Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Autonomous Kill Drones

The US Government is now wanting to create drones that can target and kill automatically and autonomously without human oversight.  Lethal autonomous robots (LAR's) will be enabled to target and fire their weapons without a human reviewing or checking the result.  HELLO, ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!!  

With the NSA reviewing all voice and data communications and then storing "meta-data".  The end result of this meta-data is the profiling and creation of lists. 

Now in the chance of martial law being declared during some future event or national catastrophe, we might expect an armada of LAR's kill drones to be unleashed over the US.  

Whose to say these autonomous kill drones couldn't be suddenly uploaded with a kill list and a certain segment of the population deemed a threat or undesirable could be automatically targeted using our GPS-enabled smart phones.

This scenario would be Star Wars Order 66 being carried out by drones instead of clones.  Even though critics hate the plot of the newer Star Wars movies, Lucus said the newer films were meant to be a warning. Lucus said that he produced the first 3 Star Wars movies so he could gain enough money and be independent enough to produce the prequels. 

So, do you think there is a warning there about the Order 66 and the Jedi Purge? Who will be the "force sensate" who will possibly be targeted and purged?

Maybe the NWO will collect "meta-data", profile and make kill lists of conspiracy theorists and constitutionalists. The NWO has aleady used the power of the IRS, HHS, EPA etc to target certain groups. Whose to say they won't one day target these groups with drones?

Do you think the same sociopaths who ruthlessly audit you, tax you, penalize you and revoke your business or non-profit licenses have some sort of moral conscious keeping them from crossing a certain line?

Don't project your values onto sociopaths.  Sociopaths have no conscience or empathy at all. I'm not sayimg any particular person is one.  What I'm saying is that a sociopath will do whatever they think will benefit them that they can get away with without punishment.  

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