Sunday, August 20, 2017

Letter to the President

Dear President Trump,

A study from the Zurich Institute of Technology found that global economic power is concentrated in 147 multinational companies.  This "Super Entity" controls  money, the media and many elections through campaign finance.  The Super Entity is clearly bent on undermining your presidency.

You have surrounded yourself with globalist conspirators from the Council on Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs.  These  two entities have provided advisors to the President for over 100 years and are (no surprise) primarily responsible for our current declining economic and foreign policy status.  

The Super Entity sponsors global meetings like Davos, Bilderberg, and Bohemian Grove.  Speakers are selected by the global elite which communicate global policy to the CEO's, chief advisors in attendance.  These chief advisors and CEO's then return to their respective countries and implements these policies though their economic and political influence.  

Your advisors not only leak information to the media but also provide incomplete and even false information. Here are 2 recent examples of advisors providing President Trump with false information.

  1. A memorandum was sent by former senior CIA and Intelligence officers analysts who reviewed the evidence with regard to the supposed Russian hack of the DNC by Guccifer 2.0 which was then sent to WikiLeaks.  The bombshell revelation in this memorandum reveals that the DNC hack could not possibly be a hack because 2 gigabytes of data were transferred in 87 seconds.  It is impossible to conduct this type of data transfer over the internet. Instead this data transfer had to have been made onto a local hard drive and leaked to WikiLeaks.

  1. The Seymour Hersh transcript reveals that the supposed Syria chemical attack on April 4, 2017 demonstrates that low-level millitary intelligence understood that the Assad Government did not use chemical weapons but mistakenly bombed a chemical depot of weapons put there by the "super entity"/"deep state" that is funding moderate rebels in Syria and ISIS. 

These 2 event cases demonstrate the extent of globalist infiltration in the US government.  If Seth Rich was the true DNC leaker and the DNC was not hacked by Russia, 

Most Americans are not evil intended but asleep to the true global power structure and consequently can be duped into carrying out globalist actions.   My advice is to stop surrounding yourself with globalist conspirators with ulterior allegiances but to ally yourself with awake, principled constitutionalists like Joel Skousen. Beware the false conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones who serve as controlled opposition. 

Democracy is not just a vote but also access to information.  Accordingly, the US needs a distributed and democratic media outlet like YouTube where questions can be submitted and ranked by the people (thumbs up). Then these questions can be answered by the persons they are directed at. In this way, eye witness testimony can be brought forward and made public and not suppressed. 


David Brosnahan MD 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Weather as a Force Multiplier

Global superpowers of the Earth are racing to control weather to use it as a weapon. Global climate change is being used as a cover story to divert money and resources into weather modification technologies.  Justifications for this technology are 1. If we don't do it, our enemies will. 2. Prevent Global Warming 3. Type 1 Civilization must have a complete understanding and control of weather and volcanism. The leading effective technology in weather modification involves ionospheric-tropospheric and ionospheric-lithospheric coupling. 4. Global climate agenda promotes global governance.  This weather modification technology can be used to cause extreme weather phenomenon that political community uses as a basis to further push their global climate change agenda.

Extent of Conspiracy

A memorandum was sent by former senior CIA and Intelligence officers analysts who reviewed the evidence with regard to the supposed Russian hack of the DNC by Guccifer 2.0 which was then sent to WikiLeaks.  The bombshell revelation in this memorandum reveals that the DNC hack could not possibly be a hack because 2 gigabytes of data were transferred in 87 seconds.  It is impossible to conduct this type of data transfer over the internet. Instead this data transfer had to have been made onto a local hard drive and leaked to WikiLeaks. 

The awake public has known since the story broke that Seth Rich was likely the source of the leak of DNC emails.  The mysterious death of Seth Rich and the media's false reporting demonstrates the extent of the globalist conspiracy.  An anti-US globalist conspiracy has take root the United States government, economy, and US Media and is now continuing their attack on the US President and its citizens.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Natural Antibiotics

Because of the relatively simple supercritical CO2 extraction method, essential oils companies are springing up and offering an array of products. Some plants are touted as being antibacterial.   But, for real;  if I had a serious infection, which plants would work as good as or better than pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics.  

Hops (Humulus lupulus)-  used in beer fermentation to inhibit bacterial growth. humulus lupulus extract is effective in inhibiting growth of gram positive bacteria, MRSA, and even resistent TB. It is not effective against E.Coli. and other gram negative antibiotics.

Cinnamon and Cranberries- contain high levels of benzoic acid/sodium benzoate which is used as a common food preservative with activity against anerobic bacteria and yeast. (poor en vivo results).

Horseradish- contains sinigrin, which breaks down into allyl isothiocyanate is active against respiratory, sinus, urinary tract, and GI infections. Several German studies demonstrate its effectiveness vs. standard antibiotics. All cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, watercress, mustard greens, kale, cabbage, and brussels sprouts), demonstrate some antibiotic properties. 

