Friday, May 06, 2011

Why NATO invaded Lybia

RT (Russian Television) reports the real reason NATO went after Gaddafi in Libya. It wasn't to protect the demonstrators, or for the oil. What Gaddafi was trying to do was set up his own currency (the gold dinar). It was Gaddafi's aim to get Africa and the Middle East to accept this new currency and only trade oil and other resources in gold instead of ever depreciating USDollars like they do now. If Gaddafi had been successful, many countries would have been drained of their gold supplies and forced to purchase oil and many other needed resources from the Middle East and Africa only in gold.

In 1990, Saddam Hussein tried to evade the Petro-Dollar system by trading oil in Euros. This threat to the World Central Banking system was the major reason for Gulf War 1. Recently, Iran has made deals with China and Russia to trade oil in Yuan. Consequently, many experts agree that world banking elite are looking for any excuse to move against Iran.

However, the truth is that the US had plenty of natural resources here at home. We don't need Middle East oil. The US has 3 Saudi Arabias of oil under ANWR in Alaska and in the Bakken Formation in Montana. The largest deposit of rare earth metals is found in Idaho. The National Parks and Forest Acts don't just serve to protect land in America but these Laws prevent us from being self sufficient as a nation and tapping our own rich natural resources. These lands need to be taken back by the States. We can balance the US budget by becoming more independent, and self-sufficient economically, then closing overseas bases and bringing our US Military home and deploy them along our borders and ports to inspect all imports and anyone crossing our borders.

1. Give national park and forest lands back to states.
2. Mine our own natural resources.
3. US Treasury to create 100% of money supply and end fractional reserve banking.
4. US Treasury to issue simple interest or fee-based credit via local banks.
5. Rebuild domestic manufacturing.
6. Close all overseas US bases and bring home all US Military overseas.
7. Redeploy US Military along US border and ports.


jdat747 said...

So, are you supporting Ron Paul?

IRAQ said...

Excellent post. We are in a state of disaster in this country. Only sounds principle will bring us back. I am going with an independent this year.