Monday, October 28, 2013

National Review:Who is Valerie Jarrett?

Jofi Joseph, the point man on nuclear nonproliferation at the National Security Council used his anonymous Twitter handle #natlsecwonk to criticize Valerie Jarrett influence over President Obama and was promptly fired.

"I’m a fan of Obama, but his continuing reliance and dependence upon a vacuous cipher like Valerie Jarrett concerns me"

Who is Valeri Jarrett? According to the "National Review Online": Jarrett, an old Chicago friend of both Barack and Michelle Obama, appears to exercise such extraordinary influence she is sometimes quietly referred to as “Rasputin” on Capitol Hill, a reference to the mystical monk who held sway over Russia’s Czar Nicholas as he increasingly lost touch with reality during World War I.

Valeri Jarrett is President Obama's national security advisor who has no national security, economic, or foreign policy experience. Simply put, Jarrett is President Obama's fabian globalist handler. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where ObamaCare is Going?

Everyone knows that ObamaCare is a boondoggle . Its not going to work.  Most people  dislike it.  Now with the website failures, not enough people will enroll.  Result? the program will declared a failure and come March the government will claim that its forced to pass a single-payer program.  Single-payer was where they were headed all along. 

Second.  We have witnessed the epic fail of the Obamacare website.  The success of Obamacare depends on getting young healthy people enrolled so they can pay for everyone else.  Now we have a situation where noone can sign up.  

The media reports that one of Michelle Obama's Chicago college friends won the contract to do the failed website and database. Now Oracle, Google and Redhat have been called up to fix the Obamacare website.  However, I will tell you, there is no fixing a broken and insecure database.  Oracle will need to start over from scratch. I will be very surprised if Oracle and Google and Redhat can get this job done by January.   The Obamacare database is supposed to be the most extensive US database in our history.  Makes you wonder why the President didn't call in the Database Major Leaguers from the start. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Biolet Composting Toilet

As Hurricane Katrina taught us, dealing with human waste is a big problem in a disaster. Historically, because of poor sanitation, more people have tended to die with the epidemic of disease following the disaster than in the disaster itself.

While smaller regional disasters may not affect plumbing, a catastrophic event disabling the US power grid  would likely affect water sanitation and availability.  

So if indoor plumbing is disabled and availible water must be conserved for drinking and not flushing, how should one best deal with human solid waste?

If the plumbing is going to be out for months, everyone will eventually run out of logs to squat over.  A great alternative to the odoriferous outhouse is the composting toilet or "biolet".

The principles behind a composting toilet are several.  
1. It is very difficult and expensive to clean fecal bacteria from water so DON'T poop in your water. Biolets keep liquid and solid human wastes separate.  
2. Because fresh human urine is sterile, it can be diluted and used as fertilizer immediately.  Urine must be collected and kept  separate from solids.
3. 90% of the volume of human solid fecal waste is water and air. So the action of a composting toilet works to dry human waste, shrinking it down to a small fraction of its original volume.
4. Bacteria and odors are eliminated by aerating and drying the waste. Usually the collection container is partially filled with some sort of absorbant waste biomass (peat moss, dry grass, shreaded news paper, ect).  The biomass serves to absorb moister and increase aeration and surface area.
5. The enemy to bacteria is dryness.  Bacteria cannot survive long without water.  Biomass also introduces fungus in the compost which inhibits bacterial growth and suppoerts further natural decomposition. 
6. Biolets are easy to plumb as the simplest designs just require an exhaust pipe. Modern designs are fitted with exhaust fans and heaters however these are not absolutely necessary if built correctly.  Simple Biolets will create their own air circulation and heat through spontaneous exothermic reactions.
7. Good Composting toilet design has a mechanism to turn the waste allowing for good aeration.  Foul odors are usually caused by anerobic bacterial growth so good earation will limit the worst orders.
8. Natural Heat production during the composting process will also kill bacteria and limit growth.
9.  Adding lime will increase the pH and aid in inhibiting bacterial growth and  odors.  Bacteria tend to prefer an acidic low pH over a basic high pH.
10. Basically, a Biolet composting toilet deals with human solid waste not unlike kitty litter. 
11. Finished waste is sterile and can be burried. Some people add it to soil around flower gardens but I personally wouldn't use it in my veggie garden especially because when you empty the Biolet there will always be the newer waste mixed with the older decomposed waste.
12. Some designs have 3 chambers that are rotated to make sure waste that is emptied is all decomposed and sterile. Other designs empty to an outdoor compost pile to finish the decomposition process.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fake FunVax: Vaccine against Religious Feeling Hoax