Nasturtium- Edible flowers and leaves.  Angocin Anti-Infekt N is a verified safe and effective antibiotic made in Germamy from nasturtium and hoseraddish extracts.  

Boric Acid- (alkalinize urine with potasium citrate, sodium bicarbonate) shows efficacy for UTI

Hiprex/ Urex or Methenamine Hippurate- breaks down in the urinary tract into formaldehyde but requires the urine be acidified with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Hexamethylenetetramine is synthesized from 40% formaldehyde and 20% ammonium hydroxide solutions. Cystex is a commercial product containing methenamine/sodium salicylate/benzoic acid 

Garlic (Allium sativum)-  exhibits contains allicin and diallyl sulphide which exhibit antibiotic, antifungal and antivital properties.  However, only fresh garlic is bioactive. Proper dose is 2-3 cloves twice a day.   

Bald's Eye Salve- Allium (fresh garlic, onion, leek) fine chopped and crushed, 25ml wine, Oxgall (bovine bile) chilled for 9 days. 

Usnea/Old Man's Beard- Contains Usnic acid which shows activity againat gram positive bacteria (staph and strep). 

Bidens pilosa/leucantha/frondosa- are also known as beggarticksblack jackburr marigoldscobbler's pegsSpanish needlesstickseedstickseeds and tickseed sunflowers.

Copper and Bile- Copper and copper salts are antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.  Bile likely disrupts the biofilm and bacterias protective capsule

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Big Surf Spots

Teahupoo, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Makaha, O'ahu, HI
Waimea Bay/Banzai Pipeline, O'ahu, HI
Jaws, Pe'ahi, Maui, HI
Outer Log Cabins, Pupukea, Honolulu, HI
Ha'Ena (Cannons)/Hanalei Bay, Kauai, HI
Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, CA
Cortez Bank/Bishop's Rock/Nine Fathom 
San Clemente Is., CA
Ghost Tree, Pebble Beach, CA
Todos Santos, La Paz, Mexico
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Nazaré, Portugal
Belharra, Biarritz, France
Dungeons, Cape Town, South Africa
Ours, Kurnell NP, New South Wales, AUS
Cyclops, Cape Arid, Western Australia 
Ship Stern Bluff, Cape Raoul, Tasmania
Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay, Queensland
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Austrialian Scientists Manipulating Temperature Data

Climate scientists in Australia were caught manipulating temperature data.  They were caught throwing out colder data which causes average temperatures to seem warmer than they actually are.  The disgraced scientists claim the temperature instruments and programs were automatically set to exclude extreme data and that the programs were mistakenly excluding low temperature values.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What Trump Needs to Do

President Trump promised to "drain the swamp" of globalists loyal to the multi-national "super entity".  However, Trump can't get rid of anyone because he is constantly being investigated for collusion with Russia. If Trump fires anyone, he will be accused of obstruction of justice.  So, Trump needs to demand his right of Habeas Corpus to face his accusers, a speedy trial, and to see the evidence. After getting the investigation out of the way, he will then be free to get rid of the corruption.  The American people want to hear more of Trump's most famous catch phrase-- "Your Fired!"

Friday, July 14, 2017

Capitalism is Not Free, Nor Moral

Free Market is moral.  Capitalism is not free market, nor is it moral. Capitalism gives unelected power to the capitalist (No, we didn't vote with our dollars).  Capitalists are individuals that get the big loans from the banks.  These big loans to  individuals creates a consolidation of power.  The consolidation of power breads corruption. The separation of power is a founding principle of America. 

Unfortunately, after dividing up political power, we allowed individuals to consolidate economic power.  What we need  in America and in the world is banking reform to level the playing field and create equal access to credit.  In a moral and free world, single individuals could not qualify for enormous loans.  Larger loans would be qualified for based on the credit worthiness of many people like a community, company, or a guild. Company employees would have ownership in the company and share in the profits. There could still be venture capitalists but employees would not be surfs to the investors and stock holders.

The problem with capitalism applies to free trade vs. protectionism.  Poverty in the 3rd World is not a tariff problem but a credit problem.  A country like Dominican Republic should be able to print money and qualify for a loan  to build a factory producing AC units, refrigerators, and cars to be sold in the DR. The backing for the printed currency is the AC unit factory.  

Monday, July 03, 2017

Seymour Hersh Transcript on Syria


The Seymour Hersh leaked transcript on the supposed Syria chemical attack on April 4, 2017 demonstrates that low-level millitary intelligence understood that Syria did not use chemical weapons but mistakenly bombed a chemical depot of weapons put there by the "super entity"/"deep state" that is funding moderate rebels in Syria and ISIS. 

Now Hersh is trying to spin this bombshell admission stating that Trump was given this intelligence and was fully made aware but choose to follow the media narrative (fake news) and not the true intelligence. 

The truth is that Trump is surrounded by "deep state"/"super entity"/"globalist" actors who purposefully edit, redact, and falsify the daily intelligence briefings he receives. 

