Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Election 2016

(Is Pieczenic for real?) Joel Skousen has always said no. But who knows.

I think Alex is controlled opposition because I've known real insiders that told me to listen to him. Alex and Pieczenic all are controlled opposition.  But that doesn't mean what they report is false.  They allowed to win somebattles and leak some info especially when its been leaked elsewhere first and is going to get out anyways.

Insiders who know anything have done terrible stuff to be an insider.  That is how they protect from infiltration. TPTB love to send us false defectors, but if they were for real, they would confess their sins and feely accept their consequences.  Only then we could trust their testimony.

Sherem is an example of this.

The Clintons are not "masterminds" behind an American Coup.  Hillary just does what she is told.  All the Sydney Blumenthal emails during Benghazi prove this.  He was one of her major handlers.


The Clinton-Epstein Bahamas pedophilia connection has been already known for some time.

I am voting for Constitution candidate Derrell Castle.  But I've had the opinion that Trump was going to win as POTUS because he would be the perfect megalomaniac to face off against another megalomaniac Putin in WW3.  However, I'm not sure how Trump wins. He has to win all states that Romney won on 2012 including North Carolina, plus all 3 battleground states: Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Unless a huge bombshell comes our about Hillary, I don't see a path to victory for Trump especially with all the vote fraud like dead people voting and possible electronic voting manipulation with "Fraction Magic". When your the Democrate candidate, California's 55, New York's 29, Illinois 20 electoral votes are huge. 

Hillary supporters care less about allegations of corruption and more about her position on federal welfare, abortion, and LGBT issues. But if Hillary is ellected, Putin has said that he would then consider a preemptive nuclear strike on the US. According to the GAS vision this will occur "after the election but before the innaugaration". However, I don't see Hillary having the health or stamina to prosecute WW3. In that case we may see several different POTUS replace her in a short period and may even see  Trump may end up taking over/being appointed, if vote fraud suspected and proven, Trump actually wins popular vote. 

It just seems that TPTB wanted Trump all along and that is why the media continued to be outraged at all the terrible things Trump says but then give him a pass and make excuses saying "the people admire Trump for being direct, combating PC, sayings whats on his mind, etc". 

Putin and Sheikh Imran Hosein have all been saying Jews and some Western Christians were infiltrated by Khazars and arranged the deal of giving Palestine to "Zionists" in exchange for getting the US to ally with Britian in WW1 against Germany (Balfour Declaration) . Putin claimed Khazar Jews were responsibile for 1st failed Communist Revolution and why Russia persecuted Jews after their first failed revolution. Persecuted Russian Jews then fled to Germany. Germans felt betrayed and used the Balfour Declaration as an excuse for the holocaust in WW2.

Sheikh Hosein is caling for alliance of Muslims with Orthodox against Gog amd Magog. I was shocked to hear Putin relate this history.


Evil has rites of passage so they know who they can trust. Good has the temple with good rites of passage for the same reason.  Joseph in Kirtland didn't know who he could trust and infiltrating Dannites in Missouri did much evil in the name of Mormonism.  That is why God said Missouri needed the temple because evil cannot bare its requirements of virtue and goodness. The Jews have lost their temple and evil has infiltrated them and is doing so much evil in their name. The same thing has happened to the US. 

Durng the last week of the election you may notice some difference in reporting.  Chris Matthews arguing for Trump, Glen Beck giving time to Derrell Castle.  But the reason is so the media can claim they were fair and balanced when no one is listening or paying attention any more.  

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