Thursday, August 04, 2016

Bifenthrin Spray for Zika Virus in Florida.

Comfirmed.  Florida to start massive aerial spraying.  But instead of using safe DDT like was used to clear malaria from the US, they will be using the organophospate Naled which is actually probably okay.  As a side note, they will also be using 2 pyrethroids, which are supposed to be derivatives of natural insecticide from chrysanthemums.  However, the pyrethroid "bifenthrin" with its triple fluoride is nothing like natural biodegradable pyrethrin and which has a half life in soil of up to 8 months.  It is toxic to bees, fish, fireflies, butterflies, and likely humans.

Its the chemicals that the media doesn't call attention to that I'm suspicious of.  For instance, the media makes a big deal of aspertame (nutrasweet), but I bet you never heard of the other secret ingredient in nutrasweet and other artificial sweetners like Splenda.  called ACE K (Acesulfame K).

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