Saturday, November 23, 2013

Drudge Report: Hoover, JFK, Baker

How the media work? think of each news story as a point on a page.  The mainstream media then connects the dots and creates a picture for us by highlighting certain points and disgarding others.  Alternative media sites are able to ofttimes draw a completely different picture by highlighting or including more or different dots. is one of the most popular alernative media websites in America and has been getting a lot of attention by the mainstream media and politicians.  The fascinating thing about Matt Drudge's site is that it is just a news headline aggregator.  There is no original content. 

The Drudge website searches other mainstream and alternative media sites and highlights certain stories that may not get highlighted by by the media sources themselves.   And that right there is the genius of the site.  

In reality, the mainstream media comes out with very honest and revealing news reports all the time.  However, how the media game works is many of these stories get buried and are overlooked.  Drudge paints a very different picture of "the way things are" just by highlighting these different headlines.

However, at this stage of the game, I think disclosure is part of the master plan.  At this point, all these revelations about corruption and the abuse of power are more about causing division and getting American's to loose faith.  

I was watching several documentaries about J Edgar Hoover.  There was that movie recently.  And basically these documentary were saying the head of the FBI was gay and the media covered for him and Hoover covered for the mafia and who knows who else because these organized crime groups blackmailed Hoover.  

I'm not sure people realize the depth of what was going on in the FBI. For several decades Hoover denied the existence of the mafia.  The mob in Hoover's opinion was a fairytail and anyone who brought it up was ignored or labeled like a nutcase. That was until the chance discovery of a mafia summit in Apalachin, NY Nov 14, 1957.  

But even after the media and Hoover were forced to recognize the mafia, little was done about it until after JFK was assassinated in 1963 and Robert Kennedy began a crusade against the mafia as Attorney General  and then State Senator until his own assassination in 1968.

Now we have the revelations by Bobby Baker who was a close political advisor to LBJ. Robert Gene Baker from SC ran the Quorum Club and was investigated in 1963 for bribery and corruption.  This investigation was dropped by Robert Kennedy with the help of Hoover and dirt they had on JFK. The tangled web of corruption and blackmail boggles the mind.  And the free press covering for everyone.

I mean I've been working in Aiken SC, which was home to Strom Thurmond.  If you want to here some salacious rumors, just talk to the old-timers around Edgefield County, SC.  But how come everyone knows all this behavior is going on and these details about who our politicians really are are hidden in plain sight from us?  

Drudge report demonstrates that the truth was always there, but special interest control the media has led to the steady erosion of morality and liberty in America beginning with our leaders. A carefully controlled chief editor can with a few edits change the whole impact of a story or bury another story in the back of the paper. 

However, alternative media aggregation sites like are serving to bring some of these stories to the forefront countering the steady drumbeat narrative of the mainstream media.  However, I fear it may be too late and these revelations 50 years after the fact are just serving to cause American's to loose faith in the American system.

Why is what happened 50 years important today? These examples of corruption and scandal are important because these kind of things are still happening.  Chief Justice Roberts was supposed to be a conservative justice, but when it came to ruling on the Obamacare mandate, Roberts suddenly flips sides and then tells us "the Supreme Court should seek to find any reason to judge legislation constitutional."

What we all suspect is that Justice Roberts got a call and got blackmailed and coerced into switching his vote. Bill Mayer isn't the only one who thinks Roberts is gay. In this day and age, who should care, but the unfortunate thing is if you are ashamed enough to be blackmailed over it is the real tragedy.

The consequence of the decision on the individual mandate is now there is SCOTUS precident that the US government can now legislate what is good for you.  And if you dont agree they can fine you, jail you, and take your children away from you.

The Obamacare individual mandate is nothing like states requiring liability car insurance.1. The car insurance requirement is to protect the potential victim. 2. a person can avoid the requirement by choosing not to drive 3. car insurance laws are state laws and not federal laws.

The problem with corrupt politicians and media are the same problems. The world has a concentrated economic elite minority. There are  60 Bank of International settlement- controlled banks.  This means that when the FED issues a bond, the US special interests issue us our own currency with interest. 

Now thay the bankers have all the money, thess special interests can buy up and control the media as well as politicians. 

The only hope is to create a more equitable monetary system based on real assets and full reserve banking.  Older posts illustrate this system called the "The Safety Society System". Our problem is that America instituted European banking.  The Safety Society System actually better follows the Constitution where the Congress via the Treasury creates 100% currency and not the banks via the money multiplier which is the sourse of their power.

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