Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Conspiracy Reality

Conspiracy Reality in Scripture

This is a great review of what the scriptures and latter-day prophets have taught about the reality of conspiracy in our day. The only thing I would add, is that the Old Testament reveals that God sent the flood to destroy the world because world was filled with violence (Gen 6:11). However, according to Jewish Rabbi Chaim Richmon, the word violence in Hebrew is "hamas" at is more accurately translated here and throughout the Old Testament as "conspiracy".

Rabbi Richman explains the meaning of "hamas" with the following illustration.  Rabbi Richmam gives an example of a group of people who get together to make a secret agreement (combination) to destroy a particular person's business.  The group conspires to each take a single bean from the person as they pass by in the market.  The law exempts punishment for a single person taking a single bean.  Also, because there are no witnesses to come forward and testify of the secret agreement; the perpetrators get away with their crime and the poor bean seller is bankrupt.

The great global conspiracy goes by many names.  An new description has come forward in the scientific literature and reported by the media such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.  The media reported on a study performed by the Zurich Institute of Technology who studied over 43,000 multi-national companies and discovered that they were all governed and controlled by 147 companies they named "the super entity".  The interesting fact that these media articles did not address was how the scientific study identified the 147 main companies.  The 147 companies were identified because the same people were controlling stock holders of these companies. 

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