Thursday, December 29, 2016

Urea, Titanium Dioxide, and Chicken Feathers

Urea used as fertilizer and found in human urine when pyrolyzed at about 550 C under atmosperic pressure, forms graphitic carbon nitride (C3N4). This substance when exposed to light will photo-catalyze the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen. When you mix Titanium dioxide with the carbon nitride, the photocatalytic reaction rate increases significantly (doubles).

The hydrogen can then be stored in carburized chicken feather fiber (CCFF). Heating chicken feathers in a regular box furnace in the presence of oxygen produces carburized nanopore fiber that will bind up large amounts of hydrogen.

Papers claim a car would require a 75 gallon tank of CCFF to give an automobile a 300 mile range.  However, this is equating the technology to gasoline engines and not current electric vehicles which have shorter ranges.  Also, these numbers might not account for savings in weight.  Also, this does not account for the possible on-board generation of hydrogen using carbon nitride/titanium dioxide. 

This Chinese study may suggest if TiO2 and Urea are combined to the furnace together and the carbon nitride is made to coat the titanium nanoparticle, you achive a better charge seperation and possible X10 hydrogen production.  

Friday, December 23, 2016

Israel Ready To Attack?

This is an old YNET story from 2012.

After the failed coup against President Erdogan, Turkey has allied itself with Russia and now fighting instead of supplying ISIS. The globalist plan to otherthrow President Assad in Syria seems to have failed again. 

Israel was waiting for the US to remove Assad in Syria before they strike Iran.  Now that NATO/OTAN has failed in Syria and Turkey, Israel may feel forced to strike now taking control of the situation, trusting in a seemingly pro-Israel POTUS to look the other way. Trump has already indicated that he doesn't agree with the military goals in Syria and that he is happy to let Russia and Turkey erradicate ISIS.  

Russia and Turkey eradicating ISIS may be a problem for the globalists who were secretly funding ISIS as a backdoor into Syria after Secretary Kerry gave Assad a way to avert war by giving up his chemical weapons in 2013.

If Israel strikes Iran and Damascus, it will be WW3 and Russia and China will finally strike the West which has been the central desire of the globalist all along.  President Obama possibly wasn't joking that it was "the last Whitehouse correspondence dinner" but it will will never be the end of the Republic. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Damascus and Not Seoul


I enjoyed this years review in Highland, UT. Isaiah 17 seems to indicate that Damascus (Methuselah of cities) is the trigger and not Seoul for WW3. I agree North Korea makes sense except for divine intervention in the temple dedication and the account below. 

Why Russia may not wait to strike the West? 1.There may not be a reprieve on divine judgement because we voted for Trump, because we have not repented.  Voting for Trump is not repentance.  Trump is a social liberal dressed in conservative clothing with an ego big as Putin perfect for prosecuting WW3. They both have been positioned. 

2. Trump is pro-oil and pro-coal which will drive down energy prices.  Russia needs 50$/barrel.  Trump may drill in ANWR and approve Keystone driving down energy prices.

3. Trump is pro-military and nuclear modernization.  Will Russia and China let slip this window of opportunity where they may presume a military advantage?   They have underground factories and they are ahead of schedule on weapons systems.  With sanctions and low oil prices they will be economically crippled going forward to continue military expenditures.

4. Trump is pro-money printing.  In the Walmart economy, Walmart dictates the price and not the Chinese manufacturer.  Will China continue to accept increasingly devalued USD as we continue to QE?

5. Trump is pro-Israel.  Israel has been waiting for the US to take out Syria before they strike Iran.  But the US has just extended Iran sanctions for 10 years which are more like Iranian stimulus. Also, the US has made little progress in Syria.  So, maybe Israel will get fed up and just go it alone striking Syria and Iran trusting that Trump will support it.

If Israel strikes Damascus, then that may be the provoking straw that breaks the camel's back and gets Putin to react.  Unfortunately, we may not have a weeks warning.  Isaiah 17 says that in the evening their would be trouble, and by morning it would be all over. (in one hour John says). 

Best Regards,

Subj: Promise made in the Temple of South Korea


I'm a Korean linguist for the U.S. Air Force. I've been stationed in

Korea for 12 of the last 22 years. I served my mission in Sendai, Japan and then returned home to Idaho and married my wife Lauri.  I joined the Air Force in 1982 and was sent to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey California to learn Korean. I was then assigned to Osan Air Base and arrived in Korea in 1984. I am an Intelligence professional.

On December 14, 1985, my wife and I were privileged to attend the dedication of the Seoul Temple. President Gordon B. Hinckley who was a counselor in the First Presidency at the time, was to dedicate the temple. In his remarks before the dedicatory prayer, he made a comment that was so startling, that I committed it to memory. He said, "If you will use this temple, you need not fear an invasion from the north." What a great promise! I also remember the remark, because during my mission, I had the opportunity to work with Elder Kikuchi of the Seventy. He was also at the dedication and afterwards as we were talking, he remarked how neat that promise was.

My family left Korea in 1986 and returned in 1988 for a second tour. We stayed that time until 1991. In 1993, my family and I returned yet again to Korea and at that time, tensions were increasing over the possible North Korean development of nuclear weapons. In 1994, it actually appeared that we might go to war with North Korea over this issue. Even though I had heard a prophet of the Lord declare we would be protected, I began to doubt the promise. I wondered if perhaps I had misunderstood President Hinckley's words that day.

