Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Energy Letter

Dear Dr. Jones,

Yes, I agree that there is not enough disclosure and peer review. Sadly, the desire for wealth and profit is preventing the technology from getting out. An energy revolution could save us from the our Malthusian adversaries just as the Industrial Revolution did centuries ago. I would hate to learn that a scientist or inventor went to their grave protecting their invention or discovery. If Zion is to be independent, we are going to have to figure this energy problem out. When I was at BYU working on a masters I was playing around in the lab and put together a dextrose-weedkiller (methylviologen, paraquat) fuel cell. My PI later patented it, but my name is not on the patent.

I can only suspect that what Rossi and Focardi have discovered (if anything) is very easy to replicate and why they are being vague about it. From the bits and pieces I have heard about it, they have talked about "molten nickel" and "nano-structure" and "catalyst". They use a water bath, stainless steel reaction vessel, hydrogen gas at 2 atm, and a 300-700watt heater. They also have some sort of electrical detection equipment which may be detecting something but could also be driving something.

Claimed outsiders from the Swedish Skeptic Society have claimed to have measured nickel going in, and 11% iron, nickel, and 10% copper after 2 months of operation (Cu63 and Cu65 are both stable). This may mean that only Ni-62 and Ni-64 are undergoing proton capture while Ni-58 and Ni-60 are not involved. Unless, Ni-58 is undergoing double beta decay to Fe-58 (also stable). There is no mention of the source of the 11% Iron. They do claim that there is gamma radiation that is given off which causes the heating of water. There is no mention of beta-radiation being detected. Maybe the iron is from the reaction vessel? However, 11% is considerable and seems more likely a product of a reaction.

Nickel metal has a very high melting temperature, so I was curious how they were able to talk about 50 grams molten nickel using just a 300-700 watt heater. But then I read about Raney Nickel. This is an activated pyrophoric that is made by making a 1:1 nickel:aluminum alloy, grinding it into a powder, then selectively dissolving the aluminum with concentrated sodium hydroxide (5 Molar). Raney Nickel absorbs large amounts of hydrogen (useful, I wonder how much?), and is used in hydrogenation reactions in Organic Chemistry. However, if you expose activated Raney Nickel to oxygen it will spontaneously burst into flames and turn molten.

If I was back at BYU, I'd be interested in making myself some Activated Raney Nickel and pumping in some hydrogen and seeing what happened.

David D. Brosnahan MD MS.

Bro Jones,

One more thing. You noticed you commented on your interest in HHO technology as an alternate energy source. Again, it seems that with all these suppressed technologies like HHO, superwave palladium-lithium electrode cold fusion, magnetoplasmadynamics, antigravity, etc etc, they all involve high-frequency electricity and the possible stimulation of a material at iits phononic resonance (speed of quantum transition?).

Reading about the guy who died in Simi Valley who was working on HHO, he was using high frequency electricity to, according to him, store energy in the bonds of water molecule and not necessarily split water. Skeptics say his device was simply efficiently splitting water by electrolysis. Regardless, his tragic death is suspicious and unfortunate. It makes me almost want to stick the output of my ham radio in a water.

Frank Znidarsic is claiming to have derived Plank's constant from Newtonian First Principles by assuming that light is a capacitor and the atom is like a spring. They come up with a more fundamental constant which is they call the "Speed of Quantum Transition." This value supposedly is the speed of light as it travels through an atom. It is the transitional relationship between phonons and photons, and is assocated with the the concept of imedance matching between nuclear energy transfers. He says the the Vt constant of 1.094 Mhz-m or m/s comes from several antigravity, coldfusion, and BEC experiments where high freqency DC electricity was used to stimulate an energy transfer. He likens this "Speed of Quantum Transition" to a tsunami wave that slows as it approaches the show and increases in amplitude.

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