Monday, August 22, 2016

Male-Male Procreation

Well, it has finally happened.  Now we have a same-gender couple in South Africa that has successfully procreated using their own genetics.  This couple did use 2 surrogate females eggs, each fertilized by male sperm from different fathers.  One of the resultant embryos divided. In time, scientific technology will make it so using a female surrogate will be unnecessary,  Male DNA will be placed into a female egg and than fertilized with male sperm or male sperm will be placed into human skin cells.  All human's have a God-given, self-evident right to receive a full genetic inheritance from both a human male and human female. The genetic, social, and spiritual consequences of these advanced fertilization practices will manifest themselves shortly. However, I expect the media may likely cover up any negatives.

It was this kind of genetic tampering that the antediluvians engaged in (Humans + Neanderthal = Cro-Magnon) resulting in the creation of the Nephilim, and bringing the judgment of God upon the Earth. However, in this case instead of creating giants that would have hunted humans to extinction, the coming trans-human genetic technology will create weakened, domesticated human breeds. (like dogs).

All humans have the right to receive a genetic inheritance from a human male and female.  What kind of sick society do we live in, if this point is not self-evident. If we think that humankind is not entitled to a full natural genetic inheritance without artificial tampering.  Natural male-female genetic recombination is what makes us human and makes us individually unique. Any genetic tampering will disrupt Hardy-Weinberg genetic equilibrium and lead to the practice of trans-Human engineering, increased phenotypic variation, but decreased genotypic variation which results in less adaptability and less genetic fitness. Genetic engineering is the way Satan wishes to domesticate humans into trans-human breeds and genetically enslave the human family-- "worlds without end".

This tampering will result in human breeds like labra-doodles and Chihuahuas. This trans-human manipulation is discussed in glowing terms on PBS and NPR all the time, especially as it relates to controlling human temperament. Also, the Georgia Guidestones talk about guiding reproduction and encouraging (phenotypic) diversity.

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