The following fraudulent document is meant to fool people into think that some scientists have discovered a gene (VMAT2) expressed in the brain that seems to be associated with strong religious feelings.  The media has been calling it "the God gene". Likely a hoax, this possible fake white paper suggests that some scientists have been doing fMRI scans on religious extremists in Afghanistan and they have found that those tested produce more MVAT2 in their brains then the nonreligious.  So, these researchers want to cure religious extremism by vaccination and "knockout" or at least "knockdown" VMAT2 expression. 

Obviously, these hypotheses and tests would not be without controversy. #1 you can't reduce something as complex as religious feeling and the existence of God down to the expression of a single gene. #2 correlation does not equal causation. 
#3 Scientists argue this gene likely is not tied specifically to religion but any social involvement which could affect feelings of loyalty associate with identity including nationalism, patriotism, and paternalism.
#4  How do you ethically perform human experiments? does the government think it can get informed consent to test such a vaccine?  "Hey, want to be cured of your religious feelings?" #5 How do you control dose response in a vaccine?  Monkeys with VMAT2 knocked out loose the will to live, refuse to eat, and die from starvation.

I am not sure if the vaccine affects negative feelings of guilt or just positive social feelings, identity, loyalty and nationalism. Therefore, I don't think individuals with same-gender attraction would be cured of their religious guilt. 

Possible risks of vaccine: 
1. Production of a self-centered sociopath with no social allegiances or concept of the common good.
2. Attenuation of  human motivation, ambition and creativity.
3. Severe depression.
4. Christian targeted as religious extremist. 
5. Accidental or surreptitious release.

The pdf document is designed to be alarming.  This document suggests VMAT2 researchers are using the VSV (vesicular stomatitis virus).  This virus is very stable outside the body and it looks like they are hoping this VMAT2 immunization could be spread by ground aerosolization, disbursement at high altitudes, and even spread person-to-person.   

Just the suggestion of high altitude and ground dispersal demonstrates that this kind of vaccine research to change brain function is a hoax.  This kind of research would never be approved.  It is also unlikely that communications in a treatment area could be monitored for vaccine effectiveness.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Deal or Default?

With the US Government divided, gridlocked over the debt ceiling and Obamacare, and part of the Federal Government shut down; no one is really sure what is going to happen.  Here are some possibilities.

1. Last-minute deal and business as usual, kicking the national debt can further down the road.

2. Obama declares martial law and assumes dictatorial powers to prevent a default.

3. No deal and default (over the fiscal cliff) resulting in a Cyprus-style bail-in which means banks holding credit default swap (bond insurance derivatives) are stuck with the responsibility of paying off US bonds. Banks could then seize money out of personal segregated accounts. 

4. No deal and Greek-style debt restructuring.  Austerity measures put in place to balance budget.  Federal lands, mineral rights and utilities used to pay off debts.

5. No deal and business as usual with continued QE printing but no more bond sales.

6. Deal where we balance the budget, raise tariffs, end the FED, start a fair national monetary system, give back all federal lands and mineral rights to states, and make states and religion responsible for welfare.

7. Something else?????

Sad, my wife thinks #6 is the most improbable.  

Also, what was with the EBT (Federal Food Stamps) shutting down for 1 hour and the over-reporting of sporadic Walmart looting? Some people think that shutdown was a test or maybe just a scare tactic to get Congess to raise the debt ceiling.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

TB Drugs Treat Parkinson's

The cause of Parkinson's is still a mystery but recent studies may be narrowing the cause to few candidates.  Some researcher felt it possible that Parkinson's was caused by a TB-like bacteria.  The reason its hard to verify this is that TB-like bacteria do not grow  out in culture.  However, some researchers have known that certain TB drugs improve symptoms if not cure it.  

More recently, another mechanism for Parkinson's has come up associated with chronic Manganese poisoning.   

