Friday, November 11, 2016

War Window

Many people think that because Trump was elected, there is little chance now that Russia and China would attack the West because Putin indicated that he could possibly work with Trump. However, Trump already is surrounding himself with the same globalist advisors (Goldman Sachs, CFR) that have influenced every other president over the ladt 100 years. Why would Russia hope anything us going to change with regard to US policy?

Here is why this thinking may be mistaken. Trump and a Republican controlled Congress will likely ramp up US defense spending. US next gen technology such as railgun, hypersonic missiles, stealth destroyers, and the F-22, as well as any nuclear capibility modernization have all been sabotaged and delayed. 

With a weak Obama leaving office, with the US military at its weakest, there is a serious window of opportunity that Russia and China may not be able to pass up. 

If Russia and China strike the US and decapitate our military capibility, Russia and China are then free to take anything they want without any serious opposition.

Do not doubt Putin and China's ambitions. The bankers need WW3 so they can cancel all the debt, start over, and not get blammed for their economic failures. (100 Trillion in global debt). Globalist also are looking for the US to voluntarily abandon our soverignty to NATO/OTAN to prosecute WW3. 

But, certain events still havn't happened. Are we goong to see Damascus destroyed like Aleppo? Will we see further division and riots in the US? Will we see resultant gun violence in the US leading to gun confiscation by presidential order? Will we see Israel/West finally move against Iran?

Trump and a Republican Congress will likely drill more domestic oil. Trump will approve drilling in ANWR for sure which could drive gas prices below 1$/gal. Russia depends on oil being at least 50$/barrel. If the US starts priducing its own cheap oil and gas, Russia is economically crippled.

Remember, wars are are primarly battles of economy and the US has already been in an evonomic war with Russia and China for some time (sanctions, money printing, shipping diesel fuel to Europe).

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