And now we don't have Jason Chaffetz on the House oversight committee to investigate this real story.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dr. Larry Baxter at BYU Solves CO2


The Global Comminity says that CO2 is an immediate global threat with impending catastrophic global consequences.  CO2 driven climate change will kill us all.  So, BYU ChemE professor Dr. Larry Baxter has developed the fully working solution to remove 95-99% CO2 including  pollutants from so-called fossil fuels including coal. 

So, where is the global enthusiasm?  Where is the media attention?  Where is the investment? Where are the global policies pushing the world to implement this fully matured technology?  This technology is ready now.  But no one seems to know anything about it. 

In my mind, the ignorance of the global community to this carbon capture technology proves that the global climate change movement has nothing to do with CO2.  BYU has the solution right now all worked out, cost effective, mature and fully functioning. The global silence suggests this issue is about global political control (governance) and not about environmental concerns. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Music City Tiny House in Augusta, GA

Come explore the tiny house life! The serene setting on 11 acres in Augusta, Georgia is the perfect place to get away from it all while still enjoying the comforts of home! Over the past couple of years since it was built, this tiny house has been stayed in by over 500 guests and received hundreds of top reviews for style and comfort! Even better, all profits go to charity!
The space
Stay in the tiny house featured on FYI, Discovery Channel and ABC Nashville News 2! It's a little over 200 sqft of awesomeness. Nestled in a beautiful camping area, "Camp Helaman," in the charming Augusta suburbs, there's two queen sized lofts for sleeping, a full kitchen, bathroom, and a large outdoor area to enjoy with fire pit and picnic table!.. And don't worry! There is a Wal-Mart grocery store, as well as lots of other shopping and city amenities just down the road, so you won't feeling like you are "roughing it!"

Thank you for staying!! All profits from this home go to support Camp Helaman- a local nonprofit that provides enrichment facilities for church youth groups, scout troops, and more! Over the past decade, with the help of generous donations and hundreds of volunteers, the camping area has gone from being an abandoned lot with trash on it, to a gorgeous get-away enjoyed by many!

Other things to note
We use a high-tech composting toilet in the tiny house. This means that there is no water utilized but the composting toilet still provides a fairly standard bathroom experience. (You can search the web for information on the Separett toilet if you're interested, :).. And feel free to ask questions, we are here to help you have a wonderful experience!

Video Tour of Music City Tiny House

Explanation of 4 Watts per Metered Squared Argument

Since the Industrial Revolution, CO2 levels have doubled from 250 to 400 ppm.  Global temps have risen less than 1 (0.8)  degree C but to get another degree you need a doubling of CO2 from 400 to 800 ppm. So, to get 2-3 degrees you may need 1600 ppm.  The claim is that double CO2 equals 4 (3.7) watts per meter square of extra solar absorbtion.  But when CO2 absorns energy it radiates it in every direction.  A hotter Earth also radiates heat away at 5.5 watts per degree.  But there are some possible theoretical feed-foward results with water vapor.  Some scientists claim hotter temps mean more clouds which account for 90% global warming. 

97% Consensus on Anthrogenic Climate Change

these surveys ask:1. "do you believe the climate has experienced some recent warming"  and 2. "do you believe that human-generated CO2 is contributing to climate warming?"

If you ask general questions like this, you are going to get a 97% favorable response. What these "consensus" articles are not asking is 1. "how much human-generated CO2 is contributing to warming" and 2. "is human-generated CO2 and resultant warming cause for alarm?" 

Mechanism of Cloud Formation

Climate scientists pushing anthropogenic global warming have conceded that water vapor and not CO2 is the major greenhouse gas.  However, these scientists maintain that increasing CO2 would still contribute to runaway global warmimg through a sensitive feed-forward mechanism.  "Warmers"often talk about a dangerous tipping point with CO2 and climate.   According to "warmers", Higher CO2 would produce more clouds which would trap more heat.  

The contribution of cloud cover to warming is also complex because certain clouds reflect solar radiation back into space while other types of clouds trap heat.  Also, the mechanisms of cloud formation are complex and only more recently being discovered. In this study linked above, cloud formation was dependent on hydrocarbon aerosols produced by trees interacting with cosmic rays.  The conclusion being that this mechanism has nothing directly to do with CO2 and that the Earth might not be as sensitive to CO2 as the "warmers" had been claiming.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Scientists Against Man-made Climate Change

Whatever you believe about man-made global warming or global climate change, you cannot believe its "settled science"and that  anyone who disagrees is a "climate denier".  This post contains a list of links to world-renowned climate scientists who are warning that the man-made climate change issue is not true or even if true would likely be beneficial. These scientists warn that this issue has been politicized and become a tool of a anti-human, globalist agenda.  

31,000 climate scientists reject global warming conclusion.

"The Great Global Warming Swindle" documentary feturing multiple climate scientist rejecting global warming conclusions and consensus.