That summer, many of us were invited to Seoul to a training session with Elder Boyd K. Packer and Elder Henry B. Eyring. The chapel in Shindang was filled with church leaders both Korean and American. Elder Eyring spoke first and then Elder Packer stood up to speak. He let us know that "training" was not the only reason that he and Elder Eyring had come to Korea. He told us that President Hinckley was concerned for the safety of the saints in Korea.

He said the day before, President Packer and Elder Eyring had gone up to the Demilitarized Zone, the border between north and south Korea, and had performed a priesthood ordinance which placed guardian angels at that border. He told us that because of our faithfulness in attending the temple, we would be protected.

I don't know if I was more surprised to hear that there were actually guardian angels at the border, or that there was a priesthood ordinance to put them there. One Korean stake president, asked Elder Packer, "How long will they be there?" His answer was, "As long as they are needed, and you are faithful in your temple attendance." Now I knew we were safe for I had heard the promise twice.

In 1996, President Hinckley came to Korea on his way to Hong Kong to dedicate the temple there. He held a regional conference in Seoul which we attended. During his remarks at this conference, he made reference to the temple promise, and said he was going to change it. He told us that we now needed to attend the temple faithfully, and also appreciate it. He told us that we were all being protected by the Lord because we had done as we were told. This was the third time I had heard the promise and the second time from President Hinckley's own mouth.

I know this promise is true. I have seen events happen in conjunction with my job, in which many times the experts have been confused as to why the North Koreans did not attack. I know it is because they cannot. As a member of the U.S. Air Force, part of my job is to help protect the Republic of Korea from attack. I feel as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, I can do more to protect South Korea by attending the temple. As long as the saints in Korea attend the temple they are protected. I have been so blessed to not only witness the prophet of the Lord proclaim this great promise, but also have been here to see the fulfillment of those words.


George H Barnard

535 S 200 E Apt 703

Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Sunday, December 18, 2016

David Horne and George Albert Smith Vision

I grew up knowing David Horne and his family. David Horne was an Engineer at HAFB and is friends with my Father. The Hornes live in the same LDS Stake as my parents (Monument Park). I was classmates with his daughter Heather, and my father, brothers, and I participated with him in the same HAM Radio clubs. He was my personal tutor and examiner when I was HAM radio certified. He attended my wedding and the weddings of all my siblings. I have been in his home several times and I have exchanged several emails and phonecalls over the years discussing HAM Radio (MARS) and other things. I've been living in Georgia for 11 years, so I don't see him often. I did not know about the GAS vision until 5 years ago. I have since emailed him and he has verified and stands behind the account.

David Horne was involved in several HAM Radio volunteer groups like ARES, MARA, and Air Force MARS. Because he worked at HAFB, he started a AF MARS group in Salt Lake. It was a small group which included my father and sibblings. My MARS call sign is AFA5KN. The benefit of MARS was exellent practice passing messages via HAM radio which many other groups talk about but rarely do. Also, extra frequencies and repeaters not available to regular HAM radio. But most of all, MARS members had access to free very old decommissioned, military electronics and radio gear to be used for MARS and not for sale.

David Horne was always a pepper, even in the 80's before it was popular. I think some of his prepping likely led to a house fire about 10 years ago. My dad was there to help out when it happened. Bro. Horne wanted my Dad and I to have older tube-based radios in case of EMP by Russia, and he worked to get 3 very nice Collins KWM2's for my Dad, myself, and my sibblings. HAM Radio can be very expensive, and we had very little money, and access to free or cheap equipment was the only way our family could afford to participate in the hobby. 

David Horne to my knowledge never discussed the GAS vision in any public setting. My Dad was aware of it. But having attended many Stake Emergency Prep meetings and MARS and ARES meeetings, I never heard Bro. Horne mention it until I read the account 5 years ago on-line. Bro. Horne never wrote a book, went on the radio or held a fireside discussing GAS vision. He never sold his MARS gear for money and was upset with me when I confessed to him that I sold my Collins Radio years ago so I could buy an ICOM (way easier to operate).

What I'm trying to say is, that I think David Horne really had an experience with GAS. I think Bro. Horne believes he is telling the truth. He has acted his whole life in a consistent manner with regard to the experience. Maybe not correctly, but consistently. I can't say that he could possibly remember everything correctly, but I would be very surprised if it was discovered that he made it all up.

I have several siblings and friends who struggle with mental illness.  I am an emergency medicine physician and initially stabilize people with severe mental illness.  Bro. Horne definately has a introverted "engineer's personality", but he has never demonstrated any disordered thought or behavior.  He has remained happily married, an active and faithful LDS member, and maintained consistent employment. 

I cannot say and have never said the GAS vision is doctrine.  I could never say that because the account of this possible prophetic utterance has not come through the established, appointed, and accepted channels of LDS Church leadership.  It has not been publically taught or endorsed by modern Prophets or Apostles.  However, it is not the kind of thing that could be taught over the pulpit.  

President Monson shared a parable in an article "Are we prepared", warning that 'setting fires would send the chickens (members) into a molt' and some members would become overly stressed and cease to be productive.  I agree.  Having known about the GAS vision for 5 years and David Horne for 30 years, I have been a bit troubled by this account. But in my case, the account has been a blessing in a way because I have been more motivated to better repent, get my food storage, and to get my house in order.  

