia, and help them develop their oil wealth, if he would support the British Pound as the world reserve currency. Then following WW2 and later in the 1970's globalist deals were made with Saudi Arabia to prop up the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency. The US agreed to buy all the Saudi Arabian oil, and not tap domestic oil reserves in ANWR and Bakken (National Park Act) if Saudi Arabia invested in US TBills and helped to float the enormous US Budget Deficits. Or, at least, they agreed to deposit their wealth in big globalist banks who via fractional reserve lending buy 10x the US TBills. Whenever the US was in trouble economically, Saudi Arabia responded by increasing oil supply and decreasing gasoline prices.

However, for the first time ever, Saudi Arabia has decided to cut oil production claiming that there is an oversupply of oil in the market. Heading into summer time with gas prices already at 3-4$/gal, and oil at 104$/barrel, I can only suspect gas hitting 5-6$/gal this summer. So, why has Saudi Arabia turned it's back on America during a time of critical economic crisis?

It turns out that when oil prices were up at 140$/barrel a few years ago in 2008, many Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia took out big loans which required at least 85$/barrel oil to repay. When globalist speculators then tanked the price of oil down to 40$/barrel, this left many Middle East countries in a lurch. Dubai, as you will remember, nearly went bankrupt last year. As prices have come up, investors have continued to suppress oil prices and keep them under 85$/barrel.

Then to top it all off. True or not, all the Middle East countries are convinced, CIA/MI6/Massad, are behind the recent protests and civil unrest in Egypt, Lybia, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Bahrain, etc, etc. Saudi Arabia had to put down its own protests last March during the so-called "Day of Rage." Together with the WikiLeaks cables, it seems clear that Saudi Arabia feels that they have been "double crossed". Consequently, they have turned on the US and have made new deals with China and Russia. The long and short of it is, that the US has just alienated our #1 source of oil. Sure, Saudi Arabia will still sell us oil, but from here on out, I don't see Saudi Arabia doing the US any more favors. Saudia Arabia seems to be wanting to make up for lost profits over the last 2 years. And, I see no reason why Saudi Arabia doesn't just begin to charge whatever they can squeeze out of the US before we go bankrupt, descend into civil war, and then are attacked and invaded by China and Russia who we have also been provoking (Belarus Bombing, South Osetia Invasion, Poland Leadership Decapitation, Russian Drought and Fire, Chechnyan Terrorism, Dollar Devaluation, etc.)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spring Theory?

[The following are notes from several lectures from Frank Znidarsic]

Turns out that Newtonian physics (F=m.a) does a really good job of describing most of the world around us except when things get really small (quantum mechanics) or get going really really fast (relativity). On the atomic scale, behavior such as blackbody radiation, the photoelectric effect, and the emission/absorption spectra of gases was believed couldn't be explained in terms of Newtonian physics. In response, an empirically derived quantum mechanics was born to describe this behavior on the atomic scale.

Quantum mechanics is not referred to as a physics because "physics" assumes we know "why" and "how" something behaves the way it does. Quantum theory is categorized as a "mechanics" because many aspects of this theory come from experimental measurement without necessarily knowing "why" or "how" or "what" is really happening.

This is where plank's constant come in: E = h.v. or E = h.c/f. h is described at the smallest package or quanta of light that an atom can absorb or emit. However, planks constant (the basis of quantum mechanics) is a measured constant, and while very useful, it is not derived from for more fundamental laws.

Recently, there are claims that Planks constant (h) can be derived from Newtonian first principles. h is derived from Newtonian first principles by describing light and the atom in terms of a capacitor and a spring. If this is true, this means that instead of being rival theories, quantum mechanics would become a subset of Newtonian physics.

C = e0 . A / D
C = capacitance (charge/voltage or field resistance . volume)
e0 = permittivity of free space (resistance to forming an electric field in a given medium)
A = area
D = distance

The second assumption is relating the wave behavior of light to a tsunami. In the same way a tsunami changes behavior when it approaches, land, so do photons change behavior when they interact with an atom. When a tsunami enters into shallow water its velocity slows. However, to keep its energy flux constant, the wave increases in amplitude. therefore, a tsunami that out in sea might by nearly imperceptible may grow to great height when it reaches land.

C (speed of light in a vacuum) = lambda (wavelength) X f (frequency)
Vt (speed of quantum transition in an atom) = lambda (compressed wavelength ) X f (frequency)

In this theory, a 1/2 wavelength of light becomes a small capacitor which separates a positive and negative charge by half its wavelength. Therefore, measuring the interaction of a photon inside an atom we would use the velocity of transition and compressed wavelength of the photon inside the atom. The frequency of the emitter matches the frequency of the wave that is emitted. But the wavelength itself can be contracted depending upon the medium.

C = e0 . A (area) / D (distance)
C = e0 . (Vt/f)^2 / (1/2 . Vt/f)
C = 2 . e0 . Vt / f

E (energy) = Q^2 (charge) / 2 . C (capacitance)

E = [Q^2 / 4 . e0 . Vt ] . f or E = h . f
h (plank's constant) = Q^2/4 . e0 . Vt
if Q = e = charge of an electron than
Vt = 1.094 X 10^6 m/s (speed of transition)

E = [Q^2/(4.pi.e0) ] .[1/x] (Coulombs equation)

F = -k . x (Hooke's Law)
F = force
k = spring constant (stiffness or springiness) = Fmax/xmax at Coulombic barrier
x = distance (stretch)

Coulombic Barrier: point at which strong nuclear force overcomes electrostatic force
Fmax = 29.053 Newtons
xmax = rn = 2 x 1.36 fm (fermi or momentum spacing)

If f = w/2.pi and w = (k/m)^1/2 then f = 1/2.(1/pi) . (k/m)^1/2
If v = fx then v = 1/2.(1/pi).(k/m)^1/2.(x)
If k = Fmax/vmax then v = 1/2.(1/pi).(Fmax/2.rn/mn)^1/2. (2.rn)
If Vt = c.Alpha/2 then v = rn/pi . (Fmax/^1/2

E = hf = hc/lambda = mc^2 lambda = h/mc Therefore Vt = c. alpha /2
alpha = fine structure constant = coupling constant = impedance matching

The idea of the speed of the quantum transition in the atom is that for energy to be transferred there has to be a 100% impedance match. In Ham Radio there is an impedance as the radio signal leaves the radio after which there is an impedance in the coax leading to the antenna. Finally there is an impedance of the antenna. For energy emitted by the radio to cause the antenna to resonate and emit energy, that impedance must match or the energy is reflected back into the radio. In the same way, this understanding of quantum mechanics using newtonian physics explains the impedance matching needed for energy transitions to occur in the atom.

I am still trying to grasp the essence of this idea. But the speed of transition is the secret that explains the relationship between phonons and photons. This explains the behavior of bose-einstein condensates, superconductors, superfluids, antigravity, magnetoplasmadynamics, cold fusion, thermionics, Beta-voltaics and much more.