Dr. Roy Spencer (97% consensus is bunk)

Dr. Ivar Giaevere (sea level = no global warming)

Dr. Richard Lindzen (satellite temperature data = no global warming)

Dr. John Coleman founder of The Weather Channel

Dr. Don Easterbrook 
Dr. Murry Salby 

Dr. John Christy 

Dr. Madhav Khander 

Dr. Freeman Dyson 

Dr. Tim Ball

Dr. Fred Goldberg

Dr. Matt Ridley says CO2 =  global greening

Dr. Patrick Moore co-founder of Green Peace rejects global warming and shows 1600 ppm CO2 is optimum for agricultural growth and would double agricultural food production.  Plants begin to die at 150 ppm CO2.  Current CO2 = 400 ppm.

Humans begin to be negatively affected by CO2 at 30,000 ppm or 3%. Submarine crews are routinely subjected to levels of 4000 - 10,000 ppm.

Climategate 2.0 emails showing politicized nature of climate science.

Key Points Against Man-made Global Climate Change:
1.  There is no scientific consensus and anyone who says that is misinformed, lying, or a paid political shill (media).  Multiple lecture against global warming prove there is no consensus.
2.  Earth climate is always changing. 
3. Water vapor accounts for 94% of greenhouse gas.  Methane = 5%, CO2 = 1% and made-made CO2 only a fraction of that.
4. Most measured global warming due to urban heat-island affects (weather stations in cities and airports)
5.  Increases CO2 is actually good for CO2-starved plants.  Higher CO2 means greener plants, better yields, and less water requirements.
6.  There have been many periods of time in Earth history with temps and CO2 level much higher than today.
7. No need for panic and fear-mongering and drastic economic and political action against energy production like clean coal or nuclear.
8. No need for a global economic tax and government (carbon credits).
9. Third-world needs stable energy to develop and end poverty.
10.  People with higher social-economic status self-limit their reproduction.
11. Being against global warming doesn't mean you are pro-pollution or anti-enviroment.
12.  CO2 levels correlate but lag 400-600 years behind global temperature demostrating that higher temps are causing higher CO2 as warmer oceans release dissolved CO2 like a warm soda. 
13. Climate change is not causing Middle East unrest,  terrorism and climate refugees.
14.  Bill Nye was a mechanical engineer for Boeing and a comedian (side-job) who became an actor and science communicator.
15. Earth's history is mostly ice ages. We are only living in a brief interglacial period.  We still have remnant glaciers on Greenland and Antartica that are remnants of the last very recent ice age.  At other periods of Earth's history, tropical tempuratures have briefly reached the poles.  Global warming may avert the next ice age.   

Canadian Senate Hearing
Dr. Ross McKitrick
Dr. Tomothy Patterson
Dr. Jan Veizer
Dr. Ian Clark

Dr. Richard Keen

Burt Rutan

Dr. Jay Lehr

Dr. Steve Milloy

Dr. Steven Hayward

Steve McIntyre explaining how Michael Mann falsified/manipulated data to create his "hockey stick" graph.  Mann had a hearing on the subject but none of his accusers were called to testify.

Dr. Nir Shaviv

Thursday, June 08, 2017

August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

This link is an interactive Google map showing the track of the coming total solar eclipse Monday, August, 21,2017. 

Below are some items I purchased in preparation for observing the eclipse with my children. I am getting a regular 70mm travel scope with a separate solar filter so the scope potentially can be used for birdwatching or spotting after. 

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope: $65.97

Celestron EclipSmart Solar Filter: $17.95

Celestron EclipSmart Solar Shades Sun and Eclipse Observing Kit: $9.95

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Definition of Terrorists

"What we in America call terrorists are really groups of people that reject the international system," -Kissenger

What is terrorism? It’s a reaction against the drive toward planetary civilization, because terrorists do not like a civilization that is scientific, tolerant and believes in science. They would rather go back 1,000 years into the past.  - Machio Kaku

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Assange and Comey are Globalist Operatives


Seth Rich was a DNC staffer that was mysteriously killed after being shot twice in the back.  Claims have been made that Seth Rich may have bren the source of the DNC emails sent to WikiLeaks. If this were true,it would  be a bombshell revelation disproving claims of Russian hacking the DNC and proving the reach and extent of globalist corruption and control of media, politics, and law enforcement. 

Claims have been made that homicide detectives in DC were ordered to stand down and discontinue further investigation of the Seth Rich murder.  Additionally, reports are that Federal Authorities took over and locked down the ICU where Seth Rich died.  If authorities were present, this attention to a common murder case (failed robbery) proves this was no common murder.  

But the thing I don't get is, Julian Assange could easily rectify the situation immediately by simply confirming that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. Assange's refusal to confirm or deny proves he is a globalist opperative (controlled opposition), which also explains why WikiLeaks, with all the leaking, has failed to really reveal anything damaging to the globalists.  WikiLeaks being globalist controlled is genious move because whistleblowers leaking damaging information can then be edited before release. 