When I discovered the GAS account, I had recently "woken up" to the reality of global conspiracy thanks to my grandfather Ted Barley who warned me of global conspiracy the last time I was was with him before he died, as well as listening to an excellent scientific lecture by Steven E. Jones on 911 and explainations of the reality of conspiracy by Willam Cooper, Gary Allen "None dare call it conspiracy", Joel Skousen and then learning about Bohemian Grove and understanding what this and similar organizations were. When I first "woke up", I was paranoid about everything.  I thought the sky would fall at any minute.  The GAS vision, at least, put my mind at ease over the past 4 years. Now that times seems up, and I'm not looking forward to going back to how I felt before where every threat of impending economic collapse bothered me since 2008. 

I am not afraid to publically stand up for and defend the character of David Horne. I have never said I know the GAS vision is true, but am willing say that I believe it to be plausible.  So many details of the vision habe already come to pass. But on one hand with the media saying Trump and Putin are best friends, on one hand, according to the media it seems conflict between the US and Russia is not eminent.  Yet on the other hand, with Pres. Obama's claims of Russian hacking and pledges to retaliate, things could escalate at any time. 

Believing in the GAS vision as plausible, as I have been obliged to do, has not been easy.  My wife does not believe it and understandably resents it. She is a wonderful mother who is raising 6 beautiful children who like any children need to be raised in a safe, secure, and trusting environment.  So, we don't talk about conspiracy or the GAS vision; especially not around our young children.  I have shared it with my eldest son, but I've had to carefully manage his fears as well.  Fortunately, my wife believes in following the prophet and being out of debt, and prepared.  So, while we may not have every preparation, we have what we will need. 

If nothing happens with regard to the GAS vision in the next week or month "during a holiday after the election but before the inaugaration", I will keep on doing the same thing I've been doing to this point. My wife and I both have great careers and our 6 children are an absolute joy to raise.  Ruth is enjoying being a member of Kiwanis, and Ruth and I are going to be becoming managing board members of a non-profit foundation.  Together with our church callings, Ruth and I will remain busy and productive.

Today, the electoral college cast their votes for Trump or Clinton.  However, improbable, I was predicting a Schwartznegger, and Ventura-like win for Trump. But, I'm not an insider, and don't know anything for sure.  The thing with prophecy, is that it doesn't become clear until after its been fulfilled.   I am not sure if there will be any civil unrest and gun confiscation before the attack or after. Could an electoral college win for either Clinton or Trump today spark civil unrest?

Many are saying that in the nationalism vs. globalism conflict, with with Brexit vote and the election of Trump, that God is giving the West a reprieve and that our appointed destruction will be delayed. However, the main issue with God is not nationalism but virtue, and the US has not repented as a nation of our immorality, infanticide and drunkenness and Trump has been masquerading as a social liberal in conservative clothing. 

Also, the media tells us that Russia, China, and Israel being happy with Trump bring elected.  However, Trump seems to be pro-oil and coal.  That would mean that the price of energy could fall and Russia depends of 50$/barrel oil.  Trump is pro-military modernization.  That means Russia and China will loose their current strategic military advantage over the US.  Also, Trump is pro-money printing, which means China will continue to receive valueless USD in exchange for manufactured goods without the power to raise prices because Walmart/Target dictate the price and not the manufactures. 

Trump seems to be pro-Israel and ready to buck the status quo, and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  However, the US government just extended sactions on Iran for another 10 years which seem to be more Iranian subsidies.  Israel has been waiting of the US to deal with Syria before they strike Iran. Will Israel just decide they can't wait any longer and take on Syria and Iran on their own, betting on a pro-Israel Trump to forgive them down the road? However, if Israel does strike Damascus, according to Isaiah 17:1-3, that will be the straw the breaks the camel's back with regard to Russia and China being provoked into striking the West.  

Unfortunately, when a simple push of a button can change the world forever in less than 1 hour, Isaiah warns that their wouldn't be signs of trouble until te prior evening, and by the morning, it would be all over. Jesus Christ warned that the world would be marrying and giving in marriage (business as usual) until the end. That makes prediction difficult. 

I was thinking, had the attack occured on Christmas or New Years, GAS likely would have recognized what holiday it was. However, if the attack happens on MLK Day (Jan 16), GAS wouldn't have identified the holiday because MLK Day has only been a national holiday since 1983.

The problem with judging this prophecy before it is potentially fulfilled or not is that with manipulated media, we don't have adequate situational awareness.

"The Soviet Union"

The Soviet Union does still exist.  The Communist party and the KGB/GRU are still active as ever (Putin, Cuba). The fall of the Soviet Union was a farse, and the seemingly pro-western governments of Eastern block nations are all secretly pro-Russian and when they are not, (like Poland in 2010), your airplane crashes with the entire executive government on board. 

"military might dwarfed that of the United States"

Russia currently has superior nuclear, hypersonic missile, supercavitating torpedo, stealth submarine, tank (Armada), and space weapons capabilities.  Putin just recently talked about their current superiority over any "potential aggressor". 

"I saw the United States withdraw its missiles to appease the Soviet Union, and then the war began."

President Obama has cancelled or cut funding missile defense programs according to the Heritage Foundation.  Romney called out Obama for withdrawing missile defense from Poland in 2014 as a "gift to Russia". These so-called anti-ballistic missiles were secretly tipped with nuclear warheads as Putin has indicated on several occasions.

