Monday, April 25, 2011

New Mitt Romney Bashing Strategy

You better believe that if there is one candidate that "Special Interests" absolutely do not want to see winning as President of the United States, it is Mitt Romney. Mitt hasn't sold out, he has not compromised himself, and doesn't owe anyone. He is not perfect, but I think he has got the best chance of anyone at saving this country. Last election, Mitt Romney allowed everyone to call him a Flip-flopper. This times it seems apparent that the propaganda machine to equate his Romney-Care with Obama-Care.

Romney-Care is nothing like Obama-Care, and Romney better get serious about getting this point across. Romney care assists residents in Mass to purchase private health care. Romney care supports private insurance. Obama care is set up to compete with and destroy private insurance by forcing citizens to buy a nationalized plan. I hope that continued talk about Romney-Care will give Gov. Romney the opportunity to show just how different Romney-care is to Obama-care with it's quality measures, and national ID, and nationalization of insurance.

I couldn't bare to watch Romney so easily get blasted last year. I couldn't bare the endless "flip-flopper" comments. I couldn't bare seeing the President of the Southern Baptist Convention all over the media talking about how Mike Huckabee wasn't a real contender but happy that he took votes away from Romney and that Republicans should be happy with McCain. I couldn't bare listening to Bill Bennett's (Reagan's Drug Czar) tell his audience that he "just wasn't sure about Romney." And I couldn't stand McCain passing by selecting Romney as VP and then listening to Sarah Palin endless references to "Joe-Six-Pack". And then there was the back room deals in West Virgina and then in Florida on Super Tuesday which killed Romney's presidential campaign dead.

The only thing that could make me more sick to my stomach this next election would be to see Donald Trump win the GOP nomination. And so far, I know a few people who say they are going to vote for him. I can't think of anything more emblematic of how sick America is, than seeing someone like Trump win the Presidential Election. If Trump were to win as President, I think Russia and China would attack us before his inauguration.


Jared said...

I just wanted to say that I check your blog daily for updates. Thank you for your insight and articles.

I'm also LDS and have become 'awaken' to many of the things you write about.

Keep up the great work!

arturo said...

Sorry that you don't recognize that Romney in fact has no orginal ideas, and all of his ideas are tied to what the special interests want from him