Ex-CIA Director, John Brennan, had an interesting explanation why the Russian hadn't released more damaging information on Hillary Clinton.  Brennen said the Russians were expecting Clinton to win the election and had likely "husband" the most damaging information on Clinton for later use during her tenure. 

Here, Comey (ex-HSBC exec), admits the FBI never had access to the DNC servers but took it on faith that DNC independent forensics was correct in blammimg a supposed leak/hack on Russia?  Unbelievable!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Case for Super-National Conspiracy


The Zurich Institute of Technology published and academic paper demonstrating the structute and control of international business.  According to this research, 147 companies rule them all.  But the real story here is how the 147 companies were identified.  The "Super Entity" was defined as such because the same persons were controlling stock holders in each company. I think having a list of these names would be very enlightening.  CEO's only "represent the interests of the stock holders" and come and go, but these names stay the same.

["all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity"]

The next testimony that intetested me was that of ex-CIA Chief, John Brennan testifying before the House Intelligence Committee on having "intelligence"allegedly  demonstrating Russian interference in the 2016 election but no "evidence" (30:40).  John Brennen, our ex-chief conspiracy theorist, gave one of the best and complete descriptions of state-sponsored international conspiracy and how it operates and interferes with free and independent democratic elections: (50:00, 1:13:40)

HIMES: Mr. Brennan, assuming that you agree with that, how specifically has the Kremlin gone about cultivating relationships with key Americans in an effort to it to influence our policy?

BRENNAN: It is traditional intelligence collection tradecraft in terms of you meant, which is to identify individuals that you think are either very influential or rising stars, and you will try to develop a relationship with them in the Russians frequently will do that through cutouts or through false flag operations. They won't identify themselves as Russians or as members of Russian government. They will try to develop a personal relationship and then over time they will try to get individuals to do things on their behalf.

HIMES: can you tell us a little bit about what the role of Russian oligarchs is in Putin's plan? What levers of influence do they use and -- and -- and why do some Americans fall for contacts with Russian oligarchs and business people.

BRENNAN: Well, Mr. Putin's political standing in Russia is certainly well supported by key oligarchs who control billion-dollar industries and -- and parts of the Russian economy, and he -- I think reliant on them for support -- and they are reliant on him for support.  And so they honestly have a lot of international connections, a lot of business connections that they will use to advance their business interests; but also we see that's Russian intelligence agencies do not hesitate at all to use private companies and Russian persons who are unaffiliated with the Russian government to support their objectives.

HIMES: And so we talked about Americans and Russians, now these couple of minutes, do Americans who are suborn in such a way -- and Russian oligarchs that are recruited or suborn, do they necessarily need to know that they are doing Russia's bidding?

BRENNAN: No, many times they do not. They do not even know that the person that they're acting --interacting with is a Russian. Many time they -- they know that individuals may be Russian officials, but they don't know that there is an intelligence connection or intelligence motive for behind it.

SEWELL: So, Director Brennan, can you talk about -- more about Russia's disinformation campaign and what tools the Russians use to do that?

BRENNAN: They use all sorts of tools. As I've said, they have been able to control various media outlets. Obviously they use RTTV here in the United States, which has a fairly significant audience. They use individuals who have -- who are writers or publishers, editorialists.  Again, some of this is -- is very obvious to those who are involved because they're on the payrolls. I'm talking globally now -- they're on the payrolls of Russian intelligence, and so they place pieces that advance Russia's interests. ...

BRENNAN: I think they're all chronicled in the unclassified intelligence community assessment, in terms of -- it's very clear that the GRU was responsible for hacking into the -- the networks of the DNC, DCCC, and were responsible, through a cutout, releasing it through places like Guccifer 2.0, WikiLeaks and -- and others.  And so they were taking advantage of information that they had collected, that they determined, if it was publicly released, was going to advance their objectives that I had enumerated before.  In addition, they amplified a lot of fake new stories that tried to denigrate Secretary Clinton. So it was a mixture of propaganda, it was cyber collection and it was the release of information that was, again, seen as damaging to -- to one of the candidates that they were trying to -- to harm.

ROS-LEHTINEN: Thank you. Can you provide any examples of past Russian or Soviet active measures, as they're called?

BRENNAN: Well, it runs the gamut from targeted assassinations of dissidents, of members of the media, of the -- inside of Russia, as well as outside of Russia -- to getting people on their payroll in foreign governments to carry out their -- their actions, to the -- their efforts in Ukraine, as not just the military takeover of Crimea, but their basic intervention into eastern Ukraine with their intelligence and paramilitary services, to the active propagation of propaganda and disinformation as they try to besmirch and tarnish individuals, as well as the use of blackmail, Kompromat, that they would be able to then leverage for their own purposes.  So it -- it really does run the gamut from the -- the most heinous and -- and violent to that which is much more subtle and insidious.

So, my question is: knowing the "super entity" exists, could this super-national entity have the motive, organization, power, money, and influence to carry out similar "active measures" that Brennen ascribes to Russia? 