"entangling alliances"

NATO, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. 

"take away the guns of the people" 

this might happen after the nuclear first-strike when a decapitated US gives its sovereignty over to NATO or similar "League of Democracies".

"on a holiday after the election but before the inaugaration"

MLK Day, January 16, 2017.  It was only made a holiday in 1983, so GAS wouldn't have identified it.

Yes, I agree that if the GAS vision is not fulfilled on Dec 16, it's bunk.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Autism and Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D level of women at 20-weeks gestation have a high correlation with the developmemt of autism. The in-uteral connection was highest on my list as possible causes.  The MMR vaccine was suspected as being linked to autism because of the temporal association of the childhood vaccine and diagnosis. But signs of autism are already seen before birth.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Carbon Nitride Photocatalyst

If you take urea (urine) and heat it at about 500-600 C, it becomes graphitic  carbon nitride (melon).  It turns out that this material is photocatalytic and may catalyze the hydrolysis of water.  However, I think the reaction is too slow to be useful.  However, I have been reading that if you take carbon nitride material amd then put it in an anerobic solution with an "electron donor", probably like methyl viologen/paraquat, that the paraquat will reduce blue and then may reduce hydrogen and carbon dioxide to methanol or methane.  Also, chicken feathers can be heated and carburized and used to store hydrogen.  Titanium dioxide doubles the photocatalytic activity of graphitic carbon nitride.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Pipelines and Railroads

Again, the US Federal Government is doing all sorts of things it was never meant to do, and failing to perform the enumerated duties in the Consyitution that it is supposed to do. 

The US Constitution specifies that the Federal government is to build post roads and regulate interstate commerce. These principles were used to justify Eisenhower's construction of the interstate system of US Freeways. Anyone who has traveled by car can appreciate the wisdom and blessing of this Federal system. 

However, when it comes to a federal railroad system and oil pipeline, the US Federal Government has left these duties up to private companies.  The consequence is that it is cheaper to transport goods from overseas to regional ocean ports than tansport goods by rail across the US.  
Federal oil and gas pipelines would bring down oil and gas prices and make transporting goods across the US even cheaper. But the will of globalist government is to prevent the US from being self-reliant and keeping oil proces artificially elevated. 

The Federal or State government is never to exercize eminent domain on behalf of a private company.  Government can legally exercise eminent domain for such national transportation projects. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Clueless Romney Got Played Again by Global Elite

Our current conflict is between nationalism vs.  globalism (e.g. Brexit).  Brent Skowcroft recently confessed before the McCain-led senate subcommittee that the "Westphalian System" was a disaster and they were actively working to further liberalize it in favor of a global system.

The global elite scored another major victory against Mitt Romney making sure he has no part in the coming Trump administration. Trump was always going to win.  The first time Trump said something outrageous and the media expressed disdane but then made excuses, I was suspicious that the globists were going to pull a Schwarzenegger or Ventura-like campaign. 

However, the globalist would gave also known that it would make sense for Trump to invite Romney to be a part of his administration, to heal any divides in the Republical party.  However, by having Romney's handlers urge him to come out in such rude and hostile opposition to Trump assurred that Romney would have no place in the Trump administration.  I thought Romney calling Trump a "fraud" was ill-advised at the time, but now I see the likely intented results.  Well played!

If the elite want globalism, why was the Brexit succesfull? I think because they eventually want succession campaigns (Texit, Cascadia, etc.) in America to divide up the US.  The problem with the US is that it could be energy and natural resource self-reliant. Self-reliance doesn't work in a global system.

If Romney does get picked as Secretary of State, it is only in keeping with the globalist trend of having an LDS in a major government cabinet-level position when a major move is made against US constitutional principles.  I have made a list of this in other posts but examples are Reid Smoot, (federal lands, tariffs), J Ruben Clark (Monroe Doctrine), Ezra Benson (farm subsidies), David Kennedy (US dollar taken off gold standard), George Romney (HUD loans and low-income housing), Hatch and Reid (record deficits), Mike Leavitt (Obamacare). 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Clinton and Comey

FBI Chief Comey determined there was no basis to indict or prosecute Clinton because they could not prove criminal intent with regard to having classified (special program status) information on her private server.  This is creating new law because there is no requirement of intent with the handling of classified information.  Anyone else who handled classified information that ended up on Anthony Weiner's laptop and not just the Clinton server would face severe punishments regardless of intent. 

Trump is choosing his cabinet and advisors and they all pretty much look like globalist, goldman sachs and CFR members just like previous administrations. (Gulliani, Gingrich, Christie, Dimon) Consequently, I don't hold too much hope that much will chamge with a Trump presidency. If Trump were to go rogue, and make independent decisions, the system could hurt him by raising interest rates and crashing the economy like they did in 1929 with Calvin Coolidge. (last time we had Republican controlled government).

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is Greek American.  Dimon is being invited to be Secretary of Treasury. Could he run for President in 8 years?  Dimon donates to Democrats.  

Friday, November 11, 2016

War Window

Many people think that because Trump was elected, there is little chance now that Russia and China would attack the West because Putin indicated that he could possibly work with Trump. However, Trump already is surrounding himself with the same globalist advisors (Goldman Sachs, CFR) that have influenced every other president over the ladt 100 years. Why would Russia hope anything us going to change with regard to US policy?