Well it so happens there may be an interesting treatment that covers both bases. An aspirin-like drug called sodium para-aminosalicylic acid used to treat TB also is believed to cross the blood brain barrier and chelate with excess manganese in the brain.

I am interested in following this more closely as research narrows in on a possible cure for this terrible and debilitating disease.  I have heard of other TB drugs being effective for Parkinson's as well.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Autonomous Kill Drones

The US Government is now wanting to create drones that can target and kill automatically and autonomously without human oversight.  Lethal autonomous robots (LAR's) will be enabled to target and fire their weapons without a human reviewing or checking the result.  HELLO, ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!!  

With the NSA reviewing all voice and data communications and then storing "meta-data".  The end result of this meta-data is the profiling and creation of lists. 

Now in the chance of martial law being declared during some future event or national catastrophe, we might expect an armada of LAR's kill drones to be unleashed over the US.  

Whose to say these autonomous kill drones couldn't be suddenly uploaded with a kill list and a certain segment of the population deemed a threat or undesirable could be automatically targeted using our GPS-enabled smart phones.

This scenario would be Star Wars Order 66 being carried out by drones instead of clones.  Even though critics hate the plot of the newer Star Wars movies, Lucus said the newer films were meant to be a warning. Lucus said that he produced the first 3 Star Wars movies so he could gain enough money and be independent enough to produce the prequels. 

So, do you think there is a warning there about the Order 66 and the Jedi Purge? Who will be the "force sensate" who will possibly be targeted and purged?

Maybe the NWO will collect "meta-data", profile and make kill lists of conspiracy theorists and constitutionalists. The NWO has aleady used the power of the IRS, HHS, EPA etc to target certain groups. Whose to say they won't one day target these groups with drones?

Do you think the same sociopaths who ruthlessly audit you, tax you, penalize you and revoke your business or non-profit licenses have some sort of moral conscious keeping them from crossing a certain line?

Don't project your values onto sociopaths.  Sociopaths have no conscience or empathy at all. I'm not sayimg any particular person is one.  What I'm saying is that a sociopath will do whatever they think will benefit them that they can get away with without punishment.  

Basil 3 And Repo Market

Most people don't recognize the direct effect that Bank of International Settlement Basil 1 Accords had on Japan increasing reserve requirements, contacting the money supply and triggering their "Lost Decade".  Similarly, these same people don't recognize how implementation of Basil 2 in 2007 by the FED triggered the collapse of the housing market in 2008. 

Now in 2013 we are seeing the the slow implementation of the Basil 3 Accords which, in an attempt to "stress-test" banks, is increasing reserve requirements, thereby contracting the money supply again.  One of the direct effects of Basil 3 is to do away with the repurchasing or "Repo" market. 

When mega-banks borrow money from the FED, they turn around and make loans on that money.  According to fractional reserve banking principles and the money multiplier, when a mega-bank borrows $1000, they can turn around and lend $9000, keeping the original $1000 as cash reserves "on-hand". 

However, banks don't like to hold actual "dollars (USD)" because of inflation.  As inflation rises, the value of the reserves diminishes. So, these banks convert the USD into US Bonds, and even Credit Default Swap Derivatives (Bond Insurance).   

When the banks need actual USD cash again, the banks use a Repo market and trade their US Bonds and Derivatives for a short-term loan. The loan may be as short as overnight. The bank is then able to have actual dollars (USD) to meet its needs for that period and will "repurchase" the US Bonds back the next day.

Well, financial news is reporting that with the implementation of the Bank of International settlement Basil 3 Accords, banks will be required to hold onto more reserves.  In addition, the Accords may do away with the short-term Repo market that has allowed banks to hold  reserves in the form of Bonds and Derivatives.

The net effect of all these changes is that the Basil 3 Accord policy yet again serves to contract the money supply.  If the FED at the same time ends or tapers its Quantitative Easing (QE), we could see the economy fall off another fiscal cliff.

What happened in 2008 with Bear Sterns is that there was a rumor (conspiracy) that Bear Stearns had liquidity problems.  There was then a run on the bank. 18 billion in reserves was reduced to 2 billion overnight.  Bear Sterns didn't have enough reserve cash on-hand to satisfy the withdrawals.  Usually the banks lend each other cash via the Repo market or LIBOR market to meet each others short-term cash needs. No one would lend to Bear Sterns and they became immediately insolvent.

