Saturday, May 28, 2011

Questionable Overunity Joule Thief Circuit

Dr. Steven Jones, Emeritus Physics Professor at BYU, is playing with a possible overunity Joule Thief circuit according to Sterling Allan at Free Energy News and PESWiki. Dr. Jones is making this discovery open source. You can see schematics of this circuit at Dr. Jones posts as username: PhysicsProf. He will also be a featured speaker at this years Conspiracy Conference June 4-5, 2011 at the Santa Clara Marriott. More details about this novel circuit should be forthcoming. While the mechanism for overunity (producing more electrical power than it consumes) is unknown at this time; so far, the circuit is reproducibly producing 8 x the input power according to median power measurement on an oscilloscope.

However, power measurements on an oscilloscope for high frequency, non-sinusoidal waveforms can be very misleading and problematic to measure. True heating power or RMS power needs to be measured using a restistive load and calorimeter or charging of a capacitor.

Vin 2.5 V AA's
Rb 51K
C-B 151 pF
D red LED
L-B, L-O bifilar 9turns, ferrite toroid 1"OD, ~90uH each
Ro 0
Rr 0
Cout 10,000uF @16V, disconnected normally
I(t) by V over 1ohm CSR's

Rb = 2K
Rr = 0
D = 1n4148 diode
Vin = 2.6 V
10,000 uF (16V) cap IN PLACE OF Rout, oriented as shown in schematic below.

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