Here is why this thinking may be mistaken. Trump and a Republican controlled Congress will likely ramp up US defense spending. US next gen technology such as railgun, hypersonic missiles, stealth destroyers, and the F-22, as well as any nuclear capibility modernization have all been sabotaged and delayed. 

With a weak Obama leaving office, with the US military at its weakest, there is a serious window of opportunity that Russia and China may not be able to pass up. 

If Russia and China strike the US and decapitate our military capibility, Russia and China are then free to take anything they want without any serious opposition.

Do not doubt Putin and China's ambitions. The bankers need WW3 so they can cancel all the debt, start over, and not get blammed for their economic failures. (100 Trillion in global debt). Globalist also are looking for the US to voluntarily abandon our soverignty to NATO/OTAN to prosecute WW3. 

But, certain events still havn't happened. Are we goong to see Damascus destroyed like Aleppo? Will we see further division and riots in the US? Will we see resultant gun violence in the US leading to gun confiscation by presidential order? Will we see Israel/West finally move against Iran?

Trump and a Republican Congress will likely drill more domestic oil. Trump will approve drilling in ANWR for sure which could drive gas prices below 1$/gal. Russia depends on oil being at least 50$/barrel. If the US starts priducing its own cheap oil and gas, Russia is economically crippled.

Remember, wars are are primarly battles of economy and the US has already been in an evonomic war with Russia and China for some time (sanctions, money printing, shipping diesel fuel to Europe).

Trump needs to fight the media racism narrative by selecting a diverse cabinet

The media are doubling down on the Trump is a racist, misogynist, bigot narrative.  I felt great sadness and loss when Romney lost 4 years ago, but I didn't hear the media giving me tips on how to cope. The media was jubilant about their person winning and could care less about how the other side was feeling. 

The media is writing reports on how to talk to children about the election and why parents and teachers are sad. They go to a "Spanish immersion Headstart" and talk to kids who they claim ask, "are all the latinos and muslims going to get deported now?"

Trump got in trouble for name calling people who he thought were being mean to him.  It's not a racist thing or bigoted thing.  Trump was an "equal opportunity name caller" which he needs to work on. 

One way Trump can fight the racist narrative is to elect a diverse cabinet.  Like Trump does in his business, he should select capable but diverse cabinet.  If Trump selects all white men in his cabinet, he's gonna make life difficult for himself and the nation.

Cabinet Suggestions:
Avoid white DC Insiders like Giuliani, Christi, and Gingrich.  

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Why US Elections Decided by Electorates

When the United States was founded, there was a great debate between the representatives of the small states and the big states concerning representation. The result was the "Great Consensus" and the bicameral Legislature with the House representation based on state population and the Senate which has equal representation. 

Part of the consensus between the states was to have our president elected by an electoral college and not purely by popular vote.  Each state is given delagates according to the total number of House and Senate members.  Accordingly, as happened with Trump and Clinton election, Hillary has narrowly won the popular vote but Trump has won the majority of state electoral votes.  

The purpose of having our elections based on electoral has an important effect on elections.  If elections were based purely on the popular vote, candidates would spend most of their time in the most populated cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston.  Small states would never see candidates.  However, because the the electoral college, we have the phenomenon of swing and battle-ground states, where even a medium or even smaller state like South Carolina can make all the difference in an election.

Trump Wins

Despite polls saying that 58 percent were either concerned or scared of a Trump presidency, Donald Trump wins the presidency handily against Hillary Clinton. How did Trump win? How were the mainstream media polls so wrong? 

1.  Some political analysts are saying that Trump mastered the modern media. Just like Lincoln and newspaper, FDR and radio, JFK and television, Obama and the Internet; Trump mastered the medium of reality TV and social media were often times the twitter troll and the villain garner the most interest. 

2. The media say that their polls did not reflect the groundswell of rural and less-educated American's who turned out to for Trump.  This was especially true in the "Rust-belt" were "Reagan Democrats" showed that they did not want 4 more years of the status quo, with  few jobs, and bad water.

3. Hillary ran a poor energy campaign.  Hillary wasn't out campaigning like Trump and looked weak and even ill at times.  In addition to questions about her honesty with regard to her 350,000 "yoga" emails, there were questions about her overall health. Hillary  continually had coughing fits, took sick days, had mysterious fainting spells and was seen being helped walking up stairs. 

4. Clinton ran on the wrong campaign message.  Clinton ran on a "status quo" campaign message. Voting for Hillary meant 4 more years of continued Obama policies.  The "status quo" resonates with the people recieving welfare and disability, but not with the American worker who didn't like the current status and direction of the US economy, unpopular foreign policy, continual war, and immigration.  Most people also didn't appreciate Obamacare and Big Pharma biting them in the pocket book this last year.

5. Romney was said to have lost the election 4 years ago because of his 47% quote, immigration policy that alienated latino voters, and because the media questioned his honesty calling him a policy "flip-flopper" on abortion. Yet, somehow, on the very issues that Romney lost on, Trump was able to minimize, divert attention, and even double down. No one has been a bigger policy "flip-flopper" than Trump, no candidate has made more media gaffs, but many people still decided to "hold their nose" and vote for him anyways.

6. As far as the Left's characterization of Trump as being a bigot and misogynist. Trump has very talented women and ethnic minorities in positions of authority in his businesses.  I think people didn't agree with the Left's characterization of Trump.  I think most people saw that Trump's immigration policies were motivated by economic issues and not prejudice.