Instead of the FED (lender of last resort) lending Bear Sterns money to meet its short-term cash needs, the FED allowed Bear Sterns to declare bankruptcy and then loaned JPMorgan the money to buy up Bear Sterns at pennies-on-the-dollar. The FED bailed out AIG, but they let Bear Sterns get bought out.

[a repo is a secured loan since the lender gets a collateral for the cash being lent out -- the only difference is that the ownership of the collateral is transferred in the case of repos, whereas under a loan the borrower retains ownership of the collateral. The difference between the selling price and the repurchase price is the effective interest in these transaction.

Rates on repo are different from LIBOR rates, since repos are considered a secured loan whereas the LIBOR is used for unsecured interbank lending.

The US repo market is estimated to be around $4.5 trillion in 2008.]

Traditionally, banks are to lend out 100% of deposits.  However, in the era of QE.  Banks can make more money by investing in the stock market, and buying oil rigs, airports and even speculating in the derivatives market.  How banks get around Glass-Steagall which limited banking practices to banking is via the Repo market. The mega-Banks take the QE money, buy US Bonds, then put those bonds up as collateral on the Repo market and get "laundered money" in exchange to then speculate with in the markets instead of using the reserves to issue small-business loans.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

New Naval Game

It has  been my opinion that the "game is changed" with regard to conventional naval power.  I just wanted to list the many reasons why I believe US carriers are obsolete and why China may strike the US sooner than later.

I think China is only feigning interest in building aircraft carriers. Evidence show they are not. They may build a token 1 or 2 but not in significant numbers necessary to be a major strategic component. You can't hide the building of these things easily. If they were building them, I think we'd likely know about it.  

Remember when Pres. Obama went to India with a carrier group?  China parked a sub off LA and launched a ballistic missile. In response, India instead of supporting the US, became the "I" in the "BRICS".

Also, Pres. Obama confessed to Gov. Romney during the debate that navy ships were obsolete like "horses and bayonets".  I actually think he was telling the truth there. 

Chinese Naval power centers around asymmetric warfare by these fast attack, stealth, foil-cat, ballistic missile boats.  These hydrofoil power catamarans will be protected by stealth submarines  with supercavitating torpedoes. With the US carriers gone, there will be no significant air threat.  In the age of anti-ship ballistic missiles, any slow moving surface ship is not just a sitting duck but a dead one.

The consequence of China already building the Navy they want and need is that China and Russia don't need 10 years to strike the US.  They are not going to give the US that long to wake up to the threat.  We may only have 3 years. 

I'm really not sure if Aircraft Carriers is the only reason for your 10-year outlook other than its always better in these forecasts to shoot long and then narrow later. 

I'm not sure if Biblical prophecy may be affecting your forecast. It is my opinion that the Biblical 1/2-hour of silence may not apply here.  The 1/2-hour (21 years) of silence was in heaven but I don't think applies to trumpets that sound on the Earth.  I could be wrong.

I do confess being influenced by David Horne's GAS account.  I know the family very well and despite his gold digging episode and quirks, he is a very sincere and humble man. Joseph Smith was guilty of some of that.  The Chief Wakara gold story is intriguing.  However, we know Brigham Young got the capital infusion to build Zion as a fortuitous side-effect of the US military occupation and travelers passing through Utah headed for California.

Another reason I feel the current navy is obsolete is the movie "Battleship" tasted like a propaganda piece.

The only reason that you have repetitively given for your 10-year-China-needs-carriers plan is that China will need to project power onto the rest of the world.  However, you forget that TPTB have no intention of China winning and dominating. China is also being double crossed even after they duke it out with Russia.  If you read "Why China will never rule the world" it makes the very simple point that despite their manufacturing, their Confucianism may not anything to contribute to a Socratic western world of "rugged individualists" who at least have been fooled into believing they are free thinkers. 

The Power Elite want the US to give up our sovereignty to global government in order to defeat the Communist threat.  That means China also looses out in the end.

But even during the secondary China-Russia conflict, the countries share a boarder.  Most of the conflict will likely be closer to shore and on land. China already controls ports all over the Earth and military equipment will be shipped by Supercargo container ships and not carriers.  The expansion of the Panama canal and deep water ports I believe are part of the Chinese strategy.