Does this super-national special intetest, which already admittedly wields considerable global financial and economic control, conduct political assassinations, recruit, disseminates disinfomation and propaganda in its own demoralizing media, to ultimately interefere with democratic elections and laws? 

You might then say, if special interests have been in control for 100 years since Teddy Rosevelt, wouldn't the FBI or CIA have investigated and revealed this yet? Not if the FBI and CIA directors, appointed by the POTUS, are also controlled and the individual agents compartmentalized.  Consider how J. Edgar Hoover denied the existence of the mob until the Alapachin Meeting in 1957.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Comey Testimony Exonerates Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath that no one had ever asked him to stop an investigation.   If Comey is to be trusted, his testimony exonerates Trump and the Media is guilty of spreading false news narratives against Trump. 

Could Not Prove Criminal Intent

788-790 Finchley Road Fraud


Ex-RAF serviceman Gordon Bowden had independently investigated and discovered 250,000 front and shell companies that are registered with frauduent addresses in the City of London. 788-790 Finchley Road is a run down, deserted piece of public housing. Mr. Bowden was in estigating investment of a girlfriend when he discovered the imvesrnt companies has fraudulent addresses.  Further investgation showed participation of world elite.  The company that shows up on Google Maps is Euxin Capital.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Studying the Flip-side of News Stories

How close was the FBI to terror attack in Garland, TX? Attorney investigating ISIS-inspired attack discovered new evidence revealing undercover FBI agent photographed victims seconds before gunfire.
Syrian rebels and chemical weapons: a disinformation operation? The strange tale of an effort to claim that Syria's rebels were responsible for a chemical weapons attack near Damascus.

Russia says Syria gas incident caused by rebels' own chemical arsenal.  Russia's defence ministry said on Wednesday that a poisonous gas contamination in the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun was the result of gas leaking from a rebel chemical weapons depot after it was hit by Syrian government air strikes.
AMANPOUR: And Fred's joining us right now live from Aleppo. Fred, you know, they said to you that this was some sort of chemical weapons, a depot they found there. What do you think having looked at it?
PLEITGEN: Well, I mean it certainly appears as though those chemicals were certainly used in conjunction with some sort of bombs that they were trying to make there in those places.
Saudi-Made Chemical Weapons Were Delivered to Al Qaeda Rebels in Aleppo

Monday, February 27, 2017

Zero Hedge predicts Financial Pain

The economy has been on life support since 2008 and TARP or QE1. The US has been recklessly running up debt at record levels since that time. Match 15, 2017 Obama and Boehner's deb ceiling holiday expires and reaches its firm limit of $20 trillion.

So, why counldn't Trump just keep on printing more money like his $1 Trillion in infrastructure spending?  Trump may not be able to keep the party going because 1. TPTB want the crash, 2. the Republican Congress is divided.   Zero Hedge is predicting severe market turbulence or they are crying wolf yet again. However, with Trump instead of the FED getting blamed, I can see it happenimg this time.

The only thing different this time around is that there is a lack of unity in the Republican Party thanks to Sen. Graham and McCain. We could see some trouble if TPTB wished to blame economic trouble on Trump. The FED has not been allowing financial problems because they didn't want to get the blame. Now with Trump in office, they may have a scapegoat.

Yes, TPTB could "kick the can down the road" as long as they wanted. But they can also "pull the plug" at any time.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Iodine-131 in Europe

Small quantities of Iodine-131 have been detected in Europe.  Now WC-135 "nuke sniffer" aircraft are being deployed in Europe to investigate.  I'm wouldn't be surprised if these reconnaissance aircraft do more than measure radioactivity. Is this an example of problem, reaction, solution?

Friday, February 10, 2017


Snowden didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. Especially those of us who listen to Alex Jones or Joel Skousen.

But the real problem I have with Snowden is that his revelations didn't implicate anyone. Furthermore, Snowden doesn't put the whole globalist picture together and tell the world that this is a massive globalist conspiracy like JFK tried to do. Snowden doesn't provide any names of high-level conspirators and evidence of their nefarious goals.   All Snowden is saying is the government is snooping on all our on-line/telephone activity.

Snowden further doesn't explain the danger of the meta-data gathering. The NSA could create a database where the population is given a score for certain posts or searches or website visits. Visiting or making a post on globalist conspiracy could earn an individual a certain number of points. Then at some certain future date, a legion of automated drones could be released with an order 66 to target US citizens (smart phone SIM cards) with a score above a certain number.

NSA doesn't need to save all our online conversations and activity. All the surveillance needs to do is to tell if we are awake to, and oppose the globalist conspiracy and then keep score and make a list of potential malcontents.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tyramine and Sulfate

Sulfate is essential for DNA repair (folate cycle), antioxidation (glutathione), cell signaling (glucosaminoglycans), and neurotransmitter production (SAMe).  Chronic sulfate deficiency may lead to an array of inflammatory disorders marked by increased homocysteine in the blood and elevated tyramine-sulfate in the urine.  In addition to consumingTylenol and the preservative sodium benzoate which negatively affect sulfate metabolism, high-tyramine foods may also have a significant negative effect on sulfate levels. High-tyramine foods include amything aged, dried, fermented, salted, smoked or pickled.

