Friday, April 29, 2011

The Secret of the Moray Device

Before, I was relaying info on the "speed of quantum transition".
ct = c . (alpha) / 2 = 1.094 x 10 ^ 6 m/s or 1.094 Mhz . m

Well, while I was thinking on this, I started to think about famous LDS inventor Dr. T. Henry Moray's and how his radiant energy device might work in terms of this new understanding of quantum physics.

Dr. Moray always assumed that he was receiving and converting cosmic rays or neutrinos into electricity. However, I think Mr. Perreault in the patent application explains very well just how the Moray valve worked (except for one aspect).

First off, I think that the Moray device did work. The number of reliable witnesses is convincing. As best I can tell, the Moray device consisted of 1. 87ft wire antenna 2. tuned LC circuit 3. Moray Valve 4. capacitors 5. ground. The Moray Valve was the real secret to the device. As best I can tell, the Moray Valve was a cold cathode, containing germanium, a palladium electrode, and a radioactive alpha emitter.

Dr. Moray along with many others believed that the Moray Device was analogous to a crystal radio, and the Moray Valve was the first Germanium Diode. However, I see the crystal radio concept explaining only part of the functionality of the device.

After reading Mr. Perreault's patent application, I agree that the Moray Valve/cold cathode was very likely a thermionic/beta-voltaic device via alpha-fusion or capture reaction. According to the patent application Germanium could capture a high energy alpha particle and go through several transmutations eventually resulting in the production of a beta particle (high energy electron).

However, Mr. Perreault makes the assumption that the radio antenna and ground only serve the purpose of supplying a voltage difference to the moray valve. However, with this new understanding of the "speed of quantum transition" and analogous to the Superwave (Heavy Water-Palladium) Fusion; stimulating the palladium cathode with a high frequency electric current stimulates the fusion reaction. Likewise, in the Moray Device, I believe the tuned LC circuit electrically stimulates the Moray Valve with high frequency current that increased the efficiency of germanium alpha-particle capture, fusion, and beta emission.

32Ge72 + 2He4 --> 34Se75 + 0n1
34Se75 + e- --> 33As75
32Ge72 + 0n1 --> 32Ge77
32Ge77 --> 33As77 + e- (beta)
33As77 --> 34Se77 + e- (beta)

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