Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stop Provoking China

US CIA together with blackops from Canada, Britain, and Israel have been caught doing very questionable things. In Georgia, CIA were caught training mercenaries in pro-Soviet South Ossetia. This interference resulted in the invasion of South Ossetia by the Soviet Army. There are rumors that Russia threatened nuclear war. The sad things is that this sort of thing is far from an isolated incident.

Just recently, in addition to the Seal raid and supposed execution of Osama Bin Laden, and the numerous predator drone attacks, CIA were caught in Pakistan trying to deliver a nuclear dirty bomb to a US controlled pseudo-Taliban (the original Taliban were demonized). The original real Taliban took over Afghanistan and prohibited poppy growing in 1999-2001 and pedophilia (bacha bazi). The globalists needed to take Afghanistan back to restore poppy growing which is up 300% from before 1999. However, the Taliban were vilified in books like the "Kite Runner" which falsely blamed the poppies and pedophilia on the Taliban and not the Pashtun.

So, what we are doing in Pakistan is that we have taken over Afghanistan, and defeated the Taliban and replaced them with a pseudo-Taliban that is CIA run. This new pseudo-Taliban is continuing to terrorize Pakistan, India and Afghanistan (Mumbai attacks, Bhutto assassination), which gives the US continued cause to bomb Pakistani villages by Predator drones, and an excuse to seize all Pakistan nuclear weapons to "protect" them from the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. But remember, the pseudo-Taliban are now controlled by the US. A false-flag nuclear terrorist attack on US soil would also give NATO cause to seize Pakistani nuclear weapons.

The result of this is that China has issued an ultimatum to the US that if we attack Pakistan again overtly or covertly, China will retaliate. What many people don't realize, is that the special interests in control of the US government have been trying to create the right crisis for decades now to spawn WW3. Israel-Turkey, Pakistan-India, North-South Korea. It doesn't matter to these people whose main objective is to destroy the Constitution of the United States.

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