  • Strong or aged cheeses, such as aged cheddar, Swiss and parmesan; blue cheeses such as Stilton and Gorgonzola; and Camembert. Cheeses made from pasteurized milk — such as American cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta, farmer cheese and cream cheese — are less likely to contain high levels of tyramine.
  • Cured meats, which are meats treated with salt and nitrate or nitrite, such as dry-type summer sausages, pepperoni and salami.
  • Smoked or processed meats, such as hot dogs, bologna, bacon, corned beef or smoked fish.
  • Pickled or fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchee, caviar, tofu, olives or pickles.
  • Sauces, such as soy sauce, shrimp sauce, fish sauce, miso and teriyaki sauce.
  • Soybeans and soybean products.
  • Snow peas, broad beans (fava beans) and their pods.
  • Dried or overripe fruits, such as raisins or prunes, or overripe bananas or avocados.
  • Meat tenderizers or meat prepared with tenderizers.
  • Yeast-extract spreads, such as Marmite, brewer's yeast or sour dough bread.
  • Alcoholic beverages, such as beer — especially tap or homebrewed beer — red wine, sherry and liqueurs.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

General Mattis Testimony May Sink Hopes

When asked by Senator McCain if he supported a permanent military presence   in the Baltics, General Mattis looked down briefly and then reluctantly responded, "I do sir". Gen. Mattis also agreed with Sen. McCain that Russia and China currently posed the greatest threat to the "World Order" set up after WW2.

If Russia had any hopes of working with a Trump-controlled US, General Mattis testimony during his senate conformation hearings may have just sunk them. During the presidential campaign, President-elect Trump questioned the extent of US and NATO's involvement overseas.  But with General Mattis appointed as Secretary of Defense, it is looking like US foreign policy may continue on a similar course. 

The Mattis testimony is very immediately dangerous for the US.  If Russia and China were holding out to see if they could work with Trump, if it looks like Trump is going to support continued NATO "deterrence" in Eastern Europe, then Russia and China may decide to "act" now during the confusion of a US presidential administration transition.

Forgiveness of Seemingly Unpardonable Sins

What BY is teaching, I believe, is not Blood Atonement. Blood Atonement is about shedding blood of an another animal or human to pay for your own sin, ie Crusades, Jihad, etc.

What BY was teaching, in my opionion, was the doctrine of Sherem and the malafactor and what one must do to have a hope of forgiveness in Christ after committing a seemingly unpardonable sin.

This could be a very important doctrine that Satan hates because there's many people who, no doubt, feel stuck in deep dark conspiracies and they stay in them believing falsely that they've committed so much Sin, that they are beyond the reach of the atonement of Christ and they've committed the unpardonable sin and then there's no hope for forgiveness for redemption .

But, remember the Lamanites who preached the gospel of Christ to the more wicked part of the Gadiantons and by doing so, destroyed the Gadiantons and secret combinations from among them . and I think it was teaching how people could be forgiven of a seemingly unpardonable sin that made this possible.

what Sherem and the malefactor did was go through the steps of repentance.

1. accept and defend Christ
2. accept that they sinned
3. publicly confessed sin
4. freely accepted their punishment without appeal or plea deal. (even capital punishment)

I dont think having blood literally shed on the ground is a necessary ingredient. Again, If we believe in Christ, only His blood forgives sin. But the steps to repentance do require restitution and paying our social/societal penalties. (Why Sherem knew he was going to have to die).

What we get out of this is trustworthy confessions about what is really going on. Multiple witnesses sealing their testimony of their many sins and the sins of the great conspiracy with their own blood (so-to-speak).

The comspiracy loves to send us false insiders/defectors who claim to be "born again", but they never comfess or are punished for their sins. If they were true insiders they woukd have many terrible terrible sins to confess wgich is how the conspiracy prevents itself from being infiltrated.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Unlikely Fulfillment

It seems unlikely that the GAS vision would be fulfilled at this time.  MLK day is its last chance (last holiday before inauguration).

However, NATO is positioning tanks/etc in Easterm Europe as we speak, and there continue to be mysterious Russian airplane crashes, and dead diplomats (Putin driver, Turkey, Greece); that keeps the pot simmering.

The US Congress has just voted to extend Iranian sanctions which is more like Iranian stimulus.  Iran is to recieve a massive shippment of Uranium from Russia this week.  This Uranium shipment might be the tipping point for Israel.

I think for the pot to boil over, Israel would have to go rogue and unilaterally launch an offensive against Syria and Iran. Some big sudden action like that would trigger a response and turn the world against Israel.

