Saturday, November 05, 2016

Michigan Contaminated Water = Win for Trump

I am voting for Constitution Party candidate Derrell Castle. Haven't heard of him?  This is exactly what is wrong with the political system in the US. Castle is from Tennessee, devout Evangelical, Lawyer, and married to first wife. Wants a return to traditional family values and believes in inerpreting the Constitution according to original intent of the Founders. 

I was unsure if Trump could gain enough electoral college votes to win the election.  With Hillary easily winning California, Illinois, and New York, Trump faces an uphill battle to 270 votes.  Trump will need to win all the states Romney did in 2012 including North Carolona.  Additionally, Trump must also win all 3 battleground states Florida. Pennsylvania, and Ohio. If Trump looses any 1 of these, he may not be able to make it up.  

But in a surprise, Michigan has been so devastated economically, this traditional blue state has become "too close to call". Could lead-contaminated water in Michigan win Trump the presidency? Michiganites may not want another 8 years of status quo. 

If Trump wins, I am concerned we may see massive nation-wide riots. If we have riots, there may be gun violence leading to gun confiscation mentioned in the George Albert Smith Vision. Also, we could see President Obama withdraw THAAD missiles from Europe to appease the Russians. President Obama has indicated that he has some seruous unfinished  business to conduct before he leaves office. 

Before WW3 (Russia-China attack West) certain events may need to occur first:
1. US gun confiscation
2. remove nuclear missiles from Europe (THAAD?)
3. Damascus destroyed
4. Iran attacked 
5. Israeli-Palestinian peace

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