7. Trump's moral character, ego, and temperament are still big issues.  We will see if these weaknesses turn out to be his achilles heel.  These later issues were why I wrote in Derrell Castle in Georgia (a safe Trump state)  However, had I been in a battleground state I may have voted differently.   I believe that moral issues and a return to virtue are the only way to "make America  great again". 

Now Trump comes in as a Republican  president, with a Republican House and Senate.  Now that the US is 21 Trillion in debt, is it too late.  Can the US economy be saved? Will Trump make good on his promises to take back moral ground from the Progressive movement?  Will we see a repeal of Obamacare and Roe v. Wade? I'm not sure ground will be made up on same-gender marriage as Trump is supportive. 

The first time I heard the Media give excuses for the outrageous things Trump was saying (mostly name calling people he thought were being rude to him), I had the feeling " The Donald" could win in the election in the same way Schwarzenegger won California and Jessie "The Body" Ventura won Minnesota. 

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Michigan Contaminated Water = Win for Trump

I am voting for Constitution Party candidate Derrell Castle. Haven't heard of him?  This is exactly what is wrong with the political system in the US. Castle is from Tennessee, devout Evangelical, Lawyer, and married to first wife. Wants a return to traditional family values and believes in inerpreting the Constitution according to original intent of the Founders. 

I was unsure if Trump could gain enough electoral college votes to win the election.  With Hillary easily winning California, Illinois, and New York, Trump faces an uphill battle to 270 votes.  Trump will need to win all the states Romney did in 2012 including North Carolona.  Additionally, Trump must also win all 3 battleground states Florida. Pennsylvania, and Ohio. If Trump looses any 1 of these, he may not be able to make it up.  

But in a surprise, Michigan has been so devastated economically, this traditional blue state has become "too close to call". Could lead-contaminated water in Michigan win Trump the presidency? Michiganites may not want another 8 years of status quo. 

If Trump wins, I am concerned we may see massive nation-wide riots. If we have riots, there may be gun violence leading to gun confiscation mentioned in the George Albert Smith Vision. Also, we could see President Obama withdraw THAAD missiles from Europe to appease the Russians. President Obama has indicated that he has some seruous unfinished  business to conduct before he leaves office. 

Before WW3 (Russia-China attack West) certain events may need to occur first:
1. US gun confiscation
2. remove nuclear missiles from Europe (THAAD?)
3. Damascus destroyed
4. Iran attacked 
5. Israeli-Palestinian peace

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Combined Joint Task Force

I thought the backwards (Commodore Perry) US flag on US military uniforms was bad enough.  Now US military in Syria and Iraq are displaying the crossed swords of the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia.


Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Election 2016

(Is Pieczenic for real?) Joel Skousen has always said no. But who knows.

I think Alex is controlled opposition because I've known real insiders that told me to listen to him. Alex and Pieczenic all are controlled opposition.  But that doesn't mean what they report is false.  They allowed to win somebattles and leak some info especially when its been leaked elsewhere first and is going to get out anyways.

Insiders who know anything have done terrible stuff to be an insider.  That is how they protect from infiltration. TPTB love to send us false defectors, but if they were for real, they would confess their sins and feely accept their consequences.  Only then we could trust their testimony.

Sherem is an example of this.

The Clintons are not "masterminds" behind an American Coup.  Hillary just does what she is told.  All the Sydney Blumenthal emails during Benghazi prove this.  He was one of her major handlers.

The Clinton-Epstein Bahamas pedophilia connection has been already known for some time.

I am voting for Constitution candidate Derrell Castle.  But I've had the opinion that Trump was going to win as POTUS because he would be the perfect megalomaniac to face off against another megalomaniac Putin in WW3.  However, I'm not sure how Trump wins. He has to win all states that Romney won on 2012 including North Carolina, plus all 3 battleground states: Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Unless a huge bombshell comes our about Hillary, I don't see a path to victory for Trump especially with all the vote fraud like dead people voting and possible electronic voting manipulation with "Fraction Magic". When your the Democrate candidate, California's 55, New York's 29, Illinois 20 electoral votes are huge. 

Hillary supporters care less about allegations of corruption and more about her position on federal welfare, abortion, and LGBT issues. But if Hillary is ellected, Putin has said that he would then consider a preemptive nuclear strike on the US. According to the GAS vision this will occur "after the election but before the innaugaration". However, I don't see Hillary having the health or stamina to prosecute WW3. In that case we may see several different POTUS replace her in a short period and may even see  Trump may end up taking over/being appointed, if vote fraud suspected and proven, Trump actually wins popular vote. 

It just seems that TPTB wanted Trump all along and that is why the media continued to be outraged at all the terrible things Trump says but then give him a pass and make excuses saying "the people admire Trump for being direct, combating PC, sayings whats on his mind, etc". 

Putin and Sheikh Imran Hosein have all been saying Jews and some Western Christians were infiltrated by Khazars and arranged the deal of giving Palestine to "Zionists" in exchange for getting the US to ally with Britian in WW1 against Germany (Balfour Declaration) . Putin claimed Khazar Jews were responsibile for 1st failed Communist Revolution and why Russia persecuted Jews after their first failed revolution. Persecuted Russian Jews then fled to Germany. Germans felt betrayed and used the Balfour Declaration as an excuse for the holocaust in WW2.