I remember Pres. Obama joking at the Whithouse correspondence dinner how it was maybe "the last white house correspondence dimner" and the "end of the Republic never looked so good".  This was in responde to Michelle Bachman warning that Obama could bring about the "Biblical end of days".  Pres. Obama joked abour this also withva little too much sarcasm.  Pres. Obama tended to tell alot of the truth during his Whitehouse correspondance dinner monologues.

My father spoke with David Horne tonight. In collaboration with his brother,  an MD who was age 15 at the time of the George Albert Smith Family Home Evening (David was 11), there were two ERRORS in the written document to be used only among his family that got on the Internet: 

1. "Whether or not the candidate was of Greek extraction." 

2. "The war would begin on a National Holiday before the inauguration." 

David Horne said further that the conflict would be over Russia demanding the return of Alaska.

There have been several semi-recent media warnings of Russia wanting to invade Alaska. If Trump were to drill in  ANWR, gas would go to <1$/gal and the Russian economy would be sunk.

Drilling in ANWR could also end up bad for the US is cheap gas sunk the fracking industry making oil too cheap to make fracking worth it.  If Russia were then to take ANWR after the US became dependent on its cheap oil, them the US would be in trouble.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Obama Scraps ABM Aegis Ashore Phase 4

[quote]The United States would have missiles in Europe which carried an atomic bomb. ... and would withdraw its missiles to satisfy the Soviet Union.[/quote]

Nuclear missiles have been removed from Europe. Aegis Ashore land-based ABM systems in Romania and Poland carry kinetic warheads.  In 2009, the US cancelled the Bush missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. But in 2015, the US placed Aegis Ashore system in Romania that only targets warheads after their deployment. Aegis Ashore is to be placed in Poland in 2018. It is my impression that the the SM-3 missile used in Aegis Ashore cannot carry a nuclear warhead.

Putin has indicated that he was concerned that US missile defense missiles could be tipped with nuclear warheads at any time without Poland or Romania knowing anything about it. However, it seems Pres. Obama has diverged from Pres. Bush's original ABM plan (cancelling the 4th phase) which was, as Romney commented, "a gift to Russia".  Was this "gift" the withdrawal of Aegis nuclear warheads? Remeber Obama telling Medvedev he would discuss ABM after his reelection?
(Obama scraps Bush ABM plan)
(Cancelled 4th Phase)
(Cancelled 4th Phase)
(Gift to Russia)
("After my reelection I'll have more flexibility")
(Putin discusses the 4 phases of the US Aegis Ashore ABM system in Romania.  The 4th phase was "the fouth sends out its own nuclear weapon in response" and says the US could easily place a nuclear warhead on Aegis Ashore missiles.  But Aegis Ashore Phase 4 is exactly what Obama cancelled.
(“U.S. abandons fourth phase of European missile defense system that causes the greatest objections from Russia.”)
(ABM 4th Phase = early "intercept targets prior to the deployment of multiple warheads = Ground-Based Midcourse Defense, exo-atmospheric kill vehicle")  

Monday, January 02, 2017

Epsom Salt Challenge

Sulfate is something we don't get enough of in our diets (even organic diet) and it is used everywhere in the body . The Federal Government does not even consider Sulfate an essential mineral. This is because the body can generate sulfate from cystein amino acid in protein. However, the conversion of cystein to sulfate is very expensive in terms of B12, folate, and B6 required. Sulfate is the 4th most abundant anion in the body yet it is not required to be a component in fertilizer and soy and corn protein fed to organic beef are very sulfer/cystein poor sources of protein. Sufate is used everywhere in the body.

1. heparin sulfate = natural blood thinner
2. cholesterol sulfate = major component of brain tissue and cell walls
3. glutathione = major antioxidant of the body (taking Epson Salt boosts glutathione = confers increased protection gainst Radiation exposure)
4. condroiton and glucosamine sulfate = major component of cartillage in joints
5. sulfur vs. nitrogen fixing bacteria in the gut = keeps bowel flora balanced and healthy
6. taurine = sulfonamine component of bile salts (popular additive in energy drinks)
7. sulfate conjugation = the liver uses sulfate to detoxify the body by conjugating drugs and toxic chemicals with sulfate to increase their solubility so they can be safely excreted by the kidney.

Many inflammatory diseases show elevated homocystein. The body can convert cystein amino acid into sulfate when it is deficient in sulfate. The conversion of cystein to sulfate requires multiple vitamins such as B12, folate, and B6. You can lower your homocystein levels with extra B12 and folate but this does not reverse the inflammatory process because elevated homocystein is only a symptom of the real problem of sulfate deficiency. If your body is deficient in sulfate it will cannibalize it from body tissue which results in inflammation and increased homocystein levels.

Take the Epsom Salt challenge by taking 1/4 tsp Epsom Salt dissolved daily. I see 80-year-old and 90-year-old African American's in the ED here in Augusta that are not here for themselves but here with their children who are sick. These healthy elderly African American's who generally are not on any medications or very few, do have some interesting home remedies (vinegar, castor oil, etc), but they all have one thing in common which is Epsom Salt.