Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Nuclear Survival

I am not sure anyone is an expert on surviving nuclear war.

1. radiation threat is different from a nuclear bombs vs. reactor meltdown
(radiation contination from a warhead is much shorter-lived than from a reactor)
2. radiation comes in 3 flavors: alpha, beta, gamma.
3. Don't live within the blast radius of a nuclear target.
4. If you need a nuclear bomb shelter, you are living too close to a target.
5. Joel Skousen's Strategic Relocation lists targets.
6. Do not live downwind of nuclear minutemen silos (Missouri, Nebraska, Montana, Dakotas).
7. Gamma radiation (like x-rays) is most penetrating, blocked by lead, radiation but will be mainly confined within the blast radius of warheads.
8. Alpha radiation (He2+) do not penetrate paper or skin but is very toxic if eaten or inhaled and will be present in fallout.
(alpha radiation is a helium atom missing 2 electrons. Inside the body the ions will steal electrons like Fluoride F-)
9. Beta radiation are energetic electrons (e-) blocked by plastic cause beta burns and are present in fallout. Also dangerous if ingested.
10. Highest gamma radiation will decay in 2 weeks.
11. most fallout will wash away in rain in about 2-3 months.
12. Radiation exposure doesnt make the exposed thing radioactive.
13. Radiation contamination does make the contaminated object radioactive.
14. Store food and water to prevent ingestion of radioactivity.
15. Ground burst bomb is dirtier than air burst bomb
16. largest average yield bomb is 1 MT(megaton). 5 mile radius blast, 10 mile fire radius.
17. 50 MT is only twice as big area of destruction. (diminishing returns)
18. Surface water will be contaminated. Filters dont filter radiation. Chlorine doesnt purify radiation
19. well water will be clean water
20. Use iodine (providone) painted on the skin to protect thyroid
21. Vitamin D and Whey Protein protect from from radiation.
(Whey protein increases inteacellular antioxidant glutathione)
22. taking glutathione does not increase glutathione.
23. Geiger counter and dosimeters can help monitor exposure, and contamination.
24. N95 mask can filter fallout from air
25. fallout (radioactive dirt) is radioactive due to exposure to neutrons during moment of detonation only.

Most all scriptures that address the calamities of the Last Days speak of fire and burning.

It is a myth that the US, Russia, or China have so many nuclear warheads they could destroy the Earth so-many-times over. The media perpetuates this myth because they are encouraging the US to unilaterally disarm.

The truth about nukes is that you don't get much more bang for the buck with a 50MT or a 100MT nuke over a 10MT nuke. They are bigger but only twice as big. Furthermore, nuclear scientists have long known that it's much more efficent to use 10 x 1MT independent warheads than a single 10MT warhead.

With this in mind, according to Nukemap the thermal radius of a 1 MT nuke is only about 7.25 miles. The blast and radiation radius is much smaller at about 5 miles. The thermal radius of a 10 MT nuke is only twice a 1 MT nuke with a 20-mile radius. The blast and radiation radius of a 10MT nuke is 10 miles.

My opinion is that nukes used by Russia and China will be within the 1-10MT range and with the Tritium "dial-a-nuke" system the yield may be tailored to suit the target.

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