Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where ObamaCare is Going?

Everyone knows that ObamaCare is a boondoggle . Its not going to work.  Most people  dislike it.  Now with the website failures, not enough people will enroll.  Result? the program will declared a failure and come March the government will claim that its forced to pass a single-payer program.  Single-payer was where they were headed all along. 

Second.  We have witnessed the epic fail of the Obamacare website.  The success of Obamacare depends on getting young healthy people enrolled so they can pay for everyone else.  Now we have a situation where noone can sign up.  

The media reports that one of Michelle Obama's Chicago college friends won the contract to do the failed website and database. Now Oracle, Google and Redhat have been called up to fix the Obamacare website.  However, I will tell you, there is no fixing a broken and insecure database.  Oracle will need to start over from scratch. I will be very surprised if Oracle and Google and Redhat can get this job done by January.   The Obamacare database is supposed to be the most extensive US database in our history.  Makes you wonder why the President didn't call in the Database Major Leaguers from the start. 

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