Sheikh Hosein is caling for alliance of Muslims with Orthodox against Gog amd Magog. I was shocked to hear Putin relate this history.

Evil has rites of passage so they know who they can trust. Good has the temple with good rites of passage for the same reason.  Joseph in Kirtland didn't know who he could trust and infiltrating Dannites in Missouri did much evil in the name of Mormonism.  That is why God said Missouri needed the temple because evil cannot bare its requirements of virtue and goodness. The Jews have lost their temple and evil has infiltrated them and is doing so much evil in their name. The same thing has happened to the US. 

Durng the last week of the election you may notice some difference in reporting.  Chris Matthews arguing for Trump, Glen Beck giving time to Derrell Castle.  But the reason is so the media can claim they were fair and balanced when no one is listening or paying attention any more.  

Friday, October 28, 2016

Velocity and Sterilization

Mike Maloney was on the Keiser report talking about why we have may have been seeing more deflation instead of inflation despite the US FED printing trillions of dollars and sending it to central banks all over the world via quantitative easing since the 2008 housing crisis. 

According to M.V=P.G (Money Supply x Velocity = Price x Growth), If a heap of money is created and the money supply expanded more than is needed, then inflation or higher prices should be expected.  The US saw inflation of college tuition as the US made borrowing for college much easier and cheaper. As cheap federal money became available, college tuition quickly jumped from $10,000/yr to $20,000/yr and even $50,000/yr. 

However, despite the expansion of the money supply in the economy, we haven't seen the same kind of price increases. This is because of decreasing velocity. Velocity is the rate at which money is exchanged within an economy.  When a $1 is created, it may exchange hands several times and effectively do the work of $3 or even $5.  So you have to consider both money supply and velocity when forecasting price and growth.

Mike Maloney thought that psychological factors where to blame for decreased velocity resulting in price deflation.  He is mostly wrong.  People are still buying houses, cars and going out to eat. In reality, the decreased velocity is a purposeful economic policy set by the US FED and other central banks called "sterilization".  Sterilization is the FED policy purposely decreasing velocity to prevent inflation due to their endless money printing. 

Big banks are being offered money from the US FED at a nearly 0% interest rate. However, this cheap interest rate is not passed on to the regular citizen.  Mortgages are still about in the 4% range as they have been.  If regular people had access to cheap money, we would see inflation in the housing market just like college tuition.  Usually mortgage interest rates were determined by the FED prime interest rate.  The base interest rate is likely being artificially set now. You will remember that there were investigations after 2008 and bankers went to jail for LIBOR fixing. Well, this kind of rate fixing has been happening all along and is still happening. 

Big banks are borrowing free money from the US FED and are then required by BIS Basel 3 Accords to purchase treasury bonds and credit default swaps which floats all our national deficits and debts. Bond yields are terrible and do not keep up with inflation.  So, the big banks then exchange bonds with each other on the REPO market for cash.  The banks then use that cash to buy stock and artificially prop up their own stock and the stock market as a whole.  Big Business, many of whom are also registered as banks, then print stock options and take profits off the top into the pockets of a select few.

Sterilization decreases velocity by keeping the cheap printed money at the bank and in the speculative economy.  This is how and why North America has generated a record number of billionaires in the last 10 years but wages haven't increased for regular workers.   Expanded money supply with decreased velocity has resulted in steady prices and no real growth except maybe in the speculative economy. Sterilization is an economic policy where trickle down economics is not permitted to trickle down. 

Friday, October 21, 2016


"Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Luke 21:26

Jesus Christ explained the dire circumstances that would exist befire His second coming in glory.  Why will men's hearts fail?  Why will some turn away from the truth during the Tribulation?  Maybe it's not just because hard times of the Tribulation but also because God's own kingdom is also shaken up.

Apostles and Prophets say a test is coming for LDS members.  I think when nuclear war comes with Russia and China vs. the West, I wouldn't be surprised if voices arose questioning why the LDS people weren't specifically warned ahead of time.

President Monson addressed this concern in a talk entitled "Are we prepared".  Food and water storage is the best defense for war. Also, President Monson gave a parable of lighting fires putting chickens in a molt.

Also, LDS Apostles and Prophets warned in 1995 that the degredation of family values would bring upon nations the "calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets". I have written before how Russia, China, and Muslim extremists continually use the immorality of the West as a justification for their actions. Our immorality degrades our moral authority and emboldens evil.

Also, if you expect a modern prophet to tell you the day before that such-and-such is about to occur.  What could you do more than how every Latter-day Saint has already been instructed to do with regard to storage of food and water and fleeing to the Stakes of Zion for refuge. Maybe this period of relative silence is foretold in Revelation and Jericho and represents Christ's silence at His trial. (so he opened not His mouth).

On the other hand. Some LDS are awake and seeing the events unfold in the world,  could these hearts fail by being tempted go beyond the mark such that they feel they can go it alone without the Church and choose not to flee to the Stakes of Zion at the needed time?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pres. Obama's Audacity of a False Hope

President Obama gave a speech in which he had the audacity to dodge blame for higher healthcare premiums due to his (un) Affordable Care Act.  Instead, President Obama heaped blame on insurance companies and Republicans.

