Saturday, August 06, 2016

Putin warns US over ABM

Putin sounds somewhat befuddled. The US withdrew from the 1972 ABM (anti-ballistic missile) treaty in 2002. With the supposed fall of USSR, the US developed its ABM system to counter states like Iran and North Korea who threaten Israel and South Korea. We told Russia that our ABM system is not directed at Russia but Russia doesn't believe that especially after we moved our ABM system into Romania, Poland, and the Baltics.

Putin explains that because of US withdrawal from the ABM treaty, they have decided to "asymmetrically" modernize and expand Russia's offensive nuclear capibility, to maintain balance, effectively violating START2 treaty, NEW START, etc. Putin says when he talked to US officials about Russian expansion they told him "do what you want" like we didn't care.

Putin is lying of course.  Russia had already been modernizing their nuclear arsenal and was already in violation of all nuclear treaties.  He is also lying about not wasting money in their own Russian ABM system which they have already developed (S-500) and deployed in the arctic.  (as Putin said, easily change program of S-400 to S-500).

Putin is befuddled at the extent of the controlled US Media, and at how "asleep" the US people are. Putin keeps on saying that he can't believe no one is awake to where the US and Russia are headed (nuclear war). 

Putin was placed atop Russia for the same reason TPTB want Trump atop the US. Like Trump, Putin has narssisistic personality disorder and anti-social personality disorder. They are both megalomaniacs without conscience. TPTB feel that Putin can easily be controlled and is very predictable because of his personality. 

Putin doesn't think he is part of the global conspiracy but he doesn't realize how he is being goated into attacking the West.  Putin just thinks the US is stupid but doesn't realize Western governments are purposefully being  suicidal (unilaterally disarming and provoking) to elicit Putin to strike.

Putin doesn't realize Western leaders created Russia (oil infrastructure) and want Russia to attack the West so that the US will voluntarily give up our sovereignty to NATO to prosecute WW3.  The plan is not to have Russia win WW3 but to cause the US to think we have won WW3 when in reality, because of our lost soverignty to NATO, we will have lost.

Putin equates US ABM in Eastern Europe to Cuban Missile Crisis. BTW, Russia admits to having had nuclear missiles in Cuba for a long time already (since 2012).  That's part of the danger of the situation with Putin, he gets up and sincerely makes it sound like Russia is such a victim when Putin misleads on all these issues but just pointing at US ABM and playing the victim at the same time out-and-out lying and misleading about many things. 

What I'm saying is, Putin is making an easy case that he is being provoked by the US, and that will play in the global community, but at the same time, Putin is no saint either and has serious ambitions for Russia.

Party asks to put missiles in Cuba in 2016 (deception)

Putin already admits that "Oak" missile system already in place in 2012.  Putin also misleads on its own ABM capability (S-500). 

And now China is angry about US ABM in South Korea.

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