Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fake FunVax: Vaccine against Religious Feeling Hoax

The following fraudulent document is meant to fool people into think that some scientists have discovered a gene (VMAT2) expressed in the brain that seems to be associated with strong religious feelings.  The media has been calling it "the God gene". Likely a hoax, this possible fake white paper suggests that some scientists have been doing fMRI scans on religious extremists in Afghanistan and they have found that those tested produce more MVAT2 in their brains then the nonreligious.  So, these researchers want to cure religious extremism by vaccination and "knockout" or at least "knockdown" VMAT2 expression. 

Obviously, these hypotheses and tests would not be without controversy. #1 you can't reduce something as complex as religious feeling and the existence of God down to the expression of a single gene. #2 correlation does not equal causation. 
#3 Scientists argue this gene likely is not tied specifically to religion but any social involvement which could affect feelings of loyalty associate with identity including nationalism, patriotism, and paternalism.
#4  How do you ethically perform human experiments? does the government think it can get informed consent to test such a vaccine?  "Hey, want to be cured of your religious feelings?" #5 How do you control dose response in a vaccine?  Monkeys with VMAT2 knocked out loose the will to live, refuse to eat, and die from starvation.

I am not sure if the vaccine affects negative feelings of guilt or just positive social feelings, identity, loyalty and nationalism. Therefore, I don't think individuals with same-gender attraction would be cured of their religious guilt. 

Possible risks of vaccine: 
1. Production of a self-centered sociopath with no social allegiances or concept of the common good.
2. Attenuation of  human motivation, ambition and creativity.
3. Severe depression.
4. Christian targeted as religious extremist. 
5. Accidental or surreptitious release.

The pdf document is designed to be alarming.  This document suggests VMAT2 researchers are using the VSV (vesicular stomatitis virus).  This virus is very stable outside the body and it looks like they are hoping this VMAT2 immunization could be spread by ground aerosolization, disbursement at high altitudes, and even spread person-to-person.   

Just the suggestion of high altitude and ground dispersal demonstrates that this kind of vaccine research to change brain function is a hoax.  This kind of research would never be approved.  It is also unlikely that communications in a treatment area could be monitored for vaccine effectiveness.

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