President Obama likened the problems Obamacare to bugs in the release of a new smartphone.  Any new Smartphones  will have bugs at the start which can be fixed.  However, I liked the point that was made that the problem with Obamacare is more like the Samsung Galaxy 7 that is exploding in our pockets.  In this case, like the Galaxy 7, Obamacare needs to be recalled and customers given a full refund. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Possible Test

"Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Luke 21:26

Jesus Christ explained the dire circumstances that would exist befire His second coming in glory.  Why will men's hearts fail?  Why will some turn away from the truth during the Tribulation?  Maybe it's not just because hard times of the Tribulation but also because God's own kingdom is also shaken up. 

Apostles and Prophets say a test is coming for LDS members.  I think when nuclear war comes with Russia and China vs. the West, I wouldn't be surprised if voices arose questioning why the LDS people weren't specifically warned ahead of time.

President Monson addressed this concern in a talk entitled "Are we prepared".  Food and water storage is the best defense for war. Also, President Monson gave a parable of lighting fires putting chickens in a molt.  

Also, LDS Apostles and Prophets warned in 1995 that the degredation of family values would bring upon nations the "calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets". I have written before how Russia, China, and Muslim extremists continually use the immorality of the West as a justification for their actions. Our immorality degrades our moral authority and emboldens evil.  

Also, if you expect a modern prophet to tell you the day before that such-and-such is about to occur.  What could you do more than how every Latter-day Saint has already been instructed to do with regard to storage of food and water and fleeing to the Stakes of Zion for refuge. Maybe this period of relative silence is foretold in Revelation and Jericho and represents Christ's silence at His trial. (so he opened not His mouth). 

On the other hand. Some LDS are awake and seeing the events unfold in the world,  could these hearts fail by being tempted go beyond the mark such that they feel they can go it alone without the Church and choose not to flee to the Stakes of Zion at the needed time?

If I Could Talk to Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin is running on a campaign that because of his experience in the CIA/Goldman/CFR, he knows how to defeat ISIS. Yet when he is asked about same-gender marriage he says "it's settled law". 

Anyone who knows anything about Islam, muslim extremism, or who has read the Quran, Bible or the Family Proclamation, talked to a Muslim  or has any spiritual sense at all would know that it is the moral corruption of the West that empowers extremism against us.

My friend Trent Fry did what McMullin did in Afghanistan and summed it all up by saying that ISIS/alQueda's best recruiter is Madonna, Brittany Spears, and Miley Cyrus and now our legalization of same-gender marriage. ISIS tell themselves, "Do you want your daughters to turn into Brittany Spears" as they rape and pillage Aleppo. 

We have no hope to survive as a country without a return to virtue. This just isn't a hopeful platitude but a matter-of-fact, crux of the matter issue. 

Now, I am supposed to vote for McMullin not for his policy, but hoping a corrupt House will pick another virtuous candidate that will stand up for virtue in this nation?  McMullin doesn't stand a chance. I hope he does well in the 11 states where he is on the ballot.  But I can't see how this "never-Trump" scheme is going to change anything. 

I'm afraid we are getting the exact presidential candidate we deserve. 

"When a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him."  Proverbs 16:7

Evan McMullin is former CIA, Goldman Sachs, and current member of Council of Foreign Relations.  He is part of the "never-Trump" movement. Here is a good clip where he discusses issues:

It seems clear that like Romney, he is a person of integrity.  But like Romney, he has been so long a part of the system, he doesn't give any indication that he is awake to the dark side of CIA,Goldman Sachs, or CFR. He would appoint typical CFR and Goldman Sachs advisors just like Trump and Clinton would do, and he would listen to those advisors. 

(CFR and Goldman have supplied presidential advisors for 100 years.  This is where a majority of the disastrous US economic and foreign policy has come from.  The King-men control the King through his advisors/magicians). 

However, my hope would be that an honest person like McMullin once in office might wake up pretty fast to the corruption and start to clean house. I liked Romney's background fixing and saving failed businesses better.  I think ISIS/alqueda is a distraction from and provocation of Russia/China and I don't consider McMullin's claim that he is the guy to fight terrorism as the most important issue. (obviously a strategic/political answer he thinks will sell) Sadly, even if McMullin were elected, he would likely not make much of a difference. (that may be good).  As he said, he wasn't going to repeal same-sex marriage decision or even appoint judges who would. (another gutless strategic/political answer). 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Muslim-Orthodox Alliance Against The Great Oppressor

Some think that John the Revelator used the Greek numbers 666 (Chi Xi Stigma) to reveal the identity of the entity who would deceive the world and fight against Zion. Some interpret this biblical code as a gematrian cypher for Emperor Nero. However, others also see these as modern symbols of Arabian crossed swords, Muslim Bismillah, and Communist hammer and sickle. Could John's warning also point to a great alliance of peoples in the Last Days?

In the video above, Sheikh Imran Hosein, an authority on Muslim Eschatology, calls attention to the impending nuclear conflict between Russia/China and the West which he refers to as "the Great War". He calls for Muslims to ally themselves with Orthodox Christians to fight against the West (the Great Oppressor) and realize a re-fulfillment of the prophecy to conquer Constantinople. (The Star and Crecent was an astronomical conjunction on the night sky on the night Constantinople fell). 

Sheik Imran Hosein refers to Western atheism, arrogance, imperialism, corrupt economic practices, but mainly legalization of same-gender marriage to justify the Muslim world allying themselves with Russia and China in the coming WW3. 

Interesting detail in Sheik's talk was his explaination of how President Clinton's war in Kosovo served to turn Orthodox Christianity against the West.