If China ends up needing some kind of carrier. Supercargo container ships can be converted to launch drones. 

Finally, in the age of drones, GPS and now hypersonic Mach-10 SCRAM-jet missiles, you don't need expensive fighters and carrier groups to project air power.  Now you can reach out and bomb the other side of the planet in less than 2 hours. SCRAM-jet tech is cheap.  There are no moving parts. You accelerate the missile with conventional solid fuel to Mach 3 and then turn on the SCRAM-jet. Now the missile accelerates to Mach 10 using liquid fuel using only the shape of the intake and the hypersonic shockwave to compress the air, mix, and burn the fuel.  The warhead is simply kinetic.

In the end, only time will tell. However, we will see if the current Congress will broker a last-minute deal before Oct 17 to raise the debt ceiling or if they will allow the US to default. If the US does collapse, banks holding credit-default swaps (= divided-up bond insurance policies) will be caught holding the liability. If that happens we could see a Cyprus-style bail-in  take the place of QE bailouts.  A default or partial default where we do a Greek-style debt settlement with China may serve to enrage China even more.

TPTB still need a pretext to go against Syria and Iran.  Chemical weapons attacks are not working and won't work. Assad could be framed for more 10 more chemical attacks and the majority of US wouldn't care.  We don't want another war. The only false flag event that could convince us I think is a nuclear detonation blamed on Iran. A false  flag of this magnitude would get our minds off the government raiding our bank accounts.

The US has been prepping us for a nuclear event telling us that AlQaeda sleeper cells have been taking nuclear science classes in Canada and walked away with Cobalt 60. 

Also, I believe an isolated nuclear detonation will NOT get people prepping for a full-scale nuclear first strike. Wherever the detonation occurs (N Utah?), FEMA is ready to clean it up, bury the dead, and relocate downwinders.  Besides, with the worsening economic hardship, citizen's likely won't have the money to prep in the next 3 years.

The US wants war with Iran, they want martial law, they want to confiscate guns, they want to enrage China and Russia to illicit an attack. Yes, I don't believe their will be complete  collapse.  But what other kind of event is going to get us into Iran and achieve these other globalist goals? 

October 17, Debt Ceiling Deadline

October 17, 2013 marks another deadline where the US government must increase the debt ceiling or default on our debt.  It looks like the GOP and DEMs are really facing off this time over Obamacare and the US debt. Will Congress broker a last-minute deal or will they allow us to fall over the edge?

My brother-in-law thinks we will default this time.  Not that he knows anything. What will the consequences of a default be?  Banks holding credit default swap derivatives will be liable to repay the bonds.  Credit default swaps are bond insurance. Goldman Sachs started selling the US bond insurance  policies years ago and then dividing these policies up and reselling them to banks. But who could possibly unsure the USA?  Not Goldman Sachs who divides up the insurance policy liability and sells it off to all the banks.

Why are banks buying credit default swaps? QE money goes free to banks who turn around and buy US bonds which are not giving much return because QE is being used to buy them up. So banks are buying Credit Default Swaps which divide up monthly premiums and divide that money up between the insurance policy holders.

If the US defaults. the CDS-holder banks will owe.  The US will likely then negotiate a Greek-style debt re-settlement and then may stop QE bailout and instead have the banks do a Cypress-style bail-in where banks go into private segregated accounts and take your money.  According to the law deposits are owned by the bank and the depositor is just another liability.  If a bail-in occurs, FDIC will not be able to cover the loses.

I suppose we can hope Congress will just make another deal, increase the debt ceiling, and continue QE kicking the can further down the road.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Problem with Public Banking and the Bank of North Dakota

To whom it may concern, 

I was listening to a report on public banking  on the Keiser Report and information on the Bank of North Dakota.  I think Public Banking is a great idea but may not do enough or go far enough to fix the world and national economic problems. Money is a utility but the public is correct that the government should not be the deciderers when it comes to credit. I am concerned that Private vs. Public banking is yet another false dichotomy and I hope an institution like might be open-minded enough to consider an alternative that 1. allows local government access to cheap credit 2. safeguards the power to administer loans and credit into the local community.

Please read about the Community Safety Society Banking System or Safety